Apple App Store 101: Best Developer Apps for Mac Users

Best Developer Apps

App developers looking to increase their productivity and get their creations up and running faster often rely on high-quality tools to speed things long. No matter your goal, there are numerous complex tools available to address the solutions you need as an app developer. While some apps require coding knowledge, others are for beginners. Learning which tools or best developer apps provide the most support and assistance is critical to developing the creations you want to make. 

One tool you should definitely be aware of is Xcode, the ultimate toolkit for developers. Xcode is an application that creates apps across Apple devices. Using a combination of essential interlaced programs needed for app development and management, Xcode includes everything you need to create awesome apps, including coding, testing, user interfaces, and seamless program integrations. 

Included in the Xcode system is a text editor, building software, and software to compile information. If you want to write your own code, Xcode is the way to go. Xcode also includes syntax coloring to manage common program languages such as JavaScript or Swift. Coloring features come in handy for apps like Sketch Export for Xcode or other apps that require quick transition time from the design to the production phase. 

You can import colors from sketch to Xcode and expect a quick turnaround with production. If you’ve ever wondered how to make your own app, Xcode is the application you need to get started. But what else do you need to create digital content? Read on to learn about the best developer apps for Mac users. 

If Xcode Can Import Colors From Sketch Along With Everything Else, Why Use Other Apps? – best developer apps

You can think of Xcode as the total tool package for app development. Not only can you create your own app through its guidance, but you can customize it to import colors from sketches and launch it for purchase all through Xcode. Xcode helps developers write software for Apple devices using Integrated Development Environment, which helps developers create, gather, and load their app creations into the App Store. Although Xcode offers an all-in-one approach to app creation, app creation on its own, is not the only thing developers are interested in creating. 

What about data storage solutions or transforming your website into an app? What if you just want an easy way to create a website or import colors from sketch? For all of these needs, you need additional solutions, like the four below. 

1. SQLPro Studio: Your Database Powerhouse 

Staying on top of your database management system (DBMS) can be very difficult if you’re limited to one database. The amount of information you need to store may exceed the capabilities of a single database, or at least complicate the organization of information. With SQLPro Studio, you can keep track of multiple DBMS at once without losing your ability to organize your information. The app features table design options to increase the number of columns and indexes for your server data. 


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These simple table customizations are similar to Xcode’s ability to import colors from sketch; there is little work done by the developer to carry out this objective. You no longer need to work with multiple DBMS just to store and retrieve your server data. Now, you can rely on just one interface to showcase many different databases at once. You can see the table results for any section at once, so you can more easily compare data. 

Similar to Xcode’s ability to instantly import colors from sketches, this software comes equipped with database management and autocomplete, so mistakes are highlighted and addressed quickly.  

2. Unite: The Website-To-App Genius

Like Xcode’s ability to import colors from sketches, you can quickly turn your website into an app and customize its design. If you’re not that well-versed in coding, Unite is a helpful application, as it only needs the URL and other basic information to transform your website into an app. The transformation happens almost instantly, giving you an efficient way to expand your content. 

The app is supported by web technologies and security measures to keep your information safe. Just as you can decide when you want to import colors from a sketch, you can also control the URLs that allow access to your Unite app. You can also pin your app to the status bar to keep it nearby. 

3. Webfont: Create And Organize Icons

Use Webfont to customize your icon fonts to meet your needs. You can also organize your creations into the app’s library. There is no limit to the number of vector icons you can include in the library, so it’s easy and simple to use every time you need it. No matter how many projects you have, you can access any project you need. 

If you want to share your fonts with someone, you can send them a link so they can access it immediately. Just as you can import colors from sketches with Xcode, Webfont lets you drag and drop features for any updates. You can also export your font as SVG sprite or as a web font. If you need inspiration, the app allows you to extract fonts so you can see what they look like on a website. 

4. RapidWeaver: Websites Made Easy 

RapidWeaver is a web design software that allows you to create websites without any need for coding. The software provides an interface that is virtually code-free. RapidWeaver has built-in SEO so that search engines pick up your website. Just as you can import colors from sketches without in-depth digital work, you can create content that search engines will notice.  

The software is compatible with many browsers, is mobile-friendly, and stays active even when you’re offline. For beginners, RapidWeaver can give your website a jumpstart. 

Upgrade Your Creations 

Finding the best apps to support your digital creations is essential. Whether you are an expert coder or are just learning the basics, the above developer apps can bring your creations to the next level. Implement these tools and upgrade your creations!

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