Cheating Secret Messaging Apps That Look Like Games For Everyone

cheating secret messaging apps that look like games

Are you someone who values own privacy and does not want anyone to look through your chats? Or do you want to hide your conversations from your friends or family members for some reasons? Well, If yes, then cheating secret messaging apps that look like games are exactly for you.

These apps are designed in a way that they don’t look like a messenger app but something else. Along with that, they also bring along some advanced features that help in keeping your conversation safe and protected. This article will explore some of the best applications you can use to shield your messages from any outside person. 

Cheating Secret Messaging Apps That Look Like Games: 7 Best Options

1. Calculator Pro+ 

Calculator Pro+ is a great secret messaging app that doesn’t look like a messenger app but a calculator. It can easily deceive anyone into believing it is a normal calculator application, even if they open it.

The application consists of a secret feature where all your private chats exist. And that feature is protected by a pin, which will be available to you only. As soon as you enter the pin, you will be directed toward your private charts, interesting and helpful at the same time. 

Calculator Pro+

What’s more? The application will allow you to move your contacts to the private list. Whenever you receive a text from that contact, it will directly be received on the Calculator Pro+, which can be accessed by entering the pin. 

One of the best things about the application is that it doesn’t only keep your chats private but also works as a normal calculator, helping you with your normal calculations. 

Currently, the application is available only for Android users. 

2. Confide

Confide is one of the best cheating secret messaging apps that look like games. You can definitely opt for the application if you want your messages to be safe and secure. Chances are high that anyone going through your phone will think of Confide as a game or any other application, but rarely as a messaging app. 

Confide comes into the list of top five secret messaging applications for a reason. There are many valuable features that it offers.

cheating secret messaging apps that look like games

The application has a  feature which automatically destroys the messages and leaves no trace. You will be able to view your messages only once as they will disappear by the application to ensure your privacy. Hence, even if someone is able to reach the application on your phone, they won’t have anything to read.

Taking screenshots is also prohibited on this application – setting you free from fear of your chats getting leaked. 

Confide is generally free, but you can also buy its subscription to avail its features like unsending a message. It is available for both Android and IOS devices.

3. Signal

Signal is another excellent application you can use in order to protect your messages. The application is widely popular and has more than 1.4 billion users.

One of the best things about this application is that it keeps the user’s privacy at the top. All the messages sent are not recorded on the app’s servers, and they have zero interest in the user data.

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Signal has a very user-friendly interface and doesn’t require you to enter any PINs or login credentials, which makes the app more easy to use.

The app can be used by both Android and IOS users. 

4. Smiley

Smiley offers many effective features which you can use to have private conversations with your friends and family. One of the app’s best features is that it provides a password option, increasing your text messages’ overall security. 

cheating secret messaging apps that look like games

However, it is worth knowing that Smiley is a subscription-based application and requires an upfront fee to avail of its features.

5. Edgeless Chat

Edgeless Chat is a blockchain-based application that uses burn mode to keep your chats private. Burn mode means that messages you send will be deleted automatically from the devices of involved parties. 

Edgeless Chat

The main motto of the application is to provide users power over their data and allow them to communicate freely without the fear of being spied on or hacked. 

This blockchain-based application can be used by Android and IOS users. 

6. Dust

Dust is another great cheating secret messaging apps that look like games but serves as a private messenger.

The messages that you send using Dust will disappear automatically after 24 hours. Not only this, you can also unsend your messages, which will get deleted from both devices involved. 

cheating secret messaging apps that look like games

Also, if you think the other party may take screenshots of your messages, don’t worry. This application won’t let that happen. It has a built-in feature which prevents users from taking screenshots. 

The application can be used on Android and IOS devices seamlessly.

7. Wickr Me

Wickr Me is a great application that you can use to exchange texts privately. It doesn’t look like a messaging app so you can keep it on your mobile without any worries.

Wickr Me uses the self-destruct feature to keep your conversations secure. You can even set the exact time for when you want to destroy your messages. As a consequence, no one will be able to get their hands on your private conversation. 

Wickr Me

Another great thing about Wickr Me is that all the messages are encrypted with end-to-end encryption, which means that the Wickr Me server cannot recover the messages you send or receive. 

The best thing about the app is that it doesn’t require you to use your email or phone number. Instead, you can hop on the app and create a username and password. That’s it! You are ready to use Wickr Me. The app is compatible with Android and IOS devices.

8. Blur Chat

Blur Chat has various features that bring it to the list of some of the best secret messaging apps that look like a game. It provides its users privacy and security and prevents any third party from accessing their private chats.

cheating secret messaging apps that look like games
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Blur Chat keeps your texts safe by using features like self-destructive messages. The messages you send will automatically get deleted after some time. If you have sent something mistakenly while conversing, you can quickly delete the message from the device of both recipients. 

The app also consists of features like Face ID and Touch ID, which take the security measures one step further. 


Q: What are secret messaging apps?

A: Secret messaging apps are apps that allow you to send and receive messages that are encrypted, hidden, or self-destructing.

Q: Why use secret messaging apps?

A: You may use secret messaging apps if you want to communicate with someone without leaving any traces, or if you want to share sensitive or confidential information that you don’t want anyone else to see.

Q: How to use secret messaging apps?

A: You can use secret messaging apps by downloading them from the app store or other sources, and creating an account or a username. You can then invite or add the person you want to chat with, and start sending and receiving messages.

Q: Are secret messaging apps safe and legal?

A: Secret messaging apps are safe and legal if you use them responsibly and ethically. You should not use them for illegal or harmful purposes, such as cheating, bullying, or scamming.

Q: What are some examples of secret messaging apps?

A: Some examples of secret messaging apps are Signal, Telegram, Wickr Me, Dust, and Confide.


Cheating secret messaging apps that look like games effectively keep your online text-based conversation safe and private. You can download and use apps like Calculator Pro+, Confide, Dust, Wicker Me, Signal and more, as mentioned in the above article. Identify your needs and then opt for an application that serves you well. 

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