Fake Phone Number Generator App: How to use it? Is it safe? 


When it comes to communication with family and close friends, a fake phone number is something you don’t need. However, having to indulge in a conversation with a stranger online, official accounts are definitely not one of the ways to go. More often than not, strangers online are unpredictable. As a result, giving your real phone number to such a person can bring a certain amount of risk.

For example, constant texts from strangers on your real number WhatsApp account can drive you to the point of frustration. Not only this, but sharing real numbers on unknown online applications is also risky. What to do? Well! We have a perfect solution for you. Let’s take a glance.

Fake Phone Number
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You may have seen people using Fake Phone Number generating apps in various action and thriller movies. The famous Netflix documentary on Anna Delvy is one of the latest graphic examples of fake phone number works. In practicality, fake phone numbers are generally used by certain people to indulge in criminal activities telepathically. 

Please note that, in this reading, we do not promote the use of fake phone number generator apps for criminal purposes. If anyone in your knowledge is using a Fake phone number for cyber theft and other related activities, please report it to the nearest cyber crime station

This guide on how to generate and use a fake phone number is solely for the purpose of imparting clarity on the subject. Using a fake phone number to make pesky or threatening calls to any individual is entirely illegal. Do not use fake phone numbers for any criminal purposes. 

Wondering how to generate a fake phone number? Let’s see —

What is a Fake Phone Number?

To begin with, as the term “fake” suggests, a Fake Phone Number is a 10-digit phone number that does not exist in reality. In the 21st century, technology has improvised. Nowadays, fake phone numbers can be easily generated using applications and tools on web browsers. 

Back in the day, in order to use a number for a short period of time (like a day or a month), individuals used to purchase burner phones. Surprisingly enough, a Burner Phone costs no more than $50 at maximum. In general stores and gas stations, $10 burner phones are easily available for any form of emergency. In the USA and Canada, these phones are also called “Disposable” phones. 

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For the most part, fake phone numbers are today created using mobile applications or tools on search engines. It is also noteworthy that various websites create anywhere between 10 digits to 14 digits fake phone number, depending on the format of the phone number followed in your respective country. 

When it comes to receiving calls from fake phone numbers, there is no particular way to tell or examine the number. Thus, in the event that you receive an endless spree of calls from an unknown number, but it remains unreachable when you call back, it is probably “fake.”  

How to generate a Fake Phone Number Online? 

Whether you want to call someone without acknowledging your real number. Or, use a fake phone number of 14 digits or 10 digits in an emergency. You can do so online. It is a very straightforward and easy process. There are multiple apps online that allow you to generate fake mobile numbers. On the contrary, you can also go to search engines and search for fake mobile number tools. Here is how to do it —

  • Go to https://fauxid.com/tools/fake-phone-number (exemplary tool).
  • In the first section, choose the country code (for example, +91 for India). 
  • This tool has all country codes available from Afghanistan, USA, India, to Zimbabwe. 
  • In the next section, enter the fake mobile number format. Each country has its specific mobile number format. For example, for USA, mobile number format is — (country code ###) – (digital area code ###) – (mobile number #######). Thus, for the USA, the mobile number format is — 123 – 456 – 7891011. 
Fake Phone Number
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  • In the next step, please add the “Area code.” It is optional. You can leave it as well. For the USA, area codes usually begin with 8. For example, 800, 888, 877, etc. 
  • In the last section, select the number of fake mobile numbers you want to generate. On this tool, the minimum generatable fake mobile numbers are 10. 
  • After that, simply click on the “Generate phone numbers” option at the bottom.
  • A list of 10 fake phone numbers will appear on the right-hand side. 

Note: Please note that using the wrong format can cause errors. Further ahead, please use an area code (different from your current location) for effective use of fake phone numbers. It will protect other parties from locating you. 

How to use a fake phone number? 

To begin with, you must have learned now that it is quite easy to generate a fake mobile number online. However, for many users out there, it is still confusing how to use a fake phone number. Want to find out? Read ahead —

How to use a fake number to call someone? 

The concept of generating fake mobile numbers and using these numbers for different purposes are entirely distinct. For example, on any fake phone number search engine tool, you can generate a fake phone number. However, you will require to register this number. This can be done by using a call forwarding application on your mobile. 

For the most part, there are several methods to register your fake mobile number. Check out the methods provided below. You can use any of these methods based on accessibility —

#Method 1: How to use a fake mobile number to call by the “Forward call” feature? 

Forward call or forward number is a type of feature that allows the user to change the actual number. In this way, you can set up a fake phone number on the forward call setting. As a consequence, when you call someone, they will see a “fake number setup” in place of your real number. 

It is also crucial to note that, before setting a “Forward number,” you will have to generate a fake phone number. The reason is that there are billions of phone numbers out there. Thus, the potential of a fake number also being a real number exists. The fake phone number app or search engine tool will provide you with a list of fake numbers that do not actually exist in actuality. 

Fake Phone Number
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What’s next?

Now, let’s learn how to set up the fake mobile number in your forward call setting —

  • On your mobile, please go to the “Phone App (built-in).”
  • Click on the “… or more” option to view further alternatives here. 
  • Scroll down to the “Settings” option on your phone app.
  • Then, navigate to the option called “Call Forwarding.”
  • Now, among several options, select the “Always Forward” option.
  • Thereafter, whenever you call someone, the call will automatically forward. 

Note: It is also pivotal to note that your fake phone number must be registered and verified on any forwarding website or mobile application. Such tools are widely available on Google Store and App Store (for iOS). 

#Method 2: Use a Fake Phone Number to call someone via Burner App

Burner App is one of the most convenient mobile applications to activate and use fake phone numbers. You can use this application to call someone via a fake mobile number. Here is how to use the burner App —

  • Download & Install the Burner App on your Mobile. 
  • Login to the App using email or mobile number. 
  • Next, please set up a fake number. You can give a fake number title. For example — Dating Fake Number. 
  • Now, go to the “Call” option in the burner app.
  • Here, select the {title) number/fake number you want to use. 
  • A phone keypad will appear on the screen.
  • Dial the number of people you desire to call. 
  • Click on the “Call icon” below.
  • A warning will appear on the screen.
  • Click on the “Call icon” once again.
  • As a result, a call will be placed. 
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Note: The burner Call App is not available in many countries currently. Thus, you can use other apps valid in your country for such purposes. Again, it is important to note that using Burner App or Fake Mobile number App for illegal or criminal purposes is not supported. 

How to use a fake mobile number for verification on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps? 

According to the research, there is a possibility that not all fake mobile number apps or tools will allow verification on social media. Due to strict privacy policies and terms & conditions, we strongly recommend you create social media accounts using your actual number. 

Receive SMS is one of the most effective search engine tools for fake phone numbers for verification on social media. Here is a brief guide on how to use it —

  • Go to https://receive-smss.com on your laptop (we recommend using a PC if you are creating social media accounts on mobile for convenience).
  • On this website, please scroll down to find a phone number based on your country. 
  • Click on the country number. 
  • Now, enter this mobile number on the social media app for verification. 
  • Then, go to the website, and tap on the “Update Message” option.
  • As a result, the “OTP” list will upgrade.
  • Check the OTP updated seconds ago on the website.
  • Enter this OTP on your social media for verification.
  • Your account will be verified. 

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Disclaimer: Receive SMS fake number verification tool thousands of users use daily. Thus, it carries a countable amount of risk when it comes to cybercrimes and databases (or use VPN). Henceforth, we highly recommend you not verify significant accounts with fake numbers. For example, do not put the fake number in the following situations —

  • Verification of bank account. 
  • Credit or Debit Card SMS service. 
  • Any Mobile Application for money transfer.
  • Official social media accounts
  • Workplace social media accounts

How to tell if someone is using a Fake Phone Number to call you?

When it comes to using a Fake Mobile Number for first-hand use, you can do it. However, the availability of fake phone number technology also comes with a few disadvantages. For example, someone can call you without your knowledge using a fake number. In this case, you are at a disadvantage. You can fall victim to hideous pranks, criminal activities, abusive calls, and more. 

Therefore, it is highly progressive for today’s Smartphone users to learn how to differentiate between a fake number and a real one. Check out the following methods on how to tell if someone is calling you from a fake phone number —

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  • Download & Install a fake phone number detector application on your smartphone. As a result, if a fake phone number call pops up on your screen, it will send a notification regarding the same. Hence, you can or cannot take the call. 
  • Call on the fake phone number back. In the event that the call disconnects automatically without any reason, it means the number is fake. 
  • Last but not least, fake phone numbers are generally not assigned to any user. Thus, you can copy and paste the number in “number identity apps” like Truecaller. If the number is unassigned, it means it is fake. Although, this method is unreliable because an unassigned phone number is a possibility for many reasons. 

Is using a hoax mobile number part of Spoofing? Is it illegal? 

To begin with, we would like to inform you that fake phone numbers are a part of Spoofing. Presuming that you are using a fake mobile number for criminal reasons can lead to jail time and countable compensation to the Government. On the contrary, using fake phone numbers for purposes like pranks (clean ones) is not illegal. 

FCC is one of the mainstream organizations that set up guidelines on Spoofing in the country. You can check these guidelines online to find out if your purpose of using a fake mobile number is legal or illegal. 

On this website, we do not promote any form of cyber theft, cyber criminal activities, and others by the use of fake mobile numbers. This reading is only for obtaining information. Please use a fake phone number at your own risk. 


We hope that you have well-understood the concept of fake phone numbers and how to use them. Please note that all the information is verified and practically applied. For more information on similar concepts, bookmark us. Get daily updates. Thank you.

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