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crypto Marketing Agencies

With all of the mathematical algorithms being created and used from anything from Search Engines like Google to super-fast computer hardware and software, all the way to cryptocurrencies, it is no wonder an entirely new industry has been popping up all over the internet.

One of these industries is dealing with how to market all of the new cryptocurrency companies starting up right now. Crypto is hot, and so are their algorithms. – If you are into Bitcoin you should check out if you are in the UK ‘TradeCoins’

But let’s face it, geeks like us aren’t always the best marketers. We are numbers people, not salesmen.

So what to do if you’re a programmer or a mathematical genius with a kick-ass product that no one knows about? Well, that’s one of the reasons I started Team Touch Droid, although I originally started this site thinking I’d specifically deal with only Droid related stuff, crypto has really peaked my imagination.


But I have created a quick list of sites that could potentially help you out if you need some crypto marketing help. Below is my list of the top ICO marketing agencies…


Market Me Good

What's in this article...

Not the best name in the world, but a very competent agency. The first thing you see on their site is “We are here to challenge the way things are done. We believe that good ideas deserve great exposure.”

One of my friends is using this company for the company he is working for and he said they really are pretty good. They have helped them get quite a few leads for a launch they’re doing, but he also said they’re quite expensive.

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So maybe not for the budget-conscious.


Foxtail Marketing

“The cryptocurrency market is becoming very crowded and very noisy. You need an agency partner that understands how to make your brand stand out.”

They are spot on with that statement. It’s amazing how fast this entirely new ecosystem has developed. And now that there are companies like Foxtail, you know there is both money in it, and that it will be around for a while.

So this is not a big list, but these are two companies that I believe are trustworthy and can help you fulfil your dream of creating and marketing a crypto of your very own.

If you have had some personal experience with a marketing company, drop me a message below and let me know if they were any good or not. Our readers would love more information on this.

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