free conference call apps: 5 Best Free Calling Apps

free conference call apps

Are you looking for the best free online conference call apps for your meetings?

With the steady increase of remote employment, many companies rely heavily on phone calls, community video calls, and group team talks. There are many free and premium conference call apps on the market, but how do you choose the one that’s suitable for you?

free conference call apps
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This post will compare the best online conference call apps and tools to help you handle remote teams, boost connectivity, and extend your market.

Let’s first understand the basics of free conference call apps.

What Are conference Call Apps?

Conference calling apps are mobile or desktop applications that allow users to communicate with other users, landline devices, or phones through voice and videos.

Calling applications usually use Wi-Fi or cellular service to make calls. So the efficiency of the market depends on the Internet access or signal intensity of the customer.

Calling apps have been a common medium of communication since the 2000s, but they are far from ineffective. Just the reverse mobile calling applications are today more advanced than they have ever been and have grown into useful platforms for both companies and individuals. Many free conference call apps provide teleconferencing tools to make multiple call connections.

How to select the best free conference call app for you

To narrow down your selections, you need to understand what to look for when assessing complete satisfaction. 

free conference call apps
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Call Limits

The first thing you have to take care of is the call limitations on your considering plan. Both restrictions will apply to the number of users allowed in the conversation and the length of the call.

There are free deals that will limit you to only ten members and 40 minutes per conference call. However, other paying solutions offer you up to 1,000 participants with no need for length restrictions.

Choose a provider depending on what you need. If you have a small company with a couple of remote workers, you typically don’t have to pay for a conference call facility for a capacity of 250 attendees.

Call recordings

Another great benefit is the right to archive phone calls. Not all free service comes with that option.

Some services will capture the call and then compel you to save it locally on whatever computer you have. Others have cloud storage solutions that are dependent on the schedule.

Before you sign up for a contract, make sure you recognize any file sizes. Otherwise, you can be forced to update as you run out of space.

Video Conferencing options

You may not always need it, but we indeed suggest that you get a conference call service that provides high-quality footage.

This function will take your conferences to the next level. In contrast to video, specific platforms provide applications that maximize screen sharing and presentations.

These are essential to company partnerships with remote employees. Features like these will also make it easy for you to pitch and interact with any existing or prospective customers.

Customer support

Like any good or service in any marketplace, we always placed a lot of focus on customer care before we purchase something. If we have an important phone call and something terrible happens, we need to reach someone to resolve the matter immediately.

Such providers provide 24/7 support over the internet, while some only offer 24/7 support during working hours. There are affordable plans that require you to launch an online help ticket that won’t fix the problem right away.

If you cannot reach a customer support agent, the conference call service can have a robust information base for troubleshooting.

Free and Paid Functionality

Each conference call provider has additional features that make the solution look more enticing. Any of the popular ones include:

  • The International Calling feature
  • Live text chat
  • Reporting of calls
  • Integrating software (Slack, Salesforce, calendars, G Suite, etc.)
  • No toll-free number
  • Keep your songs
  • Custom greetings
  • Tools for presentation
  • Tools for Team Management
  • Android Apps

The list keeps moving on and on. Any of these functions will come with plans free of charge, and others will require updates or add-ons to get them.

Our Picks of the best free conference call apps

1. Zoom

free conference call apps
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Zoom is a very influential conference call provider providing both paid and free third – party services. If your business meetings are often one-on-one or appear to be less than 40 minutes apart, Zoom might be a perfect choice for you. One-to-one sessions are open and can take place for hours or days.

Community sessions are limited to 100 people and 40 minutes free of charge. If your meetings fall into one of these groups, you’re never going to have to spend a penny to run all your Zoom conferences.

Zoom helps you reach or launch a meeting from about anywhere in the world using a Mac, PC, or Linux machine, an Android or iOS handset, an H.323/SIP system, or a standard phone with a global dial-in toll-free number.

Video calls appear to be crisp; Zoom helps the meeting manager to lock the room, mute/unmute guests and capture the meeting smoothly from their admin panel during the call.

There are several countries where Zoom does not operate, but this is usually due to that region’s legislation.

Special Features

  • A simple implementation of WebRTC technologies
  • Access robust security technologies around the board
  • Built-in screen sharing software
  • HD recording and audio
  • Support up to 1 thousand video members and 49 videos
  • Securely meet account permissions dependent on responsibilities
  • Streamlined scheduling services for Outlook and Google
  • Recording and documents built-in
  • Team chat with all groups and one-on-one messages
  • Access to additional services such as webinars, talk, and phone

2. Skype

free conference call apps
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Skype is another right choice for foreign phone calls. It makes an unlimited number of total calls, with free phone calls for up to 10 members. If your company calls have more than ten attendees, you will need to switch to your company account’s Skype plan.

Skype offers audio and video calls, text messages, remote meetings, display and document sharing features, and updates on availability. Skype does not have conference numbering for attendees to dial in, but participants can access conference calls using free desktop or cell phone applications.

It is possible to buy a phone number via Skype. Still, that contact information would act like a regular phone number, not a free dial-in number for multiple-attended video conferences.

Special Features

  • Audio and HD video conferencing.
  • Intelligent messaging.
  • Sharing the computer.
  • Record conversations and live transcripts.
  • Call phones.
  • Personal talks

3. Google Hangouts

google hangouts
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Google Hangouts is a fantastic international video conference application for companies who operate smaller meetings or require large community chats.

It supports constant group chats of up to 150 members, including status notes, charts, pictures, videos, stickers, emojis, and animated GIFs.

Any talk can be turned into a free community VOIP call for up to 10 contacts, arranged randomly or seamlessly in Google Calendar.

There is no time limit for remote meetings going by Google Hangouts or Google Hangout Chrome plugins. Meeting hosts are enabled with all the regular free conference call functionality, such as the option to mute/unmute attendees, call logging, and smartphone applications to help you to attend the meeting on the go.

Special Features

  • Free voice conference for up to ten people.
  • It can be used on any device with an internet connection.
  • Gmail compatibility
  • It can also be integrated with other software

4. UberConference

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UberConference provides just two-thirds of services: free and charged. The free conference call option at UberConference is very typical, allowing as many 45-minute call meetings with up to ten members as you would like.

Screen and information sharing, call capture, and HD audio is included. UberConference has free cell phone applications that operate on both Android and Apple phones, making it easier for foreign members to access a free teleconference on their devices.

UberConference’s free conference call service requires meeting owners to force members to submit an authorization code to attend the meeting. If anybody attempts to interrupt the conference until it begins, they’ll be subjected to some pretty fantastic proprietary hold audio.

Special features

  • Offers screen sharing features
  • It has powerful call control features that allow you to silence background noise.
  • It’s got the functionality to dial-in the middle call of another user.
  • There is a smartphone app available for Apple and Android users.

5. Slack


Slack is a famous productivity and communications app for remote team members. It is equipped with a new audio/video call function that allows you to make a video conference without leaving the app.

Slack comes with functionalities for much famous productivity software that your squad may already be using as a team collaboration platform.

Special Features

  • User-friendly structure
  • Integrate with other tools
  • Easy, automatic data reminder
  • Supervisors of the task list
  • Collaborate with the positions
  • Advanced search capability
  • Custom shortcut keys and slash commands

Conclusion: the best free conference call apps of 2020

These are the five best free conference call applications.

These tools provide a different set of functionality for different user needs. 

If you want to make a short family call, it doesn’t get any better than Google hangouts. Skype is perfect that nearly everybody uses it, while Zoom and Uber’s conference apply business-level functionality to personal calls for free.

Suppose you’re a person, a start-up business, a big company, or an organization. In that case, you’ll find a high-quality conference call solution with all of the information you’ve seen in this article.


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