Is Semen Retention Healthy? | Here’s What You Need To Know

is semen retention healthy

Semen retention has been very popular lately. Different social media creators across the world started preaching semen retention and also encouraged others to adopt this lifestyle and elevate. 

There are also many celebrities, like Muhammad Ali, 50 Cent, Kanye West, etc., who confessed how they harness their sexual energy into their work.

However, many people see semen retention positively, while others bash the idea for not being backed by science. This creates a lot of controversies, which may leave an individual confused and give birth to the questions like, is semen retention healthy? What benefits and risks does it bring along? Is it the same as no-fap? 

To answer these questions and  feed your curiosity about semen retention, we have created this article. Keep reading. 

Understanding Semen Retention

Semen retention basically means not ejaculating your sperm for a period of time, which can be days, weeks, months, or even years.

During this practice, an individual disciplines themselves to not participate in sexual intercourse or cease the activity before ejaculating the sperm. They also strive to teach themselves to experience orgasm without ejaculating

Many believe semen consists of vital nutrients and shouldn’t be wasted. Thus, they adopt the practice of semen retention in their daily life.

The Emergence Of Semen Retention

Semen retention started to become famous just in recent years, thanks to the internet. But, it may come to you as a surprise that the emergence of semen retention happened around 8000 years ago by an ancient religion of China named Taoism.

According to the sources, semen retention is considered one of the most essential practices in Taoism. They see semen as a crucial substance that shouldn’t be wasted by frequent ejaculation as it restricts a man from reaching his full potential.

Hinduism, an ancient religion that emerged from India also preaches the practice of semen retention, which they refer as Brahmacharya. 

In Brahmacharya, semen is known as Virya – a vital fluid that should be preserved to level up physically and mentally.   

is semen retention healthy

Is Semen Retention Healthy? 

Unfortunately, there’s no direct answer to this question.

Due to the lack of scientific evidence, it’s hard to tell whether semen retention is healthy or not. However, in general, semen retention is considered to be a safe practice. But, in rare cases, it may lead to some health conditions, which we will discuss in further sections. 

Difference Between No-Fap And Semen Retention

Many people think that No-fap and semen retention share the same DNA, but that’s false. Both practices may have similar motives, but the core concept differs.

No-fap is a community-based organization that originated back in 2011. It is an anti-masturbation movement that aims to help individuals break their pornography and masturbation addiction. It is mainly focused on avoiding the consumption of porn and masturbating to it. 

No-fap doesn’t emphasize on retaining. Thus, an individual practicing no-fap can ejaculate their sperm in a sexual intercourse. 

On the other hand, semen retention mainly focuses on not ejaculating your semen and allowing your body to observe it. Even during sex, a semen retention practitioner is advised to experience orgasm without ejaculating, also known as dry orgasm.

Benefits Of Semen Retention

As of now, there is not much scientific proof backing semen retention benefits, which makes people a bit skeptical about it. However, many people who practice semen retention, claims to have experienced the following benefits: 

  1. Increase physical strength
  2. Muscle gains
  3. Improved hair and skin quality
  4. Increased sleep quality 
  5. Elevated moods throughout the day
  6. High testosterone
  7. Improved sperm count and its overall quality 
  8. Fruitful relationships
  9. Improved sex life


Risks Of Semen Retention

Generally, there are no risks involved in practicing semen retention. If you are considering trying it, proceed without any worries. 

However, still, there might be some conditions that may arise (in rare cases) as a consequence of semen retention. For example, it may lead to ejaculation issues like premature ejaculation and some may also find it difficult to release their semen when they want to.

Epididymal hypertension or blue balls may also result from semen retention. In this condition, a person feels testicle pain after experiencing sexual arousal without ejaculation and orgasm. 

Other risks that may occur are high blood pressure, stress, and diabetes. If you feel any discomfort while practicing semen retention, it’s recommended to talk to your doctor. 

Your gut feeling also matters here. If you feel semen retention isn’t for you, then you can choose not to proceed further with the practice. 

is semen retention healthy

Should You Try Semen Retention?

Many young and even older men believe that if you practice semen retention for a while, benefits can leave your jaw-dropping. 

Many spiritual teachers, like David Dieda, also praise the idea of using sexual energy toward something greater. 

On the other hand, people who rely on science deny entirely the significance of semen retention. They think that ejaculating or not ejaculating doesn’t really make a difference. In fact, they believe that frequent ejaculation benefits an individual in many ways.

So, what should you do in between all these contradicting beliefs around semen retention? Should you try it or not?

Semen retention is a personal thing and results can vary from person to person. That’s why it’s recommended to practice semen retention on your own for 30 days or at least 21 days to see how your body reacts. 

Most experts state that retaining semen doesn’t cause any turbulence in your body, so you can try it to find out if it provides any benefits or not. 


Semen retention is a controversial topic. Many claim to have experienced multiple benefits from it like increased energy, strength, better sleep, etc.

However, semen retention is known to be a personal thing, therefore, results can vary from person to person.

Although semen retention doesn’t cause any harm, it’s still recommended to talk to a health expert before you proceed with the practice. It will help you eliminate any possible risks.

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