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English to Urdu dictionary

Many people around the globe have developed an interest in learning different languages. After all, it is pretty interesting to learn new languages. If you are here to read the article, you might be interested in learning Urdu. However, it feels like a burden when you have to carry a dictionary in every corner. There are many English to Urdu dictionary applications. And you can access them on your mobile phone. Moreover, this article will let you know all the best applications and websites for translation. These can help you learn Urdu with ease. Below are listed some of the best English to Urdu dictionary app you need to know.

English to Urdu Dictionary- Top 8 applications

English to Urdu dictionary
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These 8 applications are easy to install on your android phones or iPhones. Further, these applications will comfort you anywhere in your home. And these provide conversion of every word of your choice. However, it helps you find the meaning of the most difficult words you don’t know. You can find all these applications on the Google Play store. On the whole, all these applications are reliable and easy to use. Moreover, you can download all applications for free. 

Oxford English to Urdu Dictionary

oxford dictionary
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The first application that adds to the list is ‘Oxford English to Urdu Dictionary’. Not only it is the most reliable but also a precise dictionary. This application is available for free on the Google Play store. It provides substantial coverage of words, idioms, and phrases. You can get all technical terms, definitions, etymology, and inflections. Moreover, it comes with a very easy to use interface. And you can easily Tap for translating the words and phrases. 


  • It contains above 85,000 entries. 
  • Accurate pronunciation
  • Grammatically precise
  • Contains Urdu Lexicography
  • Colourful themes
  • Camera and voice search

Moreover, if you get a premium version of this app, you can use it offline. You can access them without internet or a WiFi connection in this version. It also adds a feature of getting support if you face any issues related to the application. Also, you can enjoy searching on the app without annoying ads in the premium version. 

Speak and Translate Voice Translator & Interpreter

The next application in the list is, ‘Speak and Translate Voice Translator & Interpreter’. It is a free Voice Translator and Dictionary for many languages. Speak and Translate is a dynamic application for users who require translating English into different languages. This app will help you in communicating in other regions of the world. Some of the major languages are Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Urdu, and Punjabi. French, Hindi, Bengali, German, Persian, Portuguese, and Arabic are also added to the list. You have to just write the word or phrase in the given space. And it will quickly get translated into any language of your choice.


  • Simple user interface
  • Free translation
  • Up to date
  • Accurate translations

Urdu Dictionary

Next comes ‘Urdu Dictionary’ that contains details about each word. It has more than 200,000 words. Moreover, the feature of searching words in both English and Urdu language makes it best. You can get the full meaning of the most difficult words. You can translate synonyms, antonyms, sentences and much more. Also, this application is approved by Urdu Dictionary Board, Pakistan. Furthermore, it has an impressive feature of saving the words in your favourites. It let you share them with friends and social media. 


  • Detailed word definitions
  • More than 200,000 words are available.
  • Auto-suggestion
  • Very easy to use
  • It contains thousands of idioms too.
  • Few annoying ads

English to Urdu Dictionary

‘English to Urdu Dictionary’ is a free offline dictionary app that translates English to Urdu with Roman. This 100% free dictionary is embedded in Urdu font. It does not need an additional Urdu feature in your mobile phone. Specifically, it acts as a trainer with Roman translation support. As this is an offline dictionary, you can use it without an internet connection. Only to download this app, you need an internet or WiFi connection. It provides everything from definitions to synonyms and antonyms. Overall this application is best for those who are keen to learn Urdu. 

How to use?

  1. You can type any English word or phrase that you need to translate in the search box. 
  2. After that, it will display the meaning in the Urdu language. 
  3. Also, you can search for any Urdu word that you want to convert into English.


  • English to Urdu translation with Roman
  • Favourites and Bookmarks for further reference
  • User-friendly layout
  • Both English and Urdu keyboards
  • Test to learn words
  • Up to date
  • More than 300,000 words 

Google Translate

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Google Translate is another app to translate many languages. It is one of the best applications used for translations. With more than 108 languages, Google Translate is the best option to learn any language. Below are mentioned some features of this application:

  • Tap to Translate: You can translate words into any language just by typing the word. And tapping on the Google Translate icon will instantly translate it. 
  • Offline: You can translate into 59 languages in offline mode.
  • Camera translation: It can translate into 94 languages by pointing the word in the camera.
  • Handwriting: This is an exciting feature that you can draw text letters instead of typing them. You can do it for 96 languages.
  • Transcribe: It can continuously translate the spoken sentences in real-time. You can do it for 8 languages.

English Urdu Dictionary

The next app for translation is ‘English Urdu Dictionary’. This app helps you to translate English to Urdu and vice-versa. This app also comes with a feature of sharing. It means that you can copy words directly from the browser by the option of sharing. You can do this by sharing from other applications too. When you click on share, it will show you ‘English Urdu dictionary’. And after choosing it you can see the translation without typing the word. Auto-suggestion helps you not write the entire term. It auto-suggests the word when you type the first 3 or 4 characters. Moreover, the Speech to text option enables you to type words or phrases faster. 


  • Offline mode dictionary
  • Urdu to English translation and vice-versa
  • Search from browser
  • Voice search
  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms
  • Backup and Restore
  • Auto-suggestion
  • Word game

iTranslate Translator & Dictionary

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iTranslate is the leading free app that is used to translate more than 100 languages. It can easily translate words and voice searches into 100 languages. This application has over 70 million downloads as well as more than 120,000 reviews. Therefore, this is the best-featured application on the Google Play Store. 


  • Free translations for 100 languages
  • An additional feature of listening translations in both male and female voices.
  • Favourites and backup
  • Also, it has a Lens feature; you can use a camera to point words
  • Offline translation for 40 languages

Fast English Urdu Translator App & Free Dictionary

Google Play store comes with another application for English to Urdu Dictionary. It is one of the best applications on the play store. Also, it is user friendly, and it is suitable for everyone, students and adults. It particularly comes with an extensive database. This database gives access to translate every word from English to Urdu. In addition to this, few annoying ads will help the app run smoothly.


  • Free download from Google Play Store
  • Text to Speech
  • Also translates sentences or phrases
  • Favourite words- You can add words to favourites to save them.
  • Both keyboards are available, English and Urdu
  • Free offline dictionary

Hence, these were some of the best applications for Urdu translation. You can download and use any of them according to your choice. While making a choice, you can read all the features mentioned above. All the applications are free to download.

English to Urdu Dictionary- Top 5 websites

In addition to all the above applications, some websites also translate English to Urdu. You can search these websites on any of the web browsers and can easily access them. Moreover, all the websites are user friendly. Below are the best 5 websites for your use:

  • Urdupoint- Best English to Urdu Dictionary
  • Lexilogos- Online Urdu Translation
  • Lingvanex- Online Translation
  • Urducube- English to Urdu Dictionary
  • Lexicool- Online English Urdu Translation

Therefore, if you do not want to download any application, you can access these websites. If you only want to search a word for a while, you can access websites. But if you want to learn Urdu languages, we recommend downloading applications.


  • How does the English to Urdu Dictionary work?

You can simply open the application or website. Then, type the word or sentence in the search box. After that, you must tap on the search icon, and you will get the results.

  • Is it free to translate?

Most applications provide a free translation. But some applications require subscriptions for more accurate results. In addition, some of the applications offer premium versions. Further, these versions come with additional features. It includes offline dictionaries, ad-free content and much more.

  • How accurate is the translation?

Besides being a machine language technology, every app guarantees accurate translation.

  • Is there any way to download this translation service?

Yes, you can download any of the applications mentioned above. And you can access a free dictionary. Some applications provide a free offline translation. In contrast, some require a premium subscription to this. 

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