Best 11 Funny Ways To Wrap a Gift For Your Loved Ones

funny ways to wrap a gift

So, you are planning to give a gift to your loved one and looking for ways to make it interesting, right? Well, if yes, you are at the right place because here we will provide you with some of the best funny ways to wrap a gift that you can use on your friend, girlfriend, wife, or even kids.

All of these methods will help you stand out from others and will give your gift a personal touch. Let’s begin with the list.

Top 11 Funny Ways To Wrap a Gift

Here’s a complete list of the finest 11 funny ways to wrap a gift to tease the receiver in a friendly and sarcastic way. 

1. Utilize a Lot Of Tape

When wrapping a gift, use the tape excessively so that opening the gift becomes a laborious task. A sarcastic situation will arise and everyone will laugh a lot as it requires the receiver to go the extra mile to get the present.

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You can also use heavy-duty tape as it will make it more hard for them to unravel the gift, while triggering their patience level, strength, and determination to get the gift.

But please keep in mind that this method can be time consuming and may require you to put some extra effort into wrapping the gift.

2. Do a Fun Experiment

While wrapping the gift, try putting a sticky note on it and write a funny message for your friend. It will give a personal touch to your gift and will also make your friend laugh. 

funny ways to wrap a gift
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For example, you can write something like this: “To my favorite man/girl who I love to irritate.” Be creative and think for a moment about a line that the receiver will find funny. 

Apart from that, you can attach playful accessories like googly eyes or make something of your own if you have any ideas. Just ensure to personalize it in a way that connects with the receiver and gives a sarcastic feel. 

3. Use an Unusual Wrapping Paper

In this method, you are required to ditch the regular wrapping paper and use an inappropriate one. It is one of the most fun ways to wrap a gift and give a great laugh to your loved one. 

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Let’s say today is your friend’s birthday. To give your gift a funny theme, you can wrap it in Christmas wrapping paper. If you want to go a step further, you can also use the wrapping paper of an unusual product. The receiver will surely laugh when they notice that weird wrapping paper.

You can also make the gift more personalized by creating a custom wrapping paper. For instance, take an awkward photo of your friend and order a customized roll of wrapping paper, as shown in the above image. 

4. Use Balloon

This one is for people planning to give small items to their friends. 

funny ways to wrap a gift
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Simply get some balloons, put your small-sized gifts inside, and begin inflating the balloons. Now, during the party, hand over the balloons and a pin to your friend and ask them to burst the balloon one by one to avail the gifts. 

Just imagine how funny circumstances would seem when your friend will have to burst the balloons to get their gifts.

5. Put Your Gift In The Box Of Luxurious Item

Get a box of luxury items and place your low-priced gift in it. It will deceive as well as excite the receiver because they will think you have brought a costly and precious item for them. But, as they will open it – boom! A sarcastic surprise. 

The Box Of Luxurious Item
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Now, remember that there’s not any strict rule when it comes to choosing a box of luxurious items. It can be anything from a television box, the latest version of the PlayStation, or a jewelry brand. 

6. Use a Cling Foil 

Cling Foil is another one of the funny ways to wrap a gift. You and your friends will have a great laugh together while the recipient struggles to unwrap the gift.

funny ways to wrap a gift
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Keep in mind that the gift will be visible to your friend, but they will shove their elbows and try hard to avail it. 

7. Give The Gift In a Giant Box

Arrange a huge box that is much bigger than your actual gift. Keep your gift inside it and give it to your friend at the party. Make sure to pack the box attractively. It is one of the funniest pranks you can do with your friend.

Giant Box
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It will heighten their expectation – deceiving them into thinking that you have brought something huge. But, as soon as they open it, all of the expectations will shatter, leaving everyone laughing as the gift was relatively small.

8. Use Double Sided Tape

Yes, double sided tape can also serve as one of the means to wrap your gift funnily.  Buy one from a stationary shop and wrap it around your gift. As the receiver begins opening it, it will stick to their hands, leaving them troubled and struggling to avail the present. 

funny ways to wrap a gift
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9. Use Funny Bags

Many bags are available on online stores with humorous jokes printed on them, like the one shown in the below image. Order one as per your preferences, keep the gift in it, and give it to your friend during the party. They will surely laugh after reading the joke on the bag.

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10. Excessively Decorate Your Gift

This is another excellent way that you can use to give a funny theme to your gift. Buy a lot of ribbons and bows and use them on the gift while wrapping it. Just make sure to do it in a way that makes it difficult for them to open the gift. The struggle they will do to get the gift will surely leave everyone chuckling.

funny ways to wrap a gift
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11. Use The Newspaper Ads

If you have some newspapers at home, go through them and find the ads that you find funny. Cut that part of the newspaper and use it to wrap the gift. This method is best to use if you are planning to give a present to one of your friends. It is an easy and cost-friendly way to make your friend go ha-ha.

Newspaper Ads
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Wrapping your gift in a funny way is a phenomenal way to present your gift uniquely and differently. It won’t only make the recipient have a good laugh but also gives the gift a personalized touch while making them feel special on the occasion. 

So, choose any of the funny ways to wrap a gift that you find the most suitable and, surprise your loved one with an awesome and humorous present.

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