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best to-do list app

Staying organized is one of the challenging things to do. It’s all right if you can’t keep a record of it all because many of us can’t do it either. That’s why we bring the best to-do list app. They can add some organization to a busy lifestyle and keep you from neglecting essential things. List apps also generally work great for shopping lists and periodic tasks like taking out the trash each week.

Those with a great consciousness probably don’t need anything like this. However, in a universe where multi-tasking is an important life skill, the best to-do list apps can help you manage everything in order. It is one of those applications that we’re recommending to everyone. There’s a bunch from which to choose, so here’s the best to make applications lists for Android and Ios.

There are many best to-do list apps out there, but some of them are easier than others. To help you distinguish the excellent ones from the others, we’ve compiled a list of Eight of the best resources to do below with brief explanations to help you find out what could be right for you.

best to-do list app
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Features of a great to-do list app?

The best to-do list apps should have the following features:

  • Many methods to arrange tasks: marks, charts, assignments, and deadlines.
  • Notifies you with self-imposed milestones.
  • Give tidy user interfaces so that you can do what you want.
  • Assign roles to several individuals to a consistent allocation of duties.
  • Sync between all the channels you use.
  • Linked to a timer to monitor time and save time.
  • Enable subtasks to be added to current activities.

How to select the best to-do list apps

best to do-list app
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There are several different online to-do lists apps, varying from the most common to the most detailed project management kit. There isn’t always one better solution, but there are many excellent solutions that appeal to different needs.

For instance, if you need a to-do list to keep records of your personal life, you’re not going to pick one with all the monitoring and time management resources that a small business needs. And large companies can need features that small businesses do not need, such as flexible applications, collaboration features, various communication platforms, and more.

There are also various choices at both the personal and company stage. Those who need visual reminders to help them remain focused should be searching for a solution that includes a visible to-do list, color-coded maps, or something in that vein. Business administrators may be searching for a solution that provides an online progress panel to keep accurate records of the project.

The best to-do list apps in 2020

1. Any. do is one of the most wonderfully built to-do list apps on this list. It provides all the tools you’d want in the to-do list application, including drag-and-drop, but there are a few aspects that make it stands out.

For example, the main differentiating factor is the moment”—a push message that you get every morning, reminding you to prepare your day. There are also a few other unique and exciting features, such as speech feedback and the option to shake the computer to clear the completed tasks.

It is compatible with the iPhone, but it can be used on the iPad and the mobile and desktop in complete sync. Lifehacker calls the app his favorite iPhone to-do app, but the people there agree it isn’t as straightforward or as comprehensive in terms of functionality as other applications. It also has a Browser extension with a four-star ranking and more than 2,000 stars.

♦ Major features:

  • Create and organize tasks, lists, and notifications in a single app
  • Syncs smoothly across all your systems
  • Add smart notifications
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  • It’s easy to use
  • exceptional functionality
  • task managements
  • in-built Calendar app for synchronization tasks
  • Available on different platforms


  • Lack of extensive reporting capabilities
  • Many beneficial characteristics can only be used for a paid version
  • Good for simple functions only

2. Tick tick 

TickTick is a too new player, but he has a lot of promise. Like several other apps on this list, you can introduce additional assignments, sub-tasks, set a deadline and personalized reminders, and share them with other users. You may also set recurrent to-do list items for each day, a certain number of days, a week a month, and so on.

The Pro edition has a fantastic calendar view where you’ll see what your to-do list looks like every day or every week and get ahead of the trend. You can drag tasks to adjust the order and move jobs to the calendar on the left side to set the closing date.

 In addition to its smartphone applications, TickTick also sells Windows and Mac desktop apps. This to-do method has a lovely GUI with a solid—and extensive collection.

Major features:

  • Set an automatic alert for all of the schedules
  • Start sharing lists, assign work to work with workmates.
    Continuous backup of data
  • Start receiving location-based updates on-the-go


  • Smart Module for Managing Projects
  • Drag and Drop simple function
  • User friendly functionality
  • Native time detecting, next to Pomodoro timer


  • Additional features are only accessible with a premium version
  • Cannot be incorporated with other task management system to streamline workflows

3. Todoist 

While Todoist has been there for a while, it has become influential in the last few decades. This tool has many great features that help you arrange activities by date, color-code them, and so on.

The free edition has less features than the free version of Wunderlist, but it’s still well built and user-friendly. You may apply due dates to these assignments, prioritize them using a color-coding scheme, categories them, and more. The premium account charges $29 a year, which requires push alerts, e-mail updates, marks, and filters.

Major features:

  • Create, coordinate and prioritize tasks;
  • Mark tasks, add deadlines, and color code
  • E-mail alerts and SMS alerts.


  • A massive library of project templates to get underway
  • Free edition is available
  • Efficient third-party incorporation of systems
  • Excellent features
  • Limited User Experience


  • Time logging is lacking
  • Lack of integrated project monitoring technologies

4. Trello

Trello is a simple-to-do list app that can help you schedule, log, and execute more activities. You can create infinite assignments, set status, give due dates, delegate work to team members, build task list objects, and allocate them to the project team individually.

The tool helps you to see activities in the grid, timeline, schedule, and Gantt view to help navigate workflows the way they work better for you. You can also click and drag tasks to adjust the order,​build jobs, sub-tasks, and plan them on a rotating basis with just a few clicks. 

Major features:

  • Develop cards that contain checklists, photos, attachments, and more
  • Drag and remove cards to other lists
  • Sync your cards to the primary calendar


  • Simple to use your program.
  • This is free! You will use it directly after you sign up for Trello.
  • Flexible Canban Board.
  • Interface Reactive.
  • Real-time alerts are extremely quick.
  • It’s quick to invite and add new users.


  • No internal schedule of activities
  • No progress update on
  • Can’t even write board papers or wiki, just a clear summary

5. Microsoft to-do 

In reality, Microsoft To-Do is a great to-do list app. It’s the same developers who did Wunderlist since Microsoft acquired the software a couple of years ago. The application will do many things, like syncing with your Windows desktop, notifications, repeated assignments, and the regular list items.

You also get the capabilities of cooperation with family or work partners. It’s had a chance for years, so we think it’s ready for prime time. 

Major features

  • Revised view today and week.
  • See the iOS app badge for your alerts.
  • Print the lists.
  • Change the way you add your tasks.
  • See your tasks more quickly.
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  • free of charge
  • Subtasks are working well.
  • My Day function”
  • Smart Add Widget to Android alerts


No automating of natural language
No tags, no flters, no smart lists.

6. Tasks

Tasks are one of the newer collections of apps to do. It features a beautiful UI, lots of customizations, and a good selection of features. Functionally, it functions like any other app listings. Only position assignments, apply due dates and notifications and accomplish things as appropriate. Any of the other features are several lists, a dark theme, and a primary interface.

It doesn’t have more standard features like uploading a list or cloud syncing. Not everybody, though, wants those features. It’s already a lot of active growth, so check out the Google Play Store and see what’s improved between now and when we refresh this list again.

Major features

  • Boundless lists, activities, sub-tasks
  • Start screen widget
  • Alarms and reminders


  • The perfect view of the Google calendar.
  • “Clear tasks completed” key.
  • Sub-Tasks


  • It’s slow growth.
  • No recurrent duties.

7. Omnifocus

Don’t let the pricing dissuade you: if you’re a mac or iOS user with lots of different projects and activities to track, and you’re searching for an app that amazingly organizes all of these things, then you’re going to want to try this out.

The new product of this app is OmniFocus 2. On your main screen, you’ll see a prediction rundown of your future to- do’s, as well as color-coded icons that remind you what priority needs to-a-glance. Whenever you hear of a new to-do list item or job, you can quickly enter it in your “Inbox,” before or after which you can add this item to a particular document, list, or context.

Major features:

  • Add acts so you don’t ever miss something
  • Add tags to items like place, people, energy level, and priority
  • Your information is the same with all your computers


  • User Interface Interacting
  • Efficient features of the GTD
  • Integrating the timetable
  • Place related warnings
  • it will help if you hide projects that reduce disruptions.


  • A Steep curve of literacy
  • For iOS and Mac apps only
  • Costly relative to other to-do list applications

8. Habitica

This one is for video game fans among us—or those interested in merely “implementing” their lives. Habitica is a custom-built app available that transforms your to-do list things and tasks into a medieval-themed position game.

You can level your profile as you win, gain money to purchase guns and armor, and kill enemies.

If you skip deadlines, your wellbeing will be hit, and your character will lose his or her development. You will categorize your successes in directories like “School & Career,” “Health & Wellness,” and more.

If you’re searching for a to-do list application that can help you develop healthy habits and boost you to check your to-do list, Habitica is the right choice for you.

Major features:

  • Monitor and maintain routines, everyday expectations, and lists of activities.
  • Simple to keep track of your success while you approach your most challenging activities.
  • Personalize Habitica to suit your personal targets


  • Gamifies the encouragement method
  • Quick but fascinating interface to the user


  • Occasional glitches and lags
  • No local time monitoring is possible
  • Offers fewer features for complicated task management

How the best to-do list app helps you?

best to-do list app
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Individuals and communities should use online to-do lists to keep track of the different facets of their lives. To-do lists are essential for companies when it comes to leadership skills, monitoring success, and improving productivity. In comparison, online to-do lists allow teams to take accountability for their activities without any need for micro-management.

if you use it for private or business use, an essential online to-do list will keep you focused and help you manage activities to not feel stressed.

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