8 Helpful Apps That Makes House Cleaning Easier

Apps That Makes House Cleaning Easier

There are many technological innovations these days that have made our lives a lot easier. You can find these innovations improving our quality of being right at the palms of your hands, also known as our mobile phones.

Thus, it makes sense that if you encounter something that you find difficult, your first step usually is to look for solutions using your phone.

A lot of people have a difficult time keeping their house or apartments for rent in arlington tx clean or, at least, getting started. Although cleaning is a very physical task, there are still many ways that technology can help you with it.

According to Maid Sailors Cleaning Service Chicago, you can even use apps to make it easier to finish your home cleaning tasks. 

If you find that you need a bit of help to get your house clean, there’s no shame in installing an app to make the whole thing easier. To get you started, here are eight helpful apps that make house cleaning easier:

1. Tody

The most significant help that installing house cleaning apps can give you is that it will help you stay on track when it comes to cleaning tasks. It gives you a better sense of accountability by keeping your home clean and maintaining that cleanliness.

This aspect is where Tody stands out as a home cleaning buddy for many users.

Tody, at first, may seem like your standard task-based app, but it focuses more on your cleaning tasks.

The app assigns cleaning tasks by room, so you can track the cleaning tasks you accomplished in specific areas of the house.

If you want to get notifications and alerts of upcoming cleaning tasks, you’ll need to get a subscription which only costs about $6 a year.

2. Spotless

When it comes to organizing your to-clean lists, Spotless is the app to help you with that issue.

It can be challenging to remember when you last did specific cleaning tasks. Time can sometimes seem so meaningless that you blur the lines between last week and last two months.

With the help of Spotless, you’ll know which ones you need to do.

Much like Tody, you can generate a cleaning list based on different rooms in your home. You can set deadlines with Spotless based on each task and, once you finish them, you can tick them off of your list.

Spotless is a free app, but if you want limited jobs, then you have to upgrade.

3. Unfilth Your Habitat

Some people work well with encouragement. I mean, to some extent, we all need a bit of warmth and comforting push towards our goals. Unfilth Your Habitat isn’t that for you.

While some people work well with kind encouragement, some people need that tough love to get them going. If you’re this type of person, you’ll appreciate Unfilth Your Habitat.

But keep in mind that Unfilth Your Habitat isn’t the best app to get a cleaning routine going. It’s better as the app you go to if you have free time but have a nagging feeling that you need to be productive.

Unfilth Your Habitat turns the act of cleaning your home into a game, which makes it fun for a short while.

4. OurHome

The cleanliness of your home is a culmination of everyone’s contribution. Yet, it can be challenging to handle cleaning tasks between one another and keep each other accountable. Thus, apps like OurHome can be of great help.

OurHome helps you assign and manage household tasks between everyone in the house. You can even see their progress and motivate your kids to do cleaning tasks through rewards.

What you do in OurHome is first, you assign someone a cleaning task, then they pick their reward in the app. After they do the job, they get the prize. Simple, but useful for managing house cleaning tasks with members of the home.

5. Wunderlist

Having an app to help clean your home might seem a bit too much for some people. Thus, you might want an app that can also serve as other things outside of helping you clean.

If you want an app that you can use for other things aside from cleaning the home, then Wunderlist is an excellent all-around to-do app. 

Wunderlist is great for delegating household tasks and set a reminder to alert you and your family.

Aside from making a cleaning task for your home, you can also use it to make other helpful lists. An example would be your grocery list.

Either way, Wunderlist is a beautiful multi-purpose task list that you can rely on for your needs.

6. Clean My House

Clean My House is as simple as a house cleaning app gets. You use it to set different cleaning tasks that you need to finish doing around your home.

Once you have those tasks, you can start arranging them based on the frequency. For example, making the bed is a daily task while scrubbing the toilet is on a different day.

7. Home Routines

If you want that cleaning routine, then Home Routines will help you set that up.

The app has three different categories for each cleaning task: daily, weekly, and monthly. It would help if you then loaded up jobs based on these categories to check out the tasks you need to finish.

It’s simple and easy, and it’s a great way of getting a consistent reminder of cleaning tasks you need to do and those you already did.

8. Chorma

Another cleaning app that helps you track household chores for you and the whole family or house members is Chorma. Chorma is excellent for motivating your kids through a rewards-based household cleaning system.

In Chorma, you start a task and assign it to someone or allow someone to claim them. You assign a point for each chore and choose how many points someone needs for a particular reward.

Once your kid gets the number of points required for the prize after accomplishing the duties, they get the reward!

House cleaning isn’t a task that anyone loves doing. Yet, it is vital so you can live a happy and healthy life. With the help of these eight apps, you should have an easier time accomplishing your cleaning tasks, by yourself or with your family members.

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