How to download YouTube Videos without any software?

Are you struck upon ‘how to download youtube videos without any software?’ You’ve landed at the right place.

Offline video feature by YouTube merely is impressive, but it has some limitations. You can view this video offline, but it disappears after a specific time. What next then?

You might want to download a high-quality video but don’t want to install any software. No worries! We will help you with some easy-going ways to download your favorite YouTube Videos without scratching your head.

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We would suggest you with some very popular websites that are super cool & mess-free for anyone who wants to download 4k video from youtube without Software.

Here you go!

9 Popular Google Youtube Downloader Tools that’ll make you forget Software

The Google Youtube Downloader Tools that we’re about to share here are easily accessible from Windows & Mac. You may access them from an Android smartphone too.

Also, let us make it clear that you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to use these tool suggestions. Anyone can use it because they are as easy as a breeze!


As you access this tool, you’ll have to paste the URL of the video you wish to download. The plus point of this tool is that it shows a preview of the link you’ve entered so you can verify if it is right.

Let us show you in detail:

Step -1: Copy the video URL. Visit the youtubemp4 website & paste the link in the search box visible there.


Step -2: Hit ‘Convert’ button & you’ll be able to see the video’s preview

Step -3: Hit’ Download’ button & the video will begin to download in your system or smartphone.

Available download formats: MP4, WEBM, and M4A

Available resolutions: 240p, 360p, 480p, 640p, and 720p

Once the video is converted, you can view it in the desired resolution from low to high quality.


Great-to-go for beginners, SaveTube is one of the popular YouTube video downloader tools. Downloading youtube videos is as simple as 123 here.  However, it is also good if you follow the steps you have been doing with other tools. Follow these steps:

Step -1: Copy video URL & paste it in a new tab on the browser


Step -2: Look closer to the URL. Sometimes, your browser might not show you ‘www’ while sometimes it will. Regardless of www being visible or not, just enter ‘SS’ as a prefix to your link. Have a look at the example below:


Step -3: After entering SS, you may proceed by hitting Enter. You’ll be taken to SaveTube then.

Step -4: View the right-hand side panel & select the desired resolution for the video & it will be downloaded in no time.

Simple, isn’t it?

This tool is also popular as a 2-step youtube video downloader. Its extension is also available to add to Chrome so you can easily save videos & ease browsing experience using

Do you know? Facebook, Vimeo & Daily Motion are also supported by this tool besides YouTube

Step -1: Add Chameleon browser extension first if you want to download videos using this tool. Once you download Chameleon, visit & click on ‘Add to Chrome’ to the desired video where you see the download button.

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Chameleon Browser Extension

Note: You must restart the browser after installing the plugin if you don’t see the download button after adding the plugin in the first place.


Converto is one of the best downloaders for Chrome & we totally agree with this. After all, who will not want to download mp3 & mp4 files using a single tool? Like you use other tools, Converto is equally easy.

Do this first: Copy URL of the video.

You’ll have to follow this next: Paste the YouTube video URL in the search bar.

Converto Youtube Video Downloader

Here is the third step: Preview the Video shown right above the search bar & convert it into MP3 or MP4 as you wish

Download YouTube Video - Converto

Downloading high-quality Youtube videos can’t get any better than You can easily download 360p, HD, and Full HD resolution videos. Also, MP3 & M4A files are available for instant download from the same screen. Let us show you how!

The first step is: Copy the video URL you wish to convert.

Step -2: Access & paste the link in the search bar you see

Sconverter Video Downloader

Step -3: Scroll down to see the available download formats & click on the desired file type you want to download by hitting the green ‘Download’ button.


Watch video

Just like another online video downloader for YouTube, Catchvideo has the same process. Simply you have to copy the URL & visit Catchvideo. You’ll view this screen next:


1st Step: Select the video quality

2nd Step: Paste your link or search for the video in the search bar & hit ‘Catch!’

3rd Step: Hit ‘Download’ as you verify the preview of the video on your wish list.

YouTube Download

One thing that you all have found common among video downloader is ads. YouTube download is a tool that boasts for its ad-free experience. Another brilliant feature is unlimited video download.

As you visit the website, you’ll see numbers of video-download formats that leave you with more choices to access any desired video in different qualities too.

Step -1: Copy the YouTube video URL to be downloaded

Step -2: Open the YouTube Download tool in the new browser tab. Paste the video link & hit ‘Search.’

YouTube Download

Step -3: You can view multiple video quality options against which the ‘Download’ option will be visible, clicking on which you can download easily.

As an additional feature, you can also search video by name & download it directly from YouTube Download, thus eliminating the copy-paste step.


Okay, now, you’re quite familiar with the download processes (and why not, you’ve seen a lot many tools hereby). BitDownloader is somewhat similar to all the above-mentioned tools but offers an additional feature. Additionally, it lets you download videos beyond just YouTube.

Let’s say, for example, you can easily download YouTube videos online, but you want to download videos from Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, etc. too. What would you do? Will you search for other tools? No! BitDownloader is a winner here as it makes any video downloadable from the same platform. Yes, it’s true!

The only oops is you can no longer download YouTube Music videos using this tool as it has restricted this functionality. However, the overall experience is great.

Follow these steps if you want to download videos.

#1 Copy URL of YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram video to be downloaded

Step -2: Paste the link in the search bar, as visible below & hit ‘Search.’


#3: You’ll be able to see the video preview that can be downloaded conveniently.

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Note: Many users try to download songs from YouTube & that is restricted by the tool. So make sure about what you search here.

You may upgrade to PRO if you want to download Ultra HD Quality of videos with BitDownloader. Moreover, you’ll view two options as you scroll down i.e., download video with sound & download video without sound.


Get Video

The last but not the least tool to download Youtube videos without any software is Get Video.

You can download any given video in the following file formats using this tool:

  • MP4
  • WEBM
  • 3GPP

The fascination does not end here; you’ve got 480p to HD, Full HD, and Ultra HD video qualities to choose from. Follow these steps:

Step -1: Copy the video URL from the YouTube address bar

Step-2: Paste the copied YouTube link in the search bar on getting Video website

Get Video Downloader

Step -3: You’ll view the preview of the video. Hit the ‘Download’ button there & your video will be downloaded.


Hey there! Did you ever think it would be this easy to download videos? If not, you now know the secret, eh!

How to download music videos from YouTube?

You don’t need to confuse how to download music videos from YouTube as the process remains the same for any video type. No matter if the video has visuals or stable images but music, use the above-mentioned suggestions. You can also download the video as a .mp3 file or high-quality video in desired resolutions & enjoy the music.

It’s great value addition, isn’t it?

If you’re looking for an easy youtube video downloader, you’ve got the answer!

By the time you’ve glanced at easy youtube video downloader chrome, firefox, opera & else, you must have found your match.

Also, share what, according to you, is the best youtube downloader for Chrome?

Do you want to share anything? Do let us know if you’ve already tried any & if you have had a great experience with any of the above-listed websites. In conclusion, it would be great to hear from you.



Q: What is a YouTube video downloader?

A: A YouTube video downloader is a tool that allows you to download YouTube videos to your device or computer, so you can watch them offline or without internet connection.

Q: How do YouTube video downloaders work?

A: YouTube video downloaders work by extracting the URL from YouTube, then converting and saving the video in your preferred format and quality. You can use a website, an app, or a software to download YouTube videos.

Q: Are YouTube video downloaders legal?

A: YouTube video downloaders are not legal, as they violate YouTube’s terms of service, which prohibit downloading or copying any content from YouTube without permission.

Q: What are the benefits of using YouTube video downloaders?

A: Using YouTube video downloaders can have benefits, such as saving data or bandwidth, avoiding ads or interruptions, accessing restricted or blocked videos, or creating backups or playlists of your favorite videos.

Q: What are some examples of YouTube video downloaders?

A: Some examples of YouTube video downloaders are Online Downloader, YTBsaver,, 4K Video Downloader, and Any Video Converter Free.

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