What are Samsung Push Services? A perfect guide to understanding!!

You might have heard about the Samsung Push services. It is an official application that Samsung has launched. This application is pre-installed in all Samsung devices manufactured by the company. It comes with many uses for Samsung users. If the application is unavailable on your Samsung device, you need not worry. You can even download this application, which is available on the Google Play Store. Therefore, you guide the same and start using it right away. Samsung Push Services is way too small in size but provides many features to its users.

Many people would think about what would be the uses of this application. As the name suggests, Samsung Push services will provide push notifications. The users must note one thing all the instructions which have been provided in this article may not be the same for all Samsung devices. As the processors and other aspects change, different Samsung devices might have different ways in which the users can download or use the Service. Here we will be guiding you about the different things that Samsung Push services do for you and how you can benefit from the same. 

What is Samsung Push Service, and how does it work?
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Uses of Samsung Push Services

Now, we will be looking at the uses of the Samsung Push service. There are multiple ways in which the users would be able to make use of the same. You all are well aware of the fact that there are many applications downloaded on our Samsung devices. So, it becomes difficult for the users to note the notifications they receive from those applications. Here’s when the Samsung Push service steps in to help all the users. This application provides the users with the Push notifications of all the Samsung applications.

When any of the Samsung applications would have an important notification, the Samsung Push service would notify you about the same. Therefore, all the notifications would be grouped under one application. And the users need not worry that they need to check different applications for different notifications. The Samsung Push Service is enough to take care of them all. It would provide the users with all the important notifications from the different Samsung applications. So, it is also a one-stop solution for different applications.

What is Samsung Push Service, and how does it work?
Credit: Lifewire

What are Push notifications?

Many users do not have any idea about Push notifications. If you also do not know what a Push notification is, then we are here to inform you. Push notification occurs on the top of the screen when the application is not opened. So, the users would be able to get important pop-up notifications which would help them know about the things the application wants to inform them. These notifications would occur on the top of your screen’s display. Along with that, the notifications would be placed in your notification bar with a text-based message. This message will inform the users about the information which the application wants to inform them.

Now, if you want to enable the service on your device, you can do the same very easily. The process for the same is way too simple and the same for all Samsung devices. Therefore, you need not search for tutorials for different Samsung phones as all the phones have the same process. The users just have to browse through the Settings available on their device, and they would be able to enable the same instantly. We will guide you in detail about the process to enable the same.

Enabling Samsung Push Services

Let us now look at the process through which you can enable the Samsung Push Services on your device. Not only would you be able to enable the same, but you can also customize the notifications the application would display.

 First, the users must head towards the Settings application available on their devices. There they would be able to browse through the Apps which are available on their device. But the users must note that all the devices do not show the system applications available. Some devices have a different option available to check for the system apps.

So, the users would have to check which of these methods would work for their devices. If they can get the Samsung Push Services on the applications section, they can make changes to the same. If not, they can even click on the three dots in the top corner and then click on the option named Show system apps. 

Then the users would be able to customize the notifications shown by the application to them. The customization for the same can be easily made by clicking on the Notification and Permissions section.

Why do people not use Samsung Push Services?

Several Samsung users prefer that they do not make use of Samsung Push Services. We all are aware that Samsung is among the top smartphone manufacturing companies all over the world. Every year the company releases the phones which are the best and has even started competing against the Apple iPhone these days. But there are some reasons why people have decided to shift from Samsung devices to other brand devices.

The primary cause behind the same is that many phones already have Samsung Push Services installed. This application is pre-installed in most of the devices manufactured by the company. Due to this reason, many users even experience storage issues, and they start shifting to other devices. This has even led to the failure of the Samsung gadget in the market. But the developers need to ensure that they bring the changes to their new devices at a rapid speed which they have maintained.

Samsung Push Services: Negative impacts on the Devices

Yes, you heard it right. Samsung Push Services even hurt the devices. It is not necessary that the impacts would be the same on all the devices as they are way too different from each other. First, many users have reported facing repeated advertisements through Samsung Push Services. Due to this reason, it is becoming difficult for them to access their device and complete their work. Along with that, it has also been why it has low reviews on the Google Play Store. Many users have even reported that the Samsung Push Services is taking up a lot of space on their devices.

Due to this reason, they even face lag issues which have increased a lot. There was a report given out by Avast during the year 2017. In that report, it has been concluded that Samsung Push Services is affecting the batteries of a few Samsung devices.

The usage of this application leads to a battery drain experienced by Samsung users on a large scale. Many users are even looking forward to ways through which they would be able to disable the Samsung Push Services on their devices. It has also been reported that users get spam notifications when they have not updated the application. This has irritated many users from the Samsung Push Services.

Guide to disabling Samsung Push Services

Many users even want to disable the Samsung Push Services. We know that it has multiple benefits, but there are some reasons why people have decided to stop using the same. Now we would be guiding the users on how they would be able to disable Samsung Push Services on their devices. But the users must note that they would not be able to receive important notifications from different Samsung applications anymore after they disable the Samsung Push Services.

As the users have enabled the Samsung Push Services, they need to follow the same process to disable the same. The users would first have to head towards the settings option, and then they would be able to check the application section. In the application section, they must browse themselves to the Samsung Push Services. Once they have reached the same, they will be able to find the notifications section available over there. When they click the same, it would be easy for them to click on of. The notifications would not be displayed from the application after that.


Samsung is among the leading smartphone producers all over the world. We all know that they have given their best efforts to provide the best smartphone features to the users. But it is even necessary for the developers to know about the drawbacks of the same. Samsung Push Services is the best example of the same. It had been designed by the developers to collect all the important notifications to one platform. But some drawbacks even led to the users switching their devices from Samsung to other company products.

So, the company must ensure that they bring out some improvements to the Samsung Push Services. If they can complete the same, no problem would be able to stop this application from rising again. It has multiple benefits, but the drawbacks stop users from using this application. As a result, people have even started to disable the application notifications on their devices.

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