Firestick Remote App: Complete Guide on Amazon Fire TV

Firestick Remote App Complete Guide - Team Touch Droid

Firestick remote app is go-to technology these days.

Just imagine how luxurious it feels when you say ‘Alexa, stream Mirzapur,’ ‘Alexa, play Ghar se nikalte hi’ & dayum, it just happens!

This fantastic stick take big-screen feels to the next level. It changes television browsing experience like never before. Could you sit back, relax & leave it all to Alexa?

After all, this is the future of the entertainment industry we get to experience today. Can you imagine anything else at the moment? As a result of high-end technology, this is our greatest gift.

For instance, how long would you rely on the physical remote? This isn’t the only transformation we expect. Moreover, we have masterminds working on improvements. Firstly, this could only be the beginning.

Your TV & sound equipment undergo centralized control with Fire TV Stick Remote. Anyone having compatible devices can make full-strength usage of this fantabulous application.

Firestick remote app lives on your smartphone, so you don’t have to look here & there as you sit in front of your TV or media player. Tune-in to ‘Live life King-size’ experience with this screen monitoring app.

If you’re new to Firestick remote app or planning to buy one, you’ll thank us for this blog.

We have covered all the essentials for Firestick remote control & we’re glad you’re here for it.

Search Files Faster with these Applications

How to setup & use Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Before installing the firestick remote control application, it’s essential to install & set up the Fire TV stick properly. Here is the simple process to do it.

How to use Amazon Firestick - Team Touch Droid

We hope it is as understandable as it seems. 

Best Firestick Remote Apps & How to use them?

We will now take you through the best Firestick remote apps & also show steps to use them. In other words, once you end up reading this blog, you can use the app seamlessly.

We will discuss these two points in this blog today:

  1. Amazon Fire TV Remote App
  2. CetusPlay Universal Remote

Note: Both of the apps mentioned above are compatible with Fire TV Stick 2nd Gen, Firestick 4K, Fire TV Cube & older Fire TV versions too.

Your phone instantly transforms into a remote control with these apps. You can’t imagine the convenient, Wow! You’ll not have to search for your hidden then under the sofa, around the bed, or anywhere else. Similarly, it will ease your life like never before.

Amazon Fire TV Remote App (Official version)

Amazon has launched this application to control Fire TV devices just like that you do with the physical remote control.

It is available for Android, iOS & Amazon Kindle. You can download it from Google Play Store or App Store. Similar to the remote controls you have used to date, it looks so familiar.

In other words, merely connecting your Firestick Remote App with smartphones will get your job done.

Make sure that your Firestick Remote App & your smartphone are connected to the same network.

The app interface is like this.

Fire TV Remote App - Amazon - Team Touch Droid

How to set up Amazon Fire TV Remote App?

On opening the application on your smartphone, it will automatically search for the devices & display the nearby Fire TV/Firestick devices in the Wi-Fi network.

  1. Tap on the respective device that you want to connect
  2. Can youSign-in using the button displayed at the bottom of your screen? You can also sign-in with your Amazon account.
  3. When you sign-in for the first time, you will have to enter the 4-digit code that will be displayed on your TV. Just enter the code & you’re all set to browse.

Note: Even if you have signed in with two different Amazon accounts, you can still stream the Fire Stick Remote App easily.

What do we think about this app?

  • This legit app by Amazon itself is a must-have if you own Firestick. You don’t need to type the URL with a physical remote as long as you use the app. Just use your smartphone keyboard or vice control & it’s done.
  • Let us tell you what the best part is – Firestick Remote App & physical remote have the same interface. When you’re using the app, it feels like you’re operating through a virtual remote.
  • We love the single tap controls offered by this app. For instance, you can set up the sleep mode when the device is not in use.
  • Universal remote for Firestick supports Alexa.
  • App control is so convenient. You can easily set up using the Settings option.

If you don’t want to go far, this one is the best app to use.

CetusPlay Universal Remote

Much similar to the app we discussed first, this one is available as Fire TV Universal Remote Android TV Kodi CetusPlay.

Your Fire TV/Firestick & mobile/tablet needs to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for CetusPlay to work smoothly.

How to pair CetusPlay with Firestick?

  1. Install CetusPlay from Google Play Store or App Store, whichever possible
  2. Open the application & click on Allow when asked for permission to access photos, media, and files on the device.
  3. Find the ‘Get Started’ option & click on it.
  4. You will then see the available devices to connect.
  5. See IP Addresses if you want to browse more devices.
  6. If your TV shows prompt ‘Allow USB debugging,’ tick in the checkbox beside ‘Always allow from this computer’ & click OK.
  7. Once connected, click on the Remote Control option.
  8. Enter the 4-digit code shown on TV screen & you’re done

Note: CetusPlay must be installed on both – Firestick & mobile if you want to operate using it.

It’s great that you can use it with multiple devices at a time.

Besides merely using the Fire TV remote app (stick), you should have as much information as possible.

What do we think about this app?

Besides the features offered by the universal remote for firestick app Amazon, we love to access different modes:

  • Dad Mode
  • Touchpad Mode
  • Mouse Mode
  • Numeric Keyboard
  • Gamepad Mode

How amazing it is to access such unique modes! As you know, this isn’t something we get to access normal remote controls. Amazon empowers us with such fantastic features to crush over.

On the contrary, if you are more members of the family using the TV stick, each one of you may have unique settings, respectively.

This is the extended feature by CetusPlay we like a lot.

It seems like you’ve got brilliant ways to modernize your streaming experience. Meanwhile, we would also like you to know this.

What can you do with Amazon Fire Stick Universal Remote apps?

URL search process eliminates by using Amazon Fire Stick Universal Remote App. Get these apps installed in your Android Smartphone, iOS device, or Amazon kindle & navigate your Fire TV device easily. You can launch the desired applications, play favorite movies, songs & a lot more with just a remote app. There is so much to do with it!

That’s all you need for a modern home.

Firestick FAQs & Answers

  1. How to use Firestick without Wi-Fi?

If you are not able to use Wi-Fi at the moment, you will still need an internet connection to use Firestick. Follow this:

  • Open the Alexa app on your Fire TV Stick > select Devices.
  • Select Amazon > Edit
  • Find the available hotspot options.
  • Select “Use this device as a WiFi hotspot.” Press “Start.”
  • Enter the name & password of your hotspot > press Connect

However, you can always contact Amazon Help Center for any such help.

  1. What to do when a fire TV remote app keeps disconnecting?
  • Make sure that your Fire TV stick & mobile app are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Push the Home button on your Firestick remote
  • Go to Settings > Network > Network Name
  • Enter the password & select connect

This is all you should do & your fire TV remote app will start working. So easy, isn’t it?

In other words, do not panic if your remote isn’t working. These simple steps will help you out.

  1. Why is my fire stick not showing apps?

In case, if your fire stick fails to show apps; clear the cache & try again. Restart your Fire TV device & see if it is fixed.

This is all we have to share at the moment. We will be right back with more of such useful apps soon.

Above all, we hope this guide reduces your burden if you are stuck at What & How to do with Fire TV Stick. After that, you are free to use it as you want.

We hope you have got enough information to start with the Fire TV stick Remote App. Why don’t you share your experience in the comments below? Let us know if you can make it just as we described above.

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