SoundCloud marketing tips for the Q4

SoundCloud marketing tips

SoundCloud can be called many different names: YouTube for audio recordings, an early access haven for a single or album drop, a beautiful cartoon on Spotify. In any case, this is a huge digital harvester for promoting music. And where there are balls, reposts and likes, there are subscribers.

Sound what?

SoundCloud is an online platform for digital distribution of music content (tracks, mixes, mixtapes, podcasts) with social network functions. You may have seen built-in track widgets on Twitter or Facebook – the service allows you to embed compositions in social media feeds, thanks to an open API for third-party applications., SoundCloud is mainly used by electronic musicians, although in world practice such famous artists as Tentacion and Billie Eilish started with them, and in general the service is used by a huge number of users – about 170 million.

How to get subscribers?

One of the most effective ways to gain subscribers is to add artists similar to yours in genre and topic as friends. SoundCloud differs in that it has much less blatant hack-work and boulevards. Yes, there is low-quality content, but mostly it’s good stuff. Therefore, the recommendation system (called Discover) works great – it suggests similar music based on the user’s current playlist and what he has listened to. You can buy SoundCloud likes and get more attention from random subscribers. It’s the easiest way to increase the number of subscribers and long-time fans.

Release frequency

Each release is a reason to talk about you. Food for music magazines. Reason for posts on social networks. And also your advertising tool. For aspiring artists, it is better to release singles and mini-albums in order to gain a new audience with each release.

At the same time, this is also regular content for social networks. The attention of the audience will switch to something else if you do not have a regular dialogue with it on social media. So a release is a great opportunity to start a dialogue.

Audience search

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You make music in a particular genre, right? So there are similar performers in this genre. They are there for sure, and there are also stars of the genre. That is exactly what they will be the basis for your promotion. More precisely, their audience. The names of similar artists are the first thing to prepare for promotion. Mechanics will work on all social networks. The more names there are, the more opportunities for promoting music.

I am sure that you can name a couple of names from your head, who your work is like. And then you can use the Spotify service, for example, and subscribe to similar artists. The service itself shows whose music is similar to this artist.

How can musicians make money on SoundCloud?

Available only to qualified users – your tracks should be listened to more than 5 thousand times in the last month from countries where SoundCloud can be used by subscription and where advertising is available. List of countries: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand. In other words, even if your tracks are listened to millions of times by users from EU in the monetization program, this will be counted. This means that a musician from the EU can earn money. Income depends on how much SoundCloud earns – the system will make good money and you will be with it, but if their income falls, the same will happen with your earnings.

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