How to Duet on Tiktok – Step by Step Guide

how to duet on tiktok

how to duet on tiktok? That may not be obvious at first, but it is simple to accomplish!

It’s no surprise that TikTok is becoming increasingly famous. Users all over the world are making content every day, thanks to fantastic features, superb editing capabilities, and an incredibly diverse music range.

A duet, one of TikTok’s most common features, encourages you to TikTok alongside other people’s footage. Moreover, This can be very helpful for those looking to increase their TikTok fans, as you can duet a video that has gone viral, putting your own videos in front of the same or nearly as many eyes.

If you’re new to TikTok, it can take some experimentation to figure out how to film these particular forms of videos. Here’s what you need to learn about how to duet on TikTok uniquely.

What exactly is a TikTok duet?

how to duet on tiktok
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A TikTok duet is a clip that is put next to another in the application so that they can be viewed simultaneously. These videos may be your own or those of other TikTok users who haven’t disable the duet function. Don’t stress: you can disable the function if you don’t want anyone to duet with your post.

To respond to a video, several duets are used. A video clip may be a joke or a competition, with the duet part being the addition of your own video to it. Another common use of duets is to have participants sing songs, with one video signing the lyrics and contrasting with the video you develop.

Basically, you come across a video or other quality material to which you believe you can contribute something humorous and want to make your own spin-off. It is possible with a duet.

In a Tiktok duet, the original recording is on one side of the television, and the spoof — or what you record — is on the other. So, a duet is a side-by-side video in which you attempt to put something amusing and exciting in-between the original TikTok video with which you’re dueting.

Moreover, TikTok introduced new formats for duets in September 2020: left and right, respond, top and bottom, and three-view. Moreover, The various layouts enable users to alter the location of their response video and the actual TikTok.

What makes a Good TikTok Duet?

Having a unique Tiktok duet, according to creator Adam Rose, who presents a 66-part “accurate reviews” duet series in which he scores the satisfaction of oddly satisfying material, is all about starting a discussion. “If you can get people talking regarding your response in the forums, you’ve made something extraordinary,” he says. However, discovering a video to “apply something of substance too, making it into a new piece of material,” or getting a response to a video “that enhances the potency of the original video” is the first path to a duet performance, according to Rose.

Gordon Ramsey’s duet style, screaming at people for making sandwiches out of capsicum, makes perfect sense. Blind responding to holidays treat tutorials became a viral duet trick for foodie Kate, who used it repeatedly. Rose says that the duet approach that would make the most sense to you will be a gut feeling; for him, he found he had a lot to say about strangely satisfying videos before he had begun recording his responses to them.

Before you begin your Tiktok Duet

Before you begin your Tiktok Duet, there are a few things you should remember. The first is that you do not always have access to the “duet” alternative. This is because TikTok users may disable their videos if they do not want someone to duet with them for any reason. They may see it as copyright theft, or they may not want unknown people to destroy their brand; the explanations are numerous. In any case, duets are enabled or disabled by the user on a per-video basis. There is no way around that.

However, if the duet tool is open, consider dueting with people who have a similar number of followers or views to you. As your supporter and follower base grow, begin dueting with bigger and better accounts before you’re making viral videos from your own!

How to duet on Tiktok

how to duet on tiktok
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1. Install the TikTok application and create an account.
2. Choose a video for which you want to make a duet.

You can watch videos that are recommended to you in your feed, or you can go to a specific user’s profile to watch one of their clips. To find a video of somebody you’re watching, do the following:

  • On the bottom-right, tap the white Background named AndroidIGprofile.png button.
  • On your profile, click the Following tab.
  • Tap the partner with whom you want to duet.
  • Tap on the video of your friend with whom you want to capture a duet. This will show the video in full-screen mode.
3. Optional tip:

After you’ve found a video, you might want to “practise” it a few times before filming it. But don’t worry, this isn’t a one-and-done case.

4. When you’ve seen a video you like, press the three-dot More button in the bottom right corner.
5. Select Duet

(if Duet isn’t open, that’s because the developer disabled it in their own settings).

6. Begin video.
7. Select the Share option.

On the right side of the application, this button appears as a network of linked circles. It will open a pop-up screen with your sharing choices.

8. From the Share tab, choose Duet.

This will bring you to the new page where you can make a video.

It’s worth noting that this only happens if you have an account, so create one if you don’t already have one.

9. Apply Visual or special effects

When you’re done, apply any visual effects or edits you want and click the checkmark. After clicking the checkmark, you can even apply a few more effects.

10 . After you’ve finished editing the video, tap Next.
11. Finalizing

Before publishing, you can change the settings to authorize or disallow feedback, determine who can see the video and whether anyone can duet or stitch with it, and add a summary and appropriate hashtags.

12 . Press the Post button

You’re one bit ahead to TikTok glory now.

Tip for Making a TikTok Duet Video

  • Never fail to add tags to your duet video if you want it to go viral quickly.
  • The bolt icon can be used to view all updates about who has followed your profile and who has liked your videos.
  • Also, Set up reminders to be alerted if a certain individual releases a new online video
  • Never forget to post your videos on Instagram if you want to gain more followers.
  • Prefer to check on and like other people’s videos; this will help you build healthier online relationships, which will pay for advertising in the long run.

How to Troubleshoot the Duet Feature

TikTok is not without bugs, and some users have complained about problems with the Duet functionality.

Aside from the possibility that the video you’re attempting to communicate with does not have the functionality activated, there are a few other aspects to look into. In addition, Taking some simple troubleshooting measures if you’re confident a video might encourage you to Duet.

Update the application

TikTok application can be found in the Play Store or the Appstore. If an upgrade is available then, it will be shown where the ‘install’ or ‘get’ option should be.

Close and restart the app 

The problem may be a basic bug. Close and relaunch the Tiktok Application, then try the Duet option again.

Clear the cache 

Be aware that this would erase all of your drafts, so proceed with caution.

Examine your internet access 

If you’re on WiFi, consider converting to cellular service and vice versa.

If neither of these steps works, there may be a problem with the software. In addition, Check the DownDetector site for known problems, or use the TikTok Support page for more customized help.

Finally, you should still send a message to the developer to see if the Duet option is disabled. 

While not all developers support Direct messages, it’s worth a shot. They must go to Privacy in TikTok’s Settings, click on ‘Privacy,’ and turn on the required Duets choice.


Finally, you should be able to make fun duet videos on the TikTok website. Prepare to pick your duet companion online and use some eye-catching features to increase the popularity of your video. In addition, to increase online interaction, post your videos on a few other social media sites. This is the most basic trick for entertaining the general public on the internet.


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