Fan Of Esport Games? Know 2021 Biggest Esport games

Esport Games

Many of you would know about this, yet if you dont know, Video games have been around since the 1980s, and there have been great tournaments for all types of games.  However, it is not clear if all of these fall into exports.  Esport games involves a higher level of competition and the possibility of winning big prizes, and a more systematic league or tournament structure.

In recent years, more and more competitive sports are getting the e-sports treatment.  Professional leagues continue to grow, with players competing for big prizes, winning endorsements, and attracting dedicated fans.  Meanwhile, esport games are broadcast on television networks and platforms such as Twitch or YouTube.  They have also attracted the attention of esports betting sites, which now offer odds on major esports events, meaning you can bet on who will win your favorite esport games.

Know what is Esport Games?

E-sports are competitive games in which players can win real cash prizes.  They are usually professional teams that make at least part of their lives with prize money and sponsorship.  These games are often organized around a league, allowing professional players to compete for the highest ranking.  Almost any competitive video game can become an esports, although not all count as esport games.visit here

Few Popular Esport Games Name:-

Like Dota 2, LoL, and Counterstrike are some popular esports, making the best teams earn millions, dozens of other games garner a lot of attention.  Frequently, game developers try to draw more attention to their games by holding a tournament. However, many tournaments run more organically because of the popularity of the game’s respective games in today’s world.

Below we have ranked some of the 2021 best Esport games:-

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)
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CS: GO is the most popular esport games of all time.  Set in the early 2000s, its current version has been entertaining gamers since 2012. The game sees constant patches and updates, and there is also a lucrative market in weapon skins.  Along with major leagues like Blast Premier and ESL Pro League, major events like IEM Katowice, DreamHack Anaheim, ESL One Rio de Janeiro and ESL One Cologne are held every year.

Most major events feature a $ 1 million jackpot, with major events like IEM Katowice often attracting more than a million spectators.

  • League of Legends (LOL)

LOL is extremely popular all over the world, especially in Asia.  The game has 20 times more players than Dota 2, making it the most popular PC game globally, with 8 million players worldwide.  One of only two multiplayer online battlefields (MOBA) titles to dominate esport games, making LoL betting extremely popular with esports bookies.

Since the game been released 12 years ago, more than $ 80 million has been won from thousands of events so far.  In terms of popularity and winning the most prize money, Korea ranks number one with 8 of the top 10 global winners.  Only one Top 10 player (Luka “Perkz” Perkovic) is not from Asia.

  • Dota 2

Dota 2 is close to CS: GO in terms of audience, prizes, and bookmaker interests.  Developed by Valve, the game is enjoyed worldwide;  Its top 25 revenues come from 16 different countries, including China, France, the US, and Romania.

While we ranked Dota 2 second, the game beats all others in prize money.  The Annual International features a grand prize pool funded by fans purchasing the game’s collection, which includes all kinds of goodies, including new modes, skins, and challenges.  25% of the proceeds go to the overall prize pool, which has grown to more than $ 34 million over the years.  Any ranked player can compete for an action.

  • Fortnite
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While some debate whether Fortnite is a true esport games(because Epic often changes the game before big events), the fact is that the game has awarded millions to its best players, and that is. a game that has only been around for 3 years.  In terms of prize money, it is second only to CS: GO and Dota 2. While the general excitement about Fortnite has waned somewhat, the esport games scene continues to thrive.  The game is still very popular, with over 250 million registered users spread across multiple platforms.  Epic still hosts regular Fortnite tournaments, which are open to all players.  Meanwhile, Fortnite betting is available at most esports bookmakers.

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