Fixes For “cannot use import statement outside a module”

cannot use import statement outside a module

Javascript is a language that has steadily grown in popularity among programmers. Now, we are using it to create applications that can run entirely on the browser. But it takes work to maintain big applications. However, sometimes we get an error called “cannot use import statement outside a module.” Luckily, it’s a common error among new javascript programmers. It happens when you use an import command while CommonJS is used. CommonJS only uses require statement, which gives us this error. You can also face this error when operating JavaScript on the client side. In this post, we will tell you how to solve this error quickly, so keep reading to find out.

Cannot use import statement outside a module: Why do We Get This Error?

If you got this error, these are the reasons why you got the error:

You will get this error if your node version is older than 13.2.0. So, update your node version. You might get this error if you use Node with incorrect package.json settings. Check your settings before starting the programming.

You will receive this error if your browser doesn’t support Es Modules. For this, always use the latest browser. Lastly, if your <script> tag didn’t specify the type correctly, you will get this error.

These are all the issues that can cause you the error cannot use import statement outside a module. Now, we will know the solution to fix it.

How To Fix cannot use import statement outside a module:

There are two ways to fix this error, one is a browser and the second one is in Nodejs. We will start with the Browser method first.

Fix in Bowser:

Most modern-day browsers support modules, but you must tell the browser to support them. But how to do it? You must use the <script> tag and tell the browser to use it as a module. To fix the error, you must add type= “module” in your script tag.

Example: <script type=”module” src=”./app.js”></script>

This feature is supported by the present version of all major browsers, excluding IE 11.

cannot use import statement outside a module
Credit: Bobbyhadz

Fix In Node.Js:

Node.js uses its default modules, so you must tell it that you are using modules by adding import and export statements. To fix the error, you need to edit your package.json file by adding “type”: “module” in your file. By adding this now, you will no longer get the error.


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  // …

  “type”: “module”,

  // …


These are the two ways to solve the error cannot use import statement outside a module. Sometimes you must put both import and require commands to load the module correctly. 


The error “cannot use import statement outside a module” is a common javascript error. However, New programmers will freak out by seeing this error, but it’s easy to solve. There are two ways, and we told you about both in detail. So, now you can quickly solve the error without any worry. Finally, tell us in the comments which is your favorite programming language.

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