How to Connect Canon Printer to wifi?- A Complete Step Guide

how to connect canon printer to wifi

Although there are a wide variety of printers available in the market, Canon is preferable. When you want a perfect print, Canon provides you with the best quality printing. Moreover, Canon inkjet printers are better and give good page yield. Inkjet printers are also cost-effective if it comes to printing photos. Therefore, it is the best printer you can buy on an average budget. Before knowing how to connect canon printer to wifi, let’s look at the five best canon printers of 2021. 

5 Best Canon Printers of 2021

To buy the right printer can be difficult; however, if you are able to identify a trusted brand, it becomes easier. There are a variety of printers and printer brands in the market for you to buy, but Canon is best when it comes to quality printing & value for money.

Canon is best for many reasons. From best quality photo printing to super scan quality, all you will get in a canon printer. 

This brand has a wide range of products, and each product offers the best functionality. Below, we have discussed some of the models of this brand. You can quickly choose the best printer for you after having a look at these models.

PIXMA TS5120- Wireless Inkjet Printer

In addition to a dense design, PIXMA TS5120 is a wireless printer. Moreover, you can connect it with any android, iOS devices. It also enables you to print from Bluetooth, CLoud and social media. Furthermore, this printer has in-built features like a PIXMA link and wifi, making it more breezy.

This printer has every quality that an individual needs. It allows you to print everything from documents to forms and from photos to tickets. In addition, it has a unique feature that reminds you to remove the original paper when you are done with the printing. Its two-sided printing can save 50% of the sheets you use. With a variety of printing options, it also provides front & rear support.


  • Wireless printer
  • Dense design
  • In-built wifi
  • Auto power
  • Printer, copier and scanner
  • PIXMA Cloud link
  • 2.5″ screen

PIXMA TS6220- A Wireless Printer, Scanner and Copier

This wireless printer will fulfil all your printing requirements. You can easily print documents, cards, assignments, forms as well as photos. The quality that this printer gives will impress you. This printer will never disappoint you when it comes to speed and quality. The ink refilling process in this printer is not troublesome, and you can easily replace it.

On the whole, this wireless printer is one of the best canon printers. Furthermore, the 3.0″ touchscreen enables you to control the functionality of the printer. You can directly print the stuff from social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. 


  • Printer, scanner and copier
  • Wireless printer
  • 3.0″ touchscreen
  • Voice-activated functionality
  • Compact pattern
  • Easy ink refill and replacement

PIXMA TS9120- Canon Wireless Inkjet Printer

Printing can be more convenient with this Wireless Inkjet printer. Once you purchase a PIXMA TS9120 printer, you will never replace it with any other. It is considered to be the best printer until now. Its built-in wifi feature allows you to scan or print from every corner of your house. You can connect it from any device, for example, iPad, Android, iPhone etc. If you want to know how to connect canon printer to wifi, there is a complete description below in this article. 

Another key point, this printer has a 6 colour ink tank system. In addition, it comes with the feature of expanding the output tray. 6 colour ink system is very beneficial when you want to print high-quality photos. 


  • Print from any device
  • 2-sided printing
  • Expandable tray
  • 6 colour ink system
  • 5.0″ touchscreen
  • Stylish and dense design

Wireless Inkjet Printer- PIXMA Pro-100 

This printer has a wifi feature that allows you to connect different devices and enable printing from anywhere you are. Additionally, you can also print photos from any compatible camera phones, digital camera or camcorder. 

Moreover, it comes with an eight colour ink system. This feature will provide you with photo lab-quality photos. Also, the 3 out of 8 colours are grayscale that gives the best quality of black and white print. You can replace inks individually on this printer. Apple devices are also compatible with this printer, allowing you to print documents, photos, emails etc. You do not need a separate driver for this use. The front and rear support of paper is an additional feature of this printer. The rear tray is basically for thick sheets of paper. You can install best Canon printer drivers for Windows 10 with the help of this article.


  • Printing from Android, iOS devices
  • Wireless printer
  • High speed
  • Best quality photo printing
  • 8 colour ink system

PIXMA MG3620- Canon Inkjet Printer

PIXMA MG3620 is the most convenient printer with multi-functions. It helps you to scan, copy and print from every corner of your house. This printer enables double-sided printing, which is more suitable to save paper. In addition to this, you need not turn over pages manually. It supports all mobile devices, whether it is an android phone or iPhone. It is effortless to set up a wireless connection. High-speed photo printing makes it the best option for choosing a printer. 


  • Easy wifi setup
  • Printing, copying, scanning
  • High-quality photo printing
  • High resolution
  • Time-saving
  • Best scanning resolution

How to connect canon printer to wifi?

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If you are searching for a method, how to connect canon printer to wifi on your device, your search is over here. So, how to connect canon printer to wifi? Below we will discuss this in detail. It is essential to realize that Canon printers are referred to as the best quality printers. Because of its high-quality photo printing, Canon is one of the most trusted brands in printers. Although connecting a printer to wifi is an effortless and straightforward task, we have mentioned every step in brief.

Wireless setup- Canon printer 

For the wireless setup of Canon printers, here are a few instructions. The wireless setup allows you to connect your mobile phones or windows to a printer. Moreover, if the wifi connection is enabled, you can take advantage of document printing from anywhere in your home or office. And if you have a saved file on your device, you can choose the file and print it. 

So how to connect canon printer to wifi? So, the first thing to do is to download, Canon printing app on your mobile device. Then, to connect, press on the wifi option on your printer. Then, enter all the details, including the password and name, the process will start and be connected to the printer.

Techniques- how to connect canon printer to wifi?

There are mainly two ways to connect printers to wifi, the first is the WPS method, and the second one is the Standard connection. You can choose any one of the methods according to your convenience. Firstly, ensure that your canon printer is compatible with the wireless setup. 

WPS Method

This method is primarily used when you want to connect Mac and Windows operating systems to wifi. The printer has a WPS push button; press that button. Then, check the wifi settings in your Windows or Mac device, enable WEP network security. We have mentioned the steps below how to connect a canon printer to wifi:

  • Switch on your canon printer, press the wifi button.
  • It will help if you hold the button until the light is turned on.
  • Wait for 2 minutes, and now the WPS push button needs to be pressed. 
  • It will search for the network connection; the wifi light will turn on blue. The wifi is set up and is ready to use.
  • To be sure of the connectivity, print pages from the printer.
  • Print the sheets and check whether the printer is working efficiently.

So, the printer is set up for your device. You can print anything from your device, for example, documents, sheets, assignments, emails etc. 

Standard connection method- How to connect canon printer to wifi?

If there is no WPS feature in the router, you can use the standard connection method for connecting a printer to your device. We have mentioned below the steps to know how to connect canon printer to wifi:

Here are some initial preparations you need to do before connecting the printer to wifi.

  • Switch on the Canon printer.
  • It should be properly connected for the setup.
  • For a wired connection, an Ethernet cable is needed.
  • Check if the drivers are installed in your system.

Network settings

Coupled with the initial preparations, you need to ensure the network settings also. It won’t be easy to connect without a network. Connection. Here are the network settings mentioned:

  1. Connect your system with the printer for network settings.
  2. Load papers in the input tray.
  3. Press & hold the resume button for a few seconds.
  4. Select the name of the network.

How to connect canon printer to wifi?- Windows operating system setup

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For executing the windows setup, you need to follow the below-provided instructions:

  1. Open the settings from the start menu.
  2. From the settings window, choose Devices.
  3. And click on the printers and scanners option. 
  4. Now you can add the canon printer you are using to the list. 

After performing all these steps, the wifi is set up on your device. Thus, you can start printing your documents from Your Windows device. 

How to connect canon printer to wifi?- Mac operating system setup

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For individuals using Mac operating system, we have provided the following instructions:

  1. First, choose the System Preferences.
  2. Select the Printers and Scanners option from System Preferences.
  3. Click on the + symbol, add your printer.
  4. Now, you can select the canon printer you are using and add it to the list of printers.
  5. After all the above steps, try to print papers and check if your Mac device is connected to the printer or not.

After all these instructions, you will be able to print everything from your Mac device.


On the whole, the users who have chosen a canon printer can follow all the instructions given above. And can quickly learn how to connect canon printer to wifi. However, if you still face any trouble connecting wireless setup, you may contact canon customer service. They will help you sort out your every problem regarding the setup. Thank you!


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