The Benefits of Using Cloud PBX for Microsoft Teams

Benefits of Cloud PBX

In today’s business climate, it’s important to combine different areas into one; in other words, put them under one roof. This strategy saves you time and money, boosts your company’s productivity, and makes the job easier for everyone. In the past few years, including an IP phone system such as cloud PBX into Microsoft Teams, or some other similar platform, has become common practice and has proven beyond successful. Let’s see the benefits of using Cloud PBX  for Microsoft teams.

In this way, companies improve workplace collaboration, reduce expenses, and make the whole work process more visible and accessible. You can now enjoy all the great things about cloud telephony without having to leave Microsoft Teams, saving you the trouble of handling multiple systems at once. Check this website to learn more.

A Global Shift 

2020 was a rough year in all spheres of life. Almost no business was exempt from the devastating effects of the pandemic, leading business owners around the globe to rethink and reorganize their strategies. Hence, remote work became the new norm, forcing us to proceed with the usual obligations while coordinating everything with our coworkers. 

Luckily, it’s possible to do it all in one single place. Some call the combination of Teams and cloud PBX an “all-in-solution,” and that’s probably the best way to describe it. If you think about it, it makes no sense to use separate hardware to make and receive calls, as with on-premises PBX. Yet, many companies still hold on to their old ways, but many more embrace the change. 

The benefits of this solution are simply too many: reduced expenses, unlimited scalability, advanced features, cross-platform integration, all the while having 24/7 support from a dedicated support team by your provider. The logic behind this is to move everything you can online, and the digital environment is a perfect place to let collaboration flourish.

No Room for Chinese Whispers

You’re probably familiar with the game Chinese whispers, where players have to sit in a circle and whisper messages in the ear of your fellow until the last one announces the phrase loudly, which usually comes out completely different in the end. It’s fun when children play it, but errors in business communication can have disastrous consequences on your work. 

Integrating a cloud PBX into Teams offers many helpful features that will make your communication a seamless process. The team chat option lets you talk with your coworkers in one-on-one or group situations. Video conferencing, of course, is the next best thing to a real-life situation, and it’s highly convenient with remote teams. As far as calls go, you can assign phone extensions and have a shared directory where you reach every employee with ease. 

Respecting the Customer

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How many times have you heard another person complain of poor customer service? Of technical difficulties, or waiting on hold for ages until some rude employee cuts them off? Probably too many to count. Many companies still fail to realize that earning a client’s trust and respect is done through proper, respectful communication to make them feel like human beings. No matter how good and professional your services are, the customer will probably look for an alternative if they can’t communicate with you properly.

The technical superiority of a cloud PBX makes this possible. Including an auto attendant, for example, leaves the impression of a highly professional service, where the attendant greets the client and provides a menu with all the options. Also, you can use a call routing system to eliminate situations where callers are dropped to voicemail or have to lose time and nerves over a busy signal. 

A Superior Audio Experience

Thanks to digital technology advancements, you can now enjoy a much clearer, better sound during phone calls than before. Gone are the days of muffled voices, humming, and sudden interruptions at the exact moment when you got to the most exciting part of the story. Sure, poor internet connection can give you pretty lousy audio, no doubt, but that’s the worst-case scenario.

The wide range of sound is a direct result of employing HD voice codecs. Namely, their bandwidth is twice more than standard, enabling you to talk and hear without any excess noise. Not only is the sound clear, but the phone system is highly reliable, thanks to the multiple data servers. 

Cutting on Costs

Cutting on Costs

Upgrading to cloud telephony is excellent for your company’s budget. The fact that you’re taking hardware out of the equation eliminates expenses for repair and maintenance. That would be the case if you had on-premises PBX, where you’d have to maintain a functioning infrastructure and deal with emergency costs in the event of a sudden failure. Find out more on

No such headaches with a cloud PBX. In fact, it helps you reduce overall costs in more than one way. In case of an issue, your IT staff, or an on-call service will take care of the problem instead of relying on telecom experts. Then, you can use your existing equipment, such as softphones, smartphones, virtually any phone you have, instead of buying new gear. 

In the USA and CANADA, you can make and receive domestic calls to your heart’s content without spending a dime. As for international calls, the cost is very low. You don’t have to use the latter option if you don’t want to – blocking is always an option. 

Keeping Track of Progress

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How will you know if your company is making improvements or not if you don’t follow the work process closely? Now, it’s easier than ever to keep track of what everyone’s doing, even if you’re on another continent. The old saying “When the cat’s away, the mice will play” is hardly relevant in the modern business world. 

Cloud PBX in Teams allows you to track accurate stats in real-time about any department. You can later compare these with your metric and check if the employees are meeting your requirements. Also, you can record actual conversations and analyze them for quality. This way, you’ll know exactly which parts need improving. 

Frequent video conference calls might put unnecessary pressure on your workers, making them feel overexposed and anxious. But, it’s necessary to organize these sessions from time to time, check everyone’s progress and see if there’s feedback on any given topic.

Safety First

Compared to traditional phone systems, cloud PBX microsoft is much more protected and secure. The fact that it’s cloud-based means that you can employ constant server monitoring, along with call encryption. Cloud PBX providers are no Wild West gunslingers: specific organizations do compliance checks to ensure that every protocol is followed.

Also, the ability the customize your system lets you run each department as you want. If you’re concerned about costly international calls, simply limit the access to domestic calls only and problem solved. That’s how you make sure there won’t be any unpleasant expense to startle you. 

Remote work is here to stay. Truthfully, it’s only going to become more prevalent in the future. In this day and age, you should spend all your time and energy satisfying your customers, not dealing with annoying, costly phone system issues. Switching to cloud communication will let you focus on advancement only. 


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