The Top Benefits of Having Email Automation Workflows

Benefits of Email Automation

Email automation platforms are intelligent enough to figure out what message needs to be sent to whom and at what time. If you’re not sure whether or not you should use email automation workflows, consider its benefits. What follows are the top benefits you can get by implementing email automation workflows. 

Automating email marketing surely improves productivity. A survey found out that 69% of workers were of the opinion that automation could help reduce wasted time. If you just automate repetitive tasks, it could save you at least 6 hours a week and focus on higher-value business tasks such as customer relationship building. 

  • Improved customer retention 

Selling to an existing customer is easier than converting a prospective customer. With email automation, you have the ability to stay in touch with both existing potential customers. You can schedule your messages to keep your customers engaged while sending relevant messages to everybody in your subscribers’ list. Your customers are likely to stick around if you keep delivering them highly specific content that solves their problems. 

  • Personalized customer experience

There are two common situations businesses face when it comes to email marketing. First, they have the option to sit down and spend hours writing emails for every one of their prospects and customers. Second, they can create one email and send it to the entire subscribers’ list. The first approach isn’t right because you don’t have that much time to craft individual emails for everybody on your list. The second strategy doesn’t work because people are likely to mark you as spam or unsubscribe because you’re sending irrelevant messages that don’t resonate with their needs or preferences. 

Email automation workflows solve this problem by helping businesses send personalized emails to the right people and at the right time. On top of this, you don’t have to spend a lot of your time creating different campaigns. 

  • Better response rate 

The prime purpose of an email marketing campaign is to build relationships by having conversations. If people aren’t responding to your emails, you’re wasting your time and money. Email isn’t a one-way channel. It is designed to help you have two-way conversations, not just clicks. When you use an intelligent email automation system, it makes it easier to send valuable content in a timely manner, which ultimately leads to a better response rate. When done right,  automated email campaigns have the potential to produce a high response rate. 

  • Ability to quickly respond to your audience needs 

Needless to mention that your customers and prospects expect immediate responses. It’s not humanly possible to respond to hundreds of customer queries every day. Email automation workflows enable you to respond to your customers and prospects quickly without your intervention. You already have emails set up in your system for every situation. However, be sure to choose the right automation tool that fits your business needs. 

  • Scalable marketing strategy 

Your business is likely to grow down the road. What will happen if your email marketing processes fail to support your business growth? For example, will you be able to ensure effective communication if your customer base doubled or tripled? Email automation workflows align well with scalable marketing strategies. New customers automatically integrate into your system and receive automated emails based on their needs. If we take email marketing for insurance companies as an example, we’ve got innovative tools like PathwayPort that automate every aspect of email marketing by sending highly personalized, and highly relevant, cross-sell, upsell and billing reminder emails to each client. 


As an entrepreneur or business owner, your priority is to stay connected with your past, existing, and potential customers. Email automation workflows provide businesses with an opportunity to engage their customers at every stage of their buyer’s journey. You can use various email automation workflows such as welcome email workflow or customer satisfaction workflow to streamline your communication issues. 

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