How to connect Apple Pencil to iPad? A complete Guide to Follow!!

Apple Products have always been designed to provide the best features available to the users. Moreover, the Apple Pencil has been designed to ease the user’s work. Here we will understand how to connect Apple Pencil to iPad.

With the Apple Pencil, you can now use your iPad Pro as if you’re drafting a paper on Microsoft Word or handwritten notes. Moreover, What’s super cool about using an iPad is that the tablet can be used on almost any surface. 

Furthermore, the Apple Pencil works like magic regardless of your working surface. No rebooting is required. Clearly, It’s so simple to set up and sync with your iPad that you can get creative (or work) almost immediately.

Although it’s not the most likely of accessories, the Apple Pencil is a helpful tool and an excellent stylus. Moreover, This is mainly because it has a magnetic tip that connects and

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charges quickly to your iPad Pro. Furthermore, Use it for your artwork, annotate docs, or use it just for writing down notes. 

It’s also compatible with other iPads and features a sensor that can sense force and tilt without making you connect it to your device. Moreover, The tip is also pressure-sensitive to a degree where an increased amount of press will result in darker colors on the canvas.

The Apple Pencil doesn’t require pairing with an iPad or charging frequently. Moreover, Its battery charges wirelessly. Clearly, This means you can charge it via a Lightning port you would use to charge your iPhone or iPad, and you’ll never run out of juice while using it. So, learning how to connect Apple Pencil to Ipad will be fun.

Types of Apple Pencils

Should you finally purchase one of the coveted Apple Pencils or not? The answer: yes, if you are an ardent Apple lover and intend to use the pencil for sketching and drawing. Moreover, The Apple Pencil is a stylus created by Apple Inc. to allow users to draw or take notes with the iPad Pro. Furthermore, Made of aluminum, it has sensors, and a small motor inside that detects its orientation and different pressure levels with more precision than a person can achieve with their fingers.

  • Apple Pencil 1st Gen: 

The first gen of the Apple Pencil has been available for $99 and works well for users. Moreover, the advantages available in it make it compatible for the users. Furthermore, this pencil can draw the things that you, the user, want.

However, before buying the 1st Gen Pencil, the user can see the compatible devices. These devices are 

  • The iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st and 2nd Gen)
  • 5th Gen iPad Mini 
  • 9.7 inch iPad Pro
  • (6th Gen and later) iPad
  • 10.5-inch iPad Pro 
  • (3rd Gen) iPad Air

The Apple Pencil draws power from the tablet, so it doesn’t need to store a charge in its internal battery, making it more similar to a real-life pencil.

  • Apple Pencil 2nd Gen

The 2nd Gen Apple Pencil has been launched recently and has a hexagonal shape. Furthermore, it gives a feeling of holding an actual pen and working from it. Moreover, the price of the 2nd Gen Apple Pen is $129.

However, before buying the 2nd Gen Pencil, the user can see the compatible devices. These devices are 

  • First is iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd Gen and later)
  • Second is iPad Mini (6th Gen)
  • Third is iPad Pro 11-inch (1st Gen and later)
  • Fourth is iPad Air (4th Gen and later)

Moreover, unlike most styluses that tend to be battery-powered, the Apple Pencil draws power from your iPad, so no batteries are required!

Features of Apple Pencils

If there’s one expensive gadget you must own, it is none other than the Apple Pencil. Inspired by creators and crafted for everyone, this svelte accessory affords you a smooth, responsive, and intuitive experience on the iPad Pro. 

  • Moreover, Also known as a stylus in some markets, it is a sleek, attractive device which pairs wirelessly with the iPad to offer you an excellent drawing, writing, and sketching experience. 
  • Furthermore, before you rush to buy the Apple Pencil online or get one bundled with an iPad purchase, ensure you know how to connect your iPad and Apple pencil correctly. 
  • However, Connecting an Apple Pencil, especially if you have ordered it online, is rarely straightforward as users often face several problems regarding its pairing. The Apple Pencil is a tool similar to a pencil or pen. 
  • Clearly, You can carry it around and pick it up to begin sketching or writing. Moreover, The Apple Pencil is also compatible with iPad Pro 10.5-inch models, meaning that you can take notes, sketch out ideas. 
  • Moreover, It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist or a designer, or just someone who likes to create things digitally. Clearly, The Apple Pencil is sure to grab your attention. 

But then, this device may be little more than a pen with a battery and some wire coils inside. Moreover, If you are someone who is yet to use it yourself or hasn’t even used an iPad Pro before, setting up the Apple Pencil can quickly become a nightmare. Furthermore, Whether you’re unpacking the Apple Pencil for the first time or setting it up with a new iPad, there are a few different ways you can go about it.

How to connect Apple Pencil to iPad: Connecting Apple Pencil (1st Gen)

The 1st Gen Apple Pencil has been designed to make the work easier for the users. Moreover, the 1st Gen Pencil will make sure that the user gets the benefit of it. Furthermore, The accessories have always been an important part of iPad. And Apple keeps on the tradition by giving you the ultimate tool to sketch and write on your iPad’s screen: Apple Pencil. 

How to connect Apple pencil to iPad

To connect the 1st Gen Apple Pencil, follow these steps:

  1. The Apple Pencil will have a lightning port that is responsible for connecting. The port is present on the opposite side of the tip of the pencil and it should be opened gently.
  2. Now, get the Apple Pencil into the lightning port to start the connection process.
  3. After this, keep the Bluetooth enabled on the device from where do you want to connect and then it will be there for the Apple Pencil.
  4. A “Bluetooth Pairing Request” will appear on the device after few second and make sure you accept it. Finally, it will be connected.

The Apple Pencil has many applications. Moreover, You can use it to create pictures, edit documents, play games, and more. Furthermore, The device is easy to use – simply put it on the screen and begin drawing or writing. Clearly, With this simple way to express your thoughts and feelings, you’ll never want to stop working with your iPad Pro.

How to connect Apple Pencil to iPad: Connecting Apple Pencil (2nd Gen)

If you’re wondering how to connect the Apple Pencil second generation (AP2) with your iPad, you’ve come to the right place. Moreover, We’ll cover everything you need to know, including why you might want to connect an Apple Pencil and how to do so if you’re using a compatible iPad.

  1. The first step of how to connect Apple Pencil to iPad is holding the iPad in the portrait mode.
  2. At the side of the iPad, the user needs to connect the Apple Pencil through the magnetic connector.
  3. A dialogue box with “Bluetooth Connection Request” will appear and the user needs to click it to get paired.

You’ll need to use a lot of trial and error to get used to this device, because everyone has been using a finger for years. Moreover, The Apple Pencil appears on your iPad screen when it is on and when you want to charge it up, plug it into the lightning port at the bottom of your iPad.

What to do is Apple Pencil fails to connect with the iPad

Rechargeable, wireless and water resistant, the Apple Pencil is the ultimate tool for creative types. Moreover, if you’re an Apple fan, it’s pretty much a must-have accessory for your iPad Pro, especially now it’s even better. 

  • Furthermore, The Apple Pencil (1st Generation) was re-designed this year with a new, narrower design that feels more balanced compared to last year’s model. 
  • But underneath the hood, it boasts new smarts that make this pencil so much more than just a stylus for your tablet device.
  • If the Pencil fails to connect, then try using the option “Forget Devce” so as to again start the connecting process.
  • The second-generation Apple Pencil is not only sleeker in design, but it also boasts the ability to connect with additional apps, giving us a broader range of working potentials. 
  • Moreover, In ways, the Apple Pencil has opened up new doors leading on to even more possibilities for digital artistry.
  • The natural haptic response of your hand using the Apple Pencil works much better than the normal touch screen touchscreen stylus. Moreover, Writing is now more like writing on paper, with a pencil. It’s both convenient and fun to write an essay like this.

The Apple Pencil is a stylus for the iPad Pro. Furthermore, This one-of-a-kind accessory allows you to draw thin or thick lines, depending on your preference. Moreover, You have the option to rest your palm comfortably on the screen while using this stylus. Clearly, The Apple Pencil with its extreme accuracy, responsiveness and pressure sensitivity, drawing on an iPad has never been easier.

How to connect Apple pencil to an iPad

Wrapping Up

The Apple Pencil (1st Gen) and Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) write smoothly and, in most cases, are a pleasure to use. Moreover, The stylus has helped numerous users take their iPad or iPad Pro to the next level in everyday tasks. For one thing, users have found that the Apple Pencil (1st Gen) and the Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) are very accurate. And in hitting small targets, giving these devices the ability to showcase their potential in productivity environments. Typically, people who buy the Apple Pencil (1st Gen). And the Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) do so so they can sketch and create designs on their iPad.

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