Apps to make Friends: 7 Apps To Meet New People

apps to make friends

If you’re searching for apps to make friends or applications and services that are kind of like Tinder for new friendships, then this blog is for you.

Mobile applications are both a good and bad thing. Most of them are coming and going. They start by getting a nice number of users. Then they get full of fake or unresponsive accounts. In other phrases, most of them don’t perform as you would expect.

You will reach new people with new smartphone applications. It’s just not promised to work, so don’t take it seriously. You will have to try many of these apps, mess around to see what fits best.

Let’s look at our picks of the best apps to make friends.

apps to make friends
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The 7 Best Apps To Make New Friends in 2020

While we live in a society where we continuously track social media, the trouble with this schedule is that we mostly fail to make relations; we’re too busy creating parallels.

So what perfect way to counter this statement than to find your friends by using your mobile device? To ease the change and extend your social network, here are seven applications that will help you make friends in a new place.

1. Best To Find Community Events: Meetup

apps to make friends
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Are you searching for apps to make friends who have common beliefs? This is a terrific application to make new peoples. It helps you to look at communities that have been formed near you, based around an operation. You can attend a meeting and have the chance to speak with people who have entered.

If you’re searching for your next partner or want to work with other artists, Meetup offers 24 types of activities to select from.

Decide what times you’re available and sit back and wait while the app uses your position to bring up specific activities depending on the categories you’re looking for. In addition to having an RSVP to these activities, you should also send messages to people attending and joining groups to guarantee that you do not lose the chance to attend events with people with common interests.

If you choose to meet people in groups instead of one, this is the ideal app.

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  • Simple to locate the nearest Meetings.
  • You should launch a meeting of your own party.
  • Lots of various interest groups.


  • Not great if you don’t like group settings.

2. Apps to make friends With Shared Interest: Hey! VINA

apps to make friends
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This application was initially developed for females to locate other females to meet new peoples in the vicinity. Still, anyone can access this application to search for new people in your city. It’s got you to build your own persona, and it’s identical to dating applications where you tap to find somebody. If you play, you can send a message via the app to each other.


  • You will set up a profile and browse at the profiles of others.
  • Let’s you put together schedules to meet up.
  • The interface is clean.


  • It can be hard to verify the profile.

3. Facebook Local

apps to make friends
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Have you already installed the Facebook app? There’s an element on the social networking site where you’ll observe local activities nearby. They also developed an application for this called Local.

It’s a perfect application to find new peoples, shows, or other social events in which you can find friends.

You can choose your present address and see all the activities occurring nearby you. Or if you’ve got anything special in mind, you can look into events or festivals. You might want to join groups on Facebook that hold local meetings in your town, as this could be a good conversation starter.


  • It links to a Facebook account that you might already have.
  • May invite someone to the event.
  • You can see the activities in any place.


  • If you’re not using a Facebook account, you need to make one use of the application.

4. If you’re new to the city: Next door.

applications to meet new people
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If you have transferred to a new location, Nextdoor will support you in interacting with your neighbors and forming ties with the individuals you’re living with. This application has many functions that will help you locate people of similar interests, seek information about the neighborhood, and find activities nearby.

When you send a text message, people around you can see it, make it easier to communicate and keep up-to-date with local activities.

This application includes a community panel where anyone can search or build groups based on a shared interest. Many sites have community members where you can try to start making new friends.


  • You will form communities in your community with others.
  • You’ve got a page of events for local gatherings.
  • Lists nearby businesses.


  • You can’t see information from outside your specified neighborhood.
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5. Bumble BFF

Applications to meet new people
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You may remember Bumble as a dating service where females have the authority to begin a conversation. It also has a different section for meeting new people, called Bumble BFF.

There’s no limit on who can initiate a chat first, so you’ll have to notify the other people within 24hrs, or otherwise, you’ll forfeit the chance. Bumble BFF is a fantastic platform if you need a fast and simple way to meet a few new friends.


  • Works the same thing as Bumble.
  • You should only be able to chat with someone if both of you know each other.


  • You’ve just got 24 hours to begin a conversation with each other.

6. For those who enjoy group meetings: GroupMeet

applications to meet new peoples
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If you want to be  relaxed with setting up a party when you meet someone, GroupMeet will help you locate a group of friends that you’ll select. It also acts a bit like a dating site, meaning you can upload and exchange images.

GroupMeet a perfect replacement to the traditional trend of private meet-ups that will offer you more of a chance to meet friends you want.


  • The Special idea of group sessions rather than one-on-one.
  • You will create activities and events for other friends to engage them.


  • It could be hard to find a group chat if you reside in a small city.

7. Patook

applications for meeting new peoples
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Patook app links people by relying on a point-based system. After users have built their profile, they are asked to rate different features according to their expectations.

This app will then pair you with those who have earned the most scores based on your rated characteristics. To link to a new person, the user may either send an unknown message, or all members must rate each other.

In addition to seeking people who fit what you deem relevant, public message boards can be used about your venue.

This feature, identified as “beacons,” helps users to plan meetings and express their thoughts. If you are worried about anonymity, Patook also gives you the ability to select who can view your profile.


  • The interface is clean.
  • Using AI to spot inappropriate messages.


  • Technical issues

Why Use these apps to make friends?

Friend-making apps allow us to experience far more potential friends than you would have in everyday life. Whether you have a smaller friend circle and seek to expand your contacts or have demands that are not being met in your group, using these 7 apps can enlarge your world.

Besides, using a site or apps to make a new friend allows you to be more particular if you need to have a friend with common interests.


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