Know Youtube video with the most likes Right Now

youtube video with the most likes

Youtube is the biggest video-sharing platform available right now. Every day, people upload a ton of content on Youtube. Only some videos get millions of views; you need to have a huge fan following on Youtube to get a million views. However, many channels have millions of subscribers and get tons of views on every video. Getting views is relatively easy, but getting likes is hard. The viewer will like the video if he actually enjoys your video, and because of that, many creators get fewer likes. But there are some videos with millions of likes. In this article, we will tell you the top 5 most-liked Youtube videos right now. So, keep reading to know the youtube video with the most likes.

The Youtube video with the most likes Right Now:

This will not surprise you because the youtube video with the most likes is the music video of Despacito By Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee with 50 million likes. Surprisingly, it is the number one liked video on youtube for more than 1900 days. It is a Spanish music video song. First, it was uploaded on 13 January 2017, and after five years, the song is still at number 1. After its release, the songs became viral all over the world. The video also has 8 billion views on youtube and was number one in views until the baby shark video crossed it in 2020.

Surprisingly, the song has over 4 million comments on youtube; it is just unbelievable cause most YouTubers can’t even get 4 million views on their video. Carlos Perez directed, and Joanna Egozcue and Roxy Quinones produced the video of Despacito. Zuleyka Rivera acted as the lead female in the video and was a Miss universe winner in 2006. Famous singer Justin Bieber also remixed the song Despacito, which was also a hit. That song has over 600 million views on youtube. This song is the biggest song of the artist Luis Fonsi. 

Story of video:

The video displays both singers performing the music while experiencing various parties with the model Zuleyka Rivera. The video begins with shots of La Perla’s beach during the day, showing the model coming to the shanty town. Both the singers are performing the song on the street, while some seniors are playing the instrument dominos, and a kid is getting a haircut. Also, two people are listening to the radio, and some couples are dancing.

After that, some shots come of both singers singing in front of a car with people dancing. Then another scene comes with the model arriving at the bar, and both artists are performing in the bar, and people are dancing. The song is now near its end, and Luis Fonsi and Rivera are both dancing together. Now we see some shots of dancing in the bar, and the video ends. It is a lovely video that shows us the culture of Puerto Rico.

youtube video with the most likes
Credit: IndianExpress

How did it become a youtube video with the most likes?

Initially, the music video was uploaded on the youtube channel of Luiz Fonsi on 12 January 2017. Surprisingly, it got one billion views in just 97 days. By doing this, it became the second fastest video on youtube to reach one billion views. It only took another 57 days to complete 2 billion views and became the fastest video to complete two billion views on youtube. At that time, the song was the most viewed, and it made records for the fastest 3 to 7 billion views on youtube. Right now, the video has over 8 billion views on youtube. It was the most viewed video on youtube for three years. Unfortunately, the Baby Shark video of Pinkfong surpassed Despacito on 2 November 2020. It is now the most-viewed video on youtube, with 11 billion views. However, Despacito is still the most-liked video on youtube, with 50 million likes. 


The song didn’t win any grammy, but it won some awards in Latin grammy. In 2017 Despacito won Song of the year, best short-form music video, record of the year and the best urban performance at the Latin Grammy awards. That’s all the info about the youtube video with the most likes; now, let’s know about other videos on top.

The list of a Youtube video with the most likes:

2. See you Again

On number two, we have the music video of See You Again by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth. The video has 39 million likes on youtube, which is 11 million less than the number one Despacito. The song is made in memories of paul rudd, and it is so emotional. If you listen to this song, you will definitely remember your lost ones. Also, the video has over 5.7 billion views and 2 million comments on youtube. The video is on the youtube channel, Wiz Khalifa. The song was number one in the most-liked video for 332 days in 2016.

3. Baby Shark Video

The third most-liked video is Baby shark, with 38 million likes on youtube. Additionally, the video is also the most viewed video on youtube, with 11 billion views. The video is made for kids, and it is a good dance video. Every child on earth should see this video. The video is on Pinkfong Baby shark’s channel. This channel makes kids’ dance videos and story videos.

4. BTS- Dynamite

Right now, Bts is the most famous boy band on youtube, and this video is proof of that. Their music video for Dynamite has over 35 million likes. The song is lovely, and I have listened to it more than 50 times. However, the fun part is the video is from august 2020 and in just 1.5 years, it is now the fourth most-liked video on youtube, and it is still growing at a rapid rate. I will not be surprised if it becomes the most liked in one or two years.

youtube video with the most likes
Credit: OprahDaily

5. Ed Sheeran- Shape of You

This song has been my favorite for more than two years. In the list of most liked songs on youtube, the shape of you comes at number 5 with 30 million likes on youtube. Fun fact: Shape OF You and Despacito both were uploaded in the same month. It was the third most-liked video on youtube for many years.

These are the top 5 most liked videos on youtube right now. However, the positions can change, but we will make sure that we update this list regularly.


Youtube released the like button in 2010, and since then, creators have wanted likes on their videos. In this race of likes, some videos are on the top. The Youtube video with the most likes is Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee with 50 Million Likes. Without a doubt, most videos on the top 5 list of most liked videos are music videos except one, Baby Shark. In my opinion, Despacito is going to be number one for some years. Tell us in the comments which YouTuber will break this record.We strongly recommend our partnership website with quality superclone rolex

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