10 Important Smartphone Apps To Download For Your Next Trip

Smartphone Apps To Download For Your Next Trip

The days of good old maps, compass, and thick translation books are numbered. Traveling with these tools used to be so efficient, but now, the best we can say to them is thanks for the memories!

With the ever-changing times we’re in, what we need to be doing is to make sure we keep up and that we adapt to the changes. 

These changes aren’t all so wrong. It only inspires us to travel smarter—and lighter! Our carry-on will have less stuff because the rest of the tools we need will be inside our smartphones. Talk about spending less on excess baggage!

Virtual maps, locators, conversion apps, and instant translators are what you need to ensure that your trip will be hassle-free.

Here are ten essential apps you should have on your phone right before you step foot on the airport.


Are you having a hard time breaking the language barrier? Learn the native dialect of the country you will visit a month ahead by downloading the Duolingo app on your phone.

It’s a fun way to learn a new language because it’s packed with interactive modules, quizzes, and comprehension tasks. You’d be able to understand basic phrases and questions in no time!

You can learn Spanish, Latin, German, Japanese, Hangul, and plenty more languages around through this app, making it a worthy purchase.


If you don’t have the time to assess the items inside your luggage, the trick is to download this app called PackPoint. It’s a wizard when it comes to identifying what clothing types to bring for a particular trip. 

Just input the location and the duration of your trip, PackPoint will do the job of listing down the things you need to pack. No need to go all Marie Kondo on your stuff. The only thing that you will have to do is to, well, pack whatever it is that the app listed down for you.

Easy? Definitely!

App in the Air

Getting real-time updates of your flight is essential. This is especially true if you’re expecting a delay or changes in schedule due to particular circumstances.

Continually checking your e-mail or the airline’s website for updates can get a bit tiring and time-consuming, to be honest.

The good thing is there’s an available app in the market called app in the Air. It works as your flying assistant, which gives you alerts on your flight, gate changes, boarding time adjustment, flying tips, and in-airport navigation map. 

But hold your excitement just yet, the best feature of App in the Air is that it works offline too! No need for you to turn on your roaming services. The app will send an SMS to update you.

Globe Convert

Conversion of currencies can be an enormous pain in the ass if you don’t know the exact rate. There’s no point in putting yourself in a mathematical dilemma when you can get an app that does the conversion.

Get the Globe Convert app to get the right conversion. Don’t stress yourself out by converting your U.S. dollars to Japanese Yen all on your own. Let the app do it for you. 

Mobile Passport

Although this app is not accepted in some countries, it saves you a lot of time when you’re returning to the U.S.

It works literally like a passport, only that it is stored on your mobile phone. This app has access to your passport information, making it easy for you to take the customs fast lane and open the app on your phone.

Mobile Passport has a paid and free version. You can try it out first, but we suggest purchasing the app, especially if you’re a frequent flyer.


Tripit is like your personal travel agency, where you can get a personalized itinerary depending on the information you input.

This app is also one place where you can keep all your airplane ticket information, hotel bookings, car rentals, and just about every detail of your trip.

It’s a virtual organizer, and we’re 100% sure that you’d be glad to purchase an app that helps you manage all the aspects of your trip.

Wi-Fi Map

When you’re traveling abroad, you will always need an internet connection, except when you plan to go off the grid.

You could opt to get pocket Wi-Fi for the duration of the trip. But if you’re on a tight budget or didn’t plan the trip well, the best course of action that you can do to save you from spending a considerable chunk of money for your roaming services is to use Wi-Fi Map.

It’s an app where you can locate the nearest Wi-Fi station to your area.


Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group of friends, there are questions about the place we’re visiting that we can’t answer.

But since we’re in a foreign country, we can’t easily ask natives around to help us out with something—although it’s one skill that we should learn.

If this is the case for you, we recommend getting the Lola app where you can have your concierge during your trip. Ask away, and she will most definitely have the answers for you.

Travel Bank

Keeping track of our travel expenses can help us stay within budget. You can manually log it, sure. But when you have an app like Travel Bank that automatically computes the total of your trip expenses, you’ll know which items ate up most of your budget.

You can best use this app if you’re traveling on official business. That’s because you will know the actual cost incurred during the trip.


This app helps you identify which lounges you can access depending on the information you put in the app. All you need to do is to input your airline, the credit card you used for the flight, and your lounge membership identification.

Once the information is there, the app will automatically give you a list of airport lounges that you can go to.

Technology has helped us in more ways than one. Even the most mundane tasks in our everyday life can be done with the help of technology. But if there’s one thing that travelers like us love the most about this innovative era, it helps make our trips easier to take.

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