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10 Best Writing Apps Free for Windows & Mac [Updated 2020]

by Naseem Kaloo
10 Best Writing Apps Free for Windows, Mac & Android - Touchdroid

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When asked ‘Which are the best writing apps free?’ the answer should not be MS Word!

Oh come on, it is indeed a useful writing tool but for high-school projects.

If you’re into freelancing, scriptwriting, or working on a novel, you need a distraction-free writing app, right? The best app for writing a book is probably not your smartphone’s note application or simply notepad on your PC.

When you’re dealing with multiple writing projects on hand or want to show your work to your team, you need a smart writing app by your side that supports real-time collaboration & features beyond typing.

To be frank, I’ve tried and tested many of the apps that I’m sharing below & trust me, if you’re into content writing, take this as a chance to upgrade your skills. Go on!

It’s too complicated at times to deal with words all day long & things are going overhead when writing is time-consuming & basic app has limited features to help!

10 Creative Writing Apps for Windows & Mac [Updated 2020]


Pricing Plans: Free Trial Available, $40.84 (starting price as a one-time payment)

Runs on: Windows, Mac, web-based, cloud, SaaS, and iPhone/iPad

Recommended for: Proofreading for any Writer, Novelists & Students

Best Features:

  • Spelling & Grammar Check
  • Text Editor
  • Reporting & Statistics

Scrivener - Best Writing App - TouchdroidScrivener is so far one of the best (& my favorite) writing app whether you’re a novelist, screenwriter, or into any type of writing. Handpicked for academic as well as dedicated content writing tasks, Scrivener will indulge you in the never-before writing experience.

You get an organized & hierarchy structure with Scrivener so you don’t get lost while creating lengthy content. The references & research files are on the same screen as the app takes note of them so you can refer them anytime. With manuscript formatting, writing feels easy as a breeze.

The last but not the least part is you can download the entire stuff as a single document like Word, PDF, or plain text format.

Google Docs

Pricing Plans: $6 per month (30 GB Storage)

Runs on: Web-based, Cloud & SaaS

Recommended for: Any business size to create, edit & share multiple files

Best Features:

  • Collaboration
  • Add-ons
  • File Sharing
  • Document Creation
  • Notes Management
  • Project Management
  • Team Chat

Google Docs - Best Writing App - Touchdroid

Needless to say, you can always use Google Docs whether you’re a beginner or professional. Creating persuasive, meaningful & impactful documents makes sense with Google Docs. You can write, edit & share documents free of cost when accessed for personal use. GSuite offers added security & team controls for businesses.

You get to create documents in professional templates, format them & make it accessible anytime & anywhere. With real-time editing, you can share & get views from your team via comments. Even if you forget to press Ctrl + S, your document will be auto-saved after every change along with version history.


Pricing Plans: Free version available, starts at $29.95/month, Business Plan available

Runs on: Windows, Mac, Android Keyboard, Web-based, cloud, iPad, iPhone, and SaaS

Recommended for: Automated Grammar check
Best Features:

  • Spelling & Grammar
  • Punctuation Corrections
  • Plagiarism Check
  • Professional Editor Support
  • Expert Writing Help
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Grammarly - Best Writing App - Touchdroid

You must have heard about Grammarly if you’re into content writing. It is one of the best & free writing apps for Windows & Mac. Even if you want to correct the messages sent from your smartphone, you can! Simply install Grammarly keyboard, that’s all!

Easy to use, you can add Grammarly plugin in browser & upload your document/paste it to check spelling & grammar mistakes. This app shares feedback on correctness, clarity, engagement & delivery of the content. With a readability score, you can avail reading & speaking time as well.

You can go the extra mile & subscribe to a premium version for professional proofreader’s help & plagiarism check.

What are web-based applications? [Overview, benefits & more]

Write! App

Pricing Plans: starts at $24.95

Runs on: Windows, Mac & Linux

Recommended for: Any writing projects, notes & to-do lists

Best Features:

  • Cloud Backup
  • Workspace Organization
  • Document Sharing & Collaboration
  • Team collaboration
  • Dark-light Writing Modes

Write App - Best Writing Apps - Touchdroid

Enhance productivity with the minimalist writing interface by write! App. Gain full control over documents & make sure that no document is lost with auto-save. Well-structured projects in folders, tabs & sessions make for well-managed writing projects. Comfort your eyes with focus mode & night mode depending on when you write.


Pricing Plans: Free Basic Version, $190 Premium/per month & $500 Business Plans/per month

Runs on: Windows, Mac, Web-based, cloud & SaaS

Recommended for: Meeting notes, academic projects, notes, web-pages, to-do lists

Best Features:

  • Web clipper
  • Multi-device Sync
  • Search Handwriting
  • Notebooks & Tags
  • Document Scanning
  • PDF & Document Search

Evernote - Best Writing Apps - Touchdroid

If you haven’t accessed Evernote at least once, you haven’t used one of the best & free writing apps yet. Simply login & start project planning; create to-do lists or prepare meeting notes from easy to handle UI. Define your shortcuts, create notebooks & also add tags to your content.

Share the document instantly with a shareable link that gives rights to the link holder if they can edit or simply view your file.

Natural Reader

Pricing Plans: Free version available, Upgrade starts at $99.5 (one-time payment)

Runs as: Web App & Software for Mac & Windows

Recommended for: Personal Use, Students, Professionals, Dyslexic Readers & Foreign Language Learners

Best Features:

  • Text-to-Speech Conversion
  • Natural-sounding Voices
  • OCR technology-based Reading

Natural Reader - Best Writing Apps - Touchdroid

I would rather call it an incredibly useful document reader. It’s your go-to app that converts any text or scanned documents into an mp3 version that sounds surreal. Mostly preferred by broadcasters & eLearning material creators, Natural Reader is also legit to create AI-voice narration for YouTube videos.

You may wonder why I’ve added this app to the list & the reason is nonetheless its commercial use capabilities.

My experience says you’ll just enjoy using this one!

Living Writer

Pricing Plans: 30-Day Free Trial, Upgrade starts at $8 per month

Runs on: Windows, Mac & Web-based SaaS, Cloud-based

Recommended for: Writers, Authors & Novelists

Best Features:

  • Mess-free Writing Environment
  • Easy Plot & Outline making
  • Auto-suggest
  • Dark-Light Writing Modes
  • Writing Goals

Living Writer - best Writing Apps - Touchdroid

Living Writer is one of the best writing apps for Mac. It offers a distraction-free interface where plots & stories are beyond Ctrl + C/V, use drag & drop features to organize and reorder elements.

The best part about Auto-suggest is that it will reduce your work & time spent on plotting a story. Embrace the focus & defocus modes while you work day & night to create an effective story.

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All your work is stored on the cloud for independent accessibility & even if you forget to hit ‘Save’. Create any-length story irrespective of word limits with Living Writer. If you have a story saved in your local drive, import it & continue writing on it with this wonderful App.

Final Draft

Pricing Plans: Free 30-Day Trial, Upgrade $79.99

Runs on: Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad

Recommended for: Film Studios & TV Productions, Screenwriters

Best Features:

  • Advanced Brainstorming
  • Unlimited space to organize ideas
  • Story Map
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Feasible Formatting
  • Huge Unicode Support – 97 Languages
Final Draft - Best Writing Apps - Touchdroid

Image Source: Google

Former choice of world’s leading studios (PIXAR, Walt Disney, Netflix, BBC, SONY Pictures, and more) & production companies, Final Draft is a screenwriter tool you cannot ignore.

If you’re a budding screenwriter, tame yourself just the way professionals do. In other words, you’ll have to work as professionals to see your future self there one day. Visualize your ideas to brainstorm better. Personalize your writing environment, use tags & involve your team with collaboration features. You can even store your entire character research as well with Beat Board.

Final Draft 11 – the latest version has it all that creates industry-level screenplay formats. With formatting made easier with Format Assistant, you also enjoy using reformat tool & keyboard shortcuts. Its page management & pagination support is unbelievably amazing.

Hemingway App

Pricing Plans: Free, Upgrade $19.99 for one-time purchase

Runs on: Web-based SaaS

Recommended for: Beginners/Academic Use

Hemingway App - Best Writing Apps - Touchdroid

Hemingway is a writing app that is legit for any beginner. Its major purpose is to identify errors & improve content quality. It eliminates the weak points of your content including confused sentences, weak adverbs, excess passive voice usage, and so on.

You get to access two basic features i.e. writing Mode & Editing Mode with Hemingway App.

Writing mode lets you create content without distractions in a minimalist interface. Go on writing unless you finish. Once you’re done with writing, toggle to Edit Mode & Hemingway features will light your way.

Any problematic areas in your content will be highlighted in different colors as follows:

  • Blue highlights: an adverb/qualifier
  • Purple highlights: a complex word that can better be replaced with a simpler word
  • Green highlights: passive voice
  • Yellow highlights: complex sentences
  • Red highlights: an extremely complex sentence

All you have to do is correct each of them one by one & you’re done!


Pricing Plans: Free Trial, $20 (Monthly), $59.25 (Yearly Plan), $224.25 (Lifetime)

Runs on: Windows, Mac, Web-based, Cloud & SaaS

Recommended for: Non-fiction writers, Bloggers, Essay composers

Best Features:

  • Productivity
  • Document Creation
  • Office Suite

Pro Writing App - Best Writing App - Touchdroid

ProWritingAid is more into making your writing grammar-checked from the very beginning. Also, its billing is based on grammar rather than a writing app as it does a brilliant job for grammar-check. ProWritingAid offers tool integrations, which means that you can seamlessly integrate with any of your favorite writing apps like Final Draft, Evernote, or Scrivener.

The cherry on the top is ProWritingAid shares feedback to fix style issues, readability & content structure. Kudos! You don’t just write but also improve writing by ditching bad habits.

Free Writing Apps 2020 on its way!

We hope you find this handpicked Free Writing Apps 2020 list useful. In case, if you have any queries or wish to drop comments, feel free to share your mind with me here.

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