How to Split Your Merged PDFs? Complete Guide

Why do you need to split merged PDF documents?

There are a number of reasons why you might need to split merged PDF documents. For example, you might want to split them so that you can share only certain parts of the document with a friend or colleague.

You may also want to split the file because it is too big and you want to send it over email. If your PDF file contains images, then there is a possibility that people may not be able to view the entire file on their mobile phone.

Top Reasons to Split PDF Documents

Splitting PDF is a simple, easy and fast tool to split your large PDF documents into smaller chunks. Split PDF files can be used for all kinds of purposes for personal and business use.

Here are some of the top reasons to split PDF online:

Better Organization

PDF is the most common file format for documents. From reports to contracts, receipts, and invoices, everything is stored in this format. But as your document collection grows, you end up finding it difficult to access a particular file when you need it the most. Moreover, if you are working on a team project, it becomes even more challenging to find relevant content in one document.

But if you split that document into smaller files based on content and topics, you will find it easier to locate what you are looking for. Whether you have scanned documents or have converted your paper documents into digital files, splitting them would make them more organized and easier to manage.

Selective Sharing

If you have a large document that has information that is not relevant for every member of your team (or not safe to share with everyone), then splitting it would be useful. For instance, an application form may contain personal details about applicants that are not safe for sharing with  everyone.

Extract Single Pages Out Of the Document

Sometimes you only want one page from a document and not the entire thing. This is especially useful if you want to take only the relevant information from a large file and use it elsewhere.

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If you have several hundred pages to go through and all you need is the first page, splitting the PDF saves you time and effort. With many types of software, getting your hands on that single page involves scrolling through the whole document.

Easy Sharing Via Email

Splitting PDFs makes them easier to send via email. Many email providers have restrictive file size limits that prevent users from sending larger files. Splitting your document will allow you to bypass this limit as each part is smaller and therefore easier to email.

How Do I Split Merged PDF Documents?

PDF files can be bulky, especially if they contain images. Sometimes you want to split a large PDF file into multiple pages and send them across your friends or colleagues. But how can you do that? Don’t worry! There are many online tools available on the internet, which can help you out in splitting PDF documents.

There may be times when you need to split merged PDF documents into several parts. This can be done in various ways, but the simplest way is to use specialized PDF splitters. These allow you to quickly and easily divide the file into several sections with just a few clicks on your computer.

There are so many tools out there that you can use to split PDF documents. However, if you only need to split a PDF document and don’t want to install any software, then you can use an online PDF splitter. These are usually free and require nothing more than a browser to function. Here are the best online PDF splitters available:

There are different ways through which you can split PDF files. One way is to use an online tool such as online PDF splitter, which offers free splitting of PDF files. With such a reliable tool, you can simply upload the file that you want to split and click the “Split” button.


Your file will be divided into multiple parts where each part will be saved as an individual file. You can then download the new files and access them whenever you need them.

Split PDF Online is a web-based tool that lets you extract specific pages from a PDF document and save them as separate files. Upload the document, select the pages you want to extract, and download the output file to your computer. In addition to splitting documents, you can also merge multiple PDFs into one.

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Smallpdf is one of the websites that you can use to split PDF files. Moreover, it has features which make it a great choice for when you need to edit your PDF files.

 You can upload your file straight from Google Drive or Dropbox. When uploaded, you can use the pages section at the bottom to select all pages or select specific pages by typing in their numbers or using the thumbnail view on the left-hand side. Clicking Split will start the splitting process and download your new file once done.

Sejda is another free online service for splitting and merging PDF documents. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require you to open an account or install any software on your computer.

 The service also includes other tools for working with PDF documents, such as compressing, rotating or adding text to them.

In the world of business and marketing, a lot of files are sent in the form of PDFs. Sometimes, these files can be extremely large to the point where they need to be split into smaller pieces in order to make them easier to send or receive. This is where ILovePDF’s online PDF file splitter comes in handy. The process is incredibly easy and takes no time at all. You can also use it on any file, anytime, anywhere there’s an internet connection. That way, you won’t have to download any cumbersome software onto your desktop computers or mobile devices.

Step 1: Go to ILovePDF website

On your computer or mobile device, open up your browser and type in into the search bar. Press enter and you will be taken straight to the online PDF splitter page. Make sure that you have an internet connection before going through this step

Step 2: Select your files

You have two options when it comes to selecting your PDF file for splitting – you can either upload it from your computer, or you can import it from Google Drive or Dropbox if that’s what you prefer. It should be noted that this.

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