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best water softener for well water

Well water might be cost effective and helpful in many cases, but it isn’t suitable and reliable for everyone. Well water consists of various heavy metals like iron, calcium, magnesium, etc., which can lead to multiple negative consequences. For example, scale build-up, damages to home appliances and plumbing, skin and hair dryness, and more.

However, these issues can easily be resolved with the help of a water softener. It is a system that is considered highly efficient in removing heavy metals from the well water, making it softer and preventing the problems that hard water may cause.

Currently, there are many water softeners available in the market, and you may get confused when selecting the best water softener for well water. But wait, you don’t have to worry. We’ve created this article consisting of a list of some of the best water softeners that you can use to soften the well water. Keep reading. 

Best Water Softener for Well Water

1. Aquasure AS-HS64D Harmony Series Whole House Water Softener

Aquasure AS-HS64D Harmony Series Whole House Water Softener is at the top of the list for a reason. It brings along a 48,000-grain capacity to soften the well water and can easily serve a family with 4-5 members. 

Aquasure AS-HS64D Harmony Series Whole House Water Softener
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The water softener also has a digital control, which you can use to customize it according to your family’s needs. However, they are slightly complex to use and may not be suitable for many users. 

It also consists of a high-quality resin and can definitely last for a longer period. Sources say that it can even last for around 15 years when properly taken care of. 

Another great thing about this water softener is that the product comes with a 5-year warranty. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime free US-based tech support (if the user activates the product within the first 60 days).

Why to choose:

  • Positive reviews from more than 1000 customers
  • Highly efficient in removing  hard minerals
  • Value for the price
  • Great support team


  • Doesn’t work well if the well water has high chloramine levels and sulphur
  • It might be slightly heavy

2. DuraWater 48,000-grain Water Softener

DuraWater 48,000-Grain Water Softener is considered to be an optimal choice for individuals with a medium to large house. The best thing about this product is that it consists of a digital screen with touchpad controls which brings along many benefits, like allowing users to see any errors and fix them. 

best water softener for well water

This water softener effectively makes water soft by eliminating compounds like calcium. It also helps in tracing iron and doesn’t let the hard water affect your pipes, clothes, home appliances and skin and hair. It also allows you to customize the unit’s regeneration metered system as per your weekly schedule. 

People who are more concerned about their budget can definitely opt for this option as it is considered much less expensive than some of the most famous water softeners available in the market. 

Why To Choose: 

  • Seamless filtration of the water with the least wear and tear. 
  • Consists of enhanced paddle wheel meters, which help in executing various water treatments. 
  • Includes a safety float 
  • Budget-friendly


  • You may need to replace it more frequently as many users confessed that its unit doesn’t last long. 
  • Many users also stated that after unit installation, the water had a bad odour and smell.
  • It may require extra hardware

3. AFWFilters AIS10-25SXT Air Injection Water Filter

Looking for a best water softener for well water? AFWFilters AIS10-25SXT might be a great choice for you. 

AFWFilters AIS10-25SXT Air Injection Water Filter
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Many families may find AFWFilters AIS10-25SXT Air Injection Water Filter a bit expensive, but it is definitely worth the money. It comes along with such qualities that are rarely found in other water softeners. For example, its high-quality Silver -10 is an injection technology.

This technology basically works like this: It consists of a piston, which is specifically built to eliminate iron and sulfur from the water. It does that by forcing such heavy metals into an air bubble, which promotes oxidation. All of these oxidized minerals get trapped at the bottom of the tank and make the water softer and healthy for your family to use.

AFWFilters AIS10-25SXT Air Injection Water Filter is also certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA), so this should put away any hesitation you have about this product. 

It is also worth mentioning that this water softener has a flawless design, which makes its maintenance process simple.  

Why To Choose: 

  • Certified by WQA
  • Highly efficient in eliminating iron from water
  • Consists of revolutionary technologies like Silver-10 air injection oxidizing


  • It is a bit more expensive in comparison to other products
  • It may not remove calcium properly

4. SpringWell SS

SpringWell SS is an effective water softener that eliminates heavy metals like magnesium or calcium from the well water using its ion exchange. By implementing this product in your home, you can be sure to avail benefits like no more scaling in water appliances, healthy skin and hair, no ugly spots on the surface, etc.

best water softener for well water
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SpringWell SS is also considered highly efficient in removing iron from the water as it can easily handle clear water iron of up to 3 ppm. This water softener also consists of Bluetooth connectivity, which allows users to customize the product as per their needs via their phone. 

The best thing about this product is that it brings along a lifetime warranty. Not only that but if you do not find the product useful, you can easily return the product within the first six months of purchasing it. 

Why To Choose: 

  • Allows you to monitor your water usage activity
  • Consists of a Bluetooth connection that lets you control the water softener using your smartphone or tablet. 
  • Provides lifetime warranty


  • The product provides great value but can be a little expensive. 
  • It may require a professional handyman in order to install it in your home properly
  • You may also have to buy your sediment filter as most spring well water softeners don’t have an in-built one

5. Whirlpool WHES40E Water Softener

Whirlpool WHES40E is also considered the best water softener for well water due to its simple, yet helpful features. 

If you have a small family of around three members, Whirlpool WHES40E Water Softener can be an optimal option for you. This product is certified by NSF and has a great reputation in the market as it is one of the top-rated water softeners. 

Whirlpool WHES40E Water Softener
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It can provide users with around 4,000 gallons of water every day. One of the things that differentiates it from other water softeners is its capacity of 125-GPC in softening the hard water. Whirlpool WHES40E Water Softener is highly efficient in removing iron from the water and protects your home appliances like washing machines.

One of the best things about this product is that it is very easy to use. You can navigate through its touch display and customize it as you want without any complications.

Why To Choose:

  • Certified by NSF
  • Has the ability to remove 10 ppm of iron
  • Rated highly in the market
  • Effectively removes magnesium or calcium


  • Might not be that much efficient in removing sulfur and manganese
  • You may be required to make additional purchases to avail their full warranty service. 

Things To Consider When Buying a Water Softener

So, now you know you know about some of the best water softeners for well water. But how do you choose a perfect one for yourself? Well, there are a few things you need to consider, which includes the following:

  • Determine How Much Water You Use – This is one of the most important factors that you must consider before buying a water softener. If you have a small family, then you can go for a water softener with decent resin capacity. But, if you have a large one, then you should consider buying a water softener with a vast capacity that can serve all of your family members seamlessly.
  • Know How Much Space The Water Softener Will Require –  Usually, most homeowners opt for an average size of the water softener. It is recommended for you to determine if a small water softener will fit well or a large one in your home.
  • Look For Third-Party Certification – It’s good to choose a water softener that is approved by some authoritative organizations like WQA, NSF, etc. It may not indicate that the product is flawless, but still, it becomes easy to have trust and confidence in certified water softeners.
  • Know The Maintenance Requirement – Water softeners demand regular maintenance for them to operate optimally. Thus, we recommend you opt for a product that consists of automated functions so that you can maintain your water softener easily.
  • Be Aware Of Replacement and Warranty Details – Right now, there are many companies available offering warranty and replacement for their products. Therefore, choose a company that offers a long-term warranty to protect yourself from repairing costs. You may also be able to find some companies providing a money-back guarantee, which lets users replace the product within a significant period of time if they are not satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it worth it to have a water softener?

Yes, buying a high-quality water softener can be a great investment. It saves you from various problems like damaged home appliances, ugly marks in the bathroom, dried skin and hair, etc. 

2. Is it OK to drink softened water every day?

Yes, generally, it is considered safe to drink softened water. But, if the hardness of the water is more than 400 ppm calcium before softening it, then it might not be ideal to drink. 

3. What happens if you don’t use a water softener?

Hard water can cause damage to the pipes and may even break and shorten the lifespan of home appliances. Over time, you may also find some ugly spots in your bathroom. Hard water can also cause your hair and skin to become dry.


Having the best water softener for well water at home is necessary in order to cope with its harsh effects. 

Now, you are aware of the five highly efficient water softeners available in the market that you can use to soften your home’s water. Just make sure to evaluate all your needs beforehand properly, and then pick a water softener that suits you and your home the most.

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