A Guide to Small Business Outsourcing: Which Tasks are Best to Outsource?

small business outsourcing

Most business owners have more jobs on their to-do list than time to do them. They have to market their operation, onboard employees, brainstorm biz-dev ideas, and more!

Handling it all in-house is no mean feat, which is one reason why so many businesses have started outsourcing key tasks. Indeed, a whopping 6 million US jobs were expected to have been outsourced as long ago as 2014. Are you thinking of doing the same but can’t work out which tasks to outsource?

Let us help! Keep reading for our top business outsourcing suggestions.

Content Creation

Content is king when it comes to marketing these days. More people are online than ever before and they’re consuming written, video, and audio content at scale! Creating content to meet that demand is an amazing way to develop brand awareness and generate leads.

However, it takes serious time and effort to do well. If you know the struggle, then why not outsource your content creation? Call upon the freelancers of the world to help you leverage the power of content marketing with minimal personal effort.


There’s nothing stopping you from outsourcing your entire marketing strategy either! After all, many business owners have an incredible product, but no idea how to get it in front of their audience. Hiring third party marketing support can rectify the issue in a heartbeat.

The real trick is finding the right marketing agency (or individual) for the task. There’s no shortage of supposed ‘experts’ around nowadays. Try to learn more about hiring pro marketers, seek referrals from your personal network, and invest more cash in marketing support that’ll deliver an appropriate ROI.

Customer Service

We don’t have to tell you how customer service can be a serious drain on your time and resources. You could spend your entire day handling inquiries and complaints! Of course, you could also hire a full-time employee to do the job for you.

But why not outsource the task instead?

Of all business process outsourcing, this is one of the most popular options among managers and CEOs. You’ll find an abundance of professional services and call center outsourcing to the Philippines that can do it for less money. They’ll be on call 24/7 to filter calls, take messages, and deal with any issues.

IT Support

From Cloud Services to CRM software, there’s a good chance that your business relies upon IT systems to operate. They’re essential to success, but a pain to manage in-house!

Imagine them being infiltrated by hackers, impacted by malware, or breaking down for no apparent reason. You’re left with debilitating downtime that can impact everything from cash flow to customer relations. Outsourcing your IT support is an effective way to prevent those sorts of situations from unfolding.

With experts on hand at all times, you know your IT systems are in safe hands.

Remember This Guide to Business Outsourcing

More and more businesses are outsourcing aspects of their operations these days. And for good reason. Among other advantages, working with third parties is a useful way to cut costs, benefit from external expertise, and reduce your workload.

The hard part’s knowing which tasks to outsource! With any luck, though, this guide to business outsourcing will have helped you decide. Would you like to read more articles like this one?

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