SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 Error: Meaning and How to fix it?


In earlier times, SIM Card errors were very uncommon. Thus, not everybody went around on the web trying to resolve the SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 Error. However, since it has already come to this, we have a true and tried solution for you to fix this error in the most non-technical manner. How? Let’s find out: 


To begin with, today’s smartphone technology has increased the demand for security among users. From daylight theft to hacking, lurking, etc., technological advancement has been made to avoid such hassle. SIM Not Provisioned MM#2 blunder is one of such errors to protect users’ interest. How? You will find out in this reading. 

More often than not, users do not understand, but sim card technology is quite high-tech. According to the SIM Card’s infrastructure details, a sim card holds power to contain the following details, which help in the identification of the user: 

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  • ICCID or Integrated Circuit Card identification number (the chip that you can see installed on SIM)
  • IMSI or International Mobile Subscriber Identity (especially if you have a phone of a foreign brand)
  • SAI or Security Authentication Information
  • PIN or Personal Identification Number
  • Network Information
  • Unlocking code
  • And data related to other general details such as service provider (akin to Airtel or Sprint).

So, in general, when you insert a SIM Card in a new phone, Sim card begins to communicate and verify all the above-mentioned details with the new phone’s details. In the event that it matches, the user receives a confirmation message concerning the SIM service. You can easily accept this service and craft a link between SIM and phone. It is one way for SIM computer to know which user is using which type of phone?

However, if the communication process between the SIM Card and the Smartphone is somehow interrupted, in that case, you will see a “SIM Not provisioned MM#2” error. 

What does the “SIM not provisioned mm#2” error mean? 

As mentioned before, when you insert a SIM Card in a cell phone or Smartphone, it begins to identify the subscriber. For verification, the multiple aspects of data shall match. For example, service provider information, ICCID, and so on. Now, the term “provision” stands for providing something useful. In this case, the error says, “SIM not provisioned mm#2.” It means that the SIM you have inserted is unable to provide useful information which is required for verification. 

SIM Not Provisioned MM#2
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As a result, you remain unable to access SIM services. There can be multiple rationales for this blunder to occur. For example, presuming that you are using an old SIM in a brand new smartphone, SIM will not be able to identify it as soon as you need it. Instead, it will take time to read crucial phone data such as PIN, network information, IMEI Number, etc. Once the SIM chip is able to read similar PIN, Network info, and new IMEI number on your new phone, it will allow you to use SIM services. 


Apart from having to insert SIM in the new phone, some other possible reasons for such error are: 

  • Mobile Network Service is not available – In the event that you are in a far-fetching forestry area, it is possible that your SIM is unable to interpret and collect any signals for service. 
  • Your mobile network providers’ service is down for a temporary time period due to maintenance or hardcore climatic issues. 
  • You are in a place that is not covered by your mobile network service providers’ prioritized areas of service. 
  • The SIM Card you have positioned in the SIM slot is not a perfect fit. As a result, it is unable to share or communicate crucial data for verification.
  • You are either using a new SIM Card or a new smartphone. As a result, it is taking time for SIM to interpret data to your new Smartphone. Thus, the error occurs. 

How to resolve SIM Not provisioned MM#2 Error? 

SIM Not provisioned mm#2 error in simple words occurs when SIM is unable to create a link with a smartphone. In this case, you can attempt to the following true-and-tried methods to resolve this error in a few minutes. Let’s take a glance: 

#Method 1: Restart your Smartphone

Unlike previous decades, today, you do not need to switch off phones in order to insert a new SIM. Instead, there is an external SIM slot available that you can open using a metallic key. However, when you insert a SIM in the SIM slot while your phone is operating, it may result in SIM Not provisioned mm#2 error because SIM cannot read, supply, and verify information on the Smartphone while it is already in work. 

The best solution to this problem is, you can restart your Smartphone. Henceforth, providing enough time for the SIM card to read, supply, and communicate information as it requires. To do so, use the following instructions: 

SIM Not Provisioned MM#2
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  • First of all, force quit all the applications running on your Smartphone for a glitch-free restarting process.
  • Now, position your thumb on the home button and one finger on the volume “down/up” button, depending on your Smartphone’s user interface.
  • Now, press both buttons for at least 3 seconds. 
  • A quick menu will appear on the screen.
  • Next, tap on the “Restart” alternative.
  • Wait for the process to complete. 
  • As a result, when the phone turns on, you will see the SIM has begun to work without any error. 

#Method 2: Insert SIM in the SIM slot again

More often than not, restarting your Smartphone works well to solve the error “SIM not provisioned mm#2.” However, in uncommon cases, the problem is not with the Smartphone’s operating system, to begin with. Instead, in such cases, the problem may rely on the Smartphone’s hardware. In the event that you are using a new smartphone, it is possible that you have mistakenly inserted a SIM in the wrong direction. Thus, it is best to double-check and reinsert the SIM card:

  • First of all, use the metallic key to open the SIM slot. 
  • Now, remove the SIM Card carefully.
  • Please make sure that the SIM slot is free of dust. 
  • Next, place the SIM carefully in the slot. 
  • Please double-check that the SIM’s chip side is on the bottom, whereas the plastic side is on the top.
  • Also, ensure that SIM’s shorter side is ahead of the wider side.
  • Now, carefully, close the SIM slot.
  • For safety, restart your Smartphone. 

#Method 3: SIM Not provisioned mm#2? Insert SIM Card in another phone to examine the issue

When it comes to the “SIM not provisioned mm#2” error, the chances are 50-50. Meaning, the problem could be either with the SIM Card or your phone itself. Thus, to verify that the problem is with the SIM card, to begin with, you can take another phone to verify your theory. 

To do so, take another phone and insert a SIM Card into it. In the event that the SIM card successfully operates on the other phone without delivering any type of error, it means that the problem is with your phone’s SIM slot. 

SIM Not Provisioned MM#2
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On the other hand, if the SIM still shows a “SIM Not provisioned mm#2” error on the other phone as well, it means that your SIM is at fault. 

Thus, we strongly advise that you visit the nearest store of your mobile network service provider. Or visit the phone repair/service center to resolve this issue. In both cases, you can get either SIM replaced or the phone’s SIM slot repaired. 

#Method 4: Insert SIM in “SIM 2/1” Slot

Are you still trying to work with your SIM that keeps showing a “not provisioned mm#2” error? Here’s a quick fix hack you can try. In many cases, users use two SIM cards – one SIM card 4G/5G speedy network services. Whereas, in Android smartphones, a second SIM slot is available for mobile network service providers with no volTE type of network. 

Henceforth, if you insert a 4G/5G supportive SIM in SIM 2 slot, it will probably show an error because it is incompatible with running such a high-end network service. As a result, we strongly recommend that you switch SIMs in a way that 4G/5G supportive SIM is in SIM Slot 1. And, GSM or 2G supportive SIM is in SIM 2 slot. 

#Method 5: SIM not provisioned mm#2 error? Check if your SIM has been activated or not.

Apart from persistent efforts of inserting and reinserting SIM Card, it is possible that you are worried about nothing in the first place. More often than not, SIM not provisioned mm#2 also occurs because of activation issues. For example, let’s suppose you insert a SIM in a new phone, however, because the SIM has not been activated by the mobile network service provider. As a result, it will not be able to read, interpret, or verify any kind of information from the phone. 

What to do? Easy! You can manually request your mobile network service provider to activate your SIM Card. Here’s how: 

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  • Text or SMS “20 digit SIM number (which you can locate on the SIM’s envelope that it came in)using an existing connection with you. For example, if you have Airtel’s new Sim, you can use the Airtel Network that is available with your friend, family member, companion, etc. 
  • After that, to confirm your request, Send “1” in the reply. 
  • Once your SIM activates, you will receive a notification in the form of SMS on your new number. 

Trying to activate a SIM card in the USA? Reach to the nearest Walmart, 7-Eleven, Target, CVS, or Walgreens store. Retailers out there will assist you. 

#Method 6: Switch back and forth to Airplane Mode

Have trouble keeping up with the whole “insert and reinsert” or “power off and power on” method to fix the error? There’s a simple way to restart SIM reconnection with the Smartphone. Yes! You can try activating airplane mode and then turning it off. 

The reason is, when you turn on Airplane mode, a SIM turns off automatically. Later, when you turn the airplane mode ON, Sim will try to communicate with the Smartphone to create a link. 

#Method 7: Call the Service provider to confirm if your SIM has been blocked

In the event that you have recently lost your Smartphone in public, your first instinct would have been to get your SIM blocked. Henceforth, anyone who finds your Smartphone will not be able to misuse your number. However, when you purchase a SIM with the same number, it is quite possible that the mainstream service provider still has your SIM number under the “blocked” category. 

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Again, to get this problem resolved, you can either connect with a mobile network service provider via SMS/Call. Or, you can visit the nearest Walmart, 7-Eleven, Target, CVS, or Walgreens store. Retailers out there will assist you. 

#Method 8: Change Carrier Settings

To begin with, nowadays, Smartphones come with multiple SIM settings such as SIM PIN, Trusted phone number, SIM IPV setting, Wi-Fi calling, etc. It is possible that one of these settings may cause Sim not provisioned mm#2 error to occur persistently. To resolve this, you can upgrade the current version of carrier settings by following the guide provided below: 

  • Navigate to the “Settings/Cog icon” alternative on your iPhone/Android phone.
  • Next, scroll down to the “General” settings option. Or, for Android, navigate to the “About Phone” option. 
  • From here, tap on the “Software update” available.


  • Download and Install any form of an update that is available now.
  • It will fix all the bugs causing this error.
  • Once the installation process is complete, restart your phone. 


We hope that SIM Not provisioned mm#2 errors are resolved and are no longer a barrier for you. In the event the error hasn’t worked out yet, we strongly recommend you to reach out to the nearest mobile network service providers’ store in your area. Expertise there will be helpful if your SIM requires replacement due to wear and tear. 

For more hacks for smartphones, keep us in your bookmark. Thank you!

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