10 Movies Like Dazed And Confused That You Must Watch

movies like dazed and confused

Dazed and Confused, released in 1993, is a coming-of-age film loved by millions and is known to be one of the iconic teen comedy films ever. If you are also a fan of it and want to know what are some movies like Dazed and Confused then fortunately, there are many movies available that are kind of similar to Dazed and Confused and here we will discuss the same. Keep reading to get some of the best recommendations.

Best Movies Like Dazed And Confused

When Dazed and Confused was released back in 1993, it didn’t receive that much appreciation from the audience. However, the tables have turned now, and the classic masterpiece film is currently being admired worldwide due to its amazing storyline and the comedic scenes. 

Let’s begin with the list of incredible ten movies that you should watch if you liked Dazed And Confused. 

1. Night Before The Exams (2006)

One of the finest movies like Dazed And Confused that you can watch is Night Before The Exams. The movie brings along a great storyline with various humorous scenes, while displaying the struggles that teenagers face before joining college.

Night Before The Exams (2006)
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The movie consists of groups of teenagers who become friends after one member from both groups becomes romantically involved with each other. As the group merges, they make the best of the summer season. But, the high school’s final exams are also near, which puts the teenagers in a chaotic environment as they begin to prepare for their final exams.

2. She’s All That (1999)

In this movie, a character gets dumped by his famous girlfriend and agrees to a bet to turn a dorky girl into the next prom Queen. As he begins to interact with that dorky girl, it turns out that both have started to develop feelings for each other. 

movies like dazed and confused
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Their fun-filled affair makes the movie interesting, and the couple‘s beautiful love story begins to radiate through the film, which you will definitely like.

3. Superbad (2007)

Superbad is a movie in which two senior high school students are soon joining college. The bond of this duo is unbreakable. The main aim of these two students is to lose their virginity before college begins. But it’s not that easy for them as they face a lot of hurdles during their quest. 

Superbad (2007)
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If you are looking for a movie with great comedy scenes, then Superbad is the movie you shouldn’t sleep on. It is extremely funny, and you will definitely have a good time watching it.

4. Everybody Wants Some (2016)

Everybody Wants Some is a movie based on various teenagers with competitive mindsets who are involved in parties and trying their best to get laid as soon as possible before the school begins.

movies like dazed and confused
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The movie is filled with teenagers indulging in partying and taking drugs and also a good amount of romantic scenes, which will give you similar feels like Dazed And Confused.

5. Can’t Hardly Wait (1998)

Can’t Hardly Wait focuses on graduating college students who have planned a get-together, which is expected to be wild. A nerdy teenager is also part of the party and has planned to propose to the most popular girl of the school. But, he is constantly bombarded by the problems due to the interference of other high schoolers.

Can't Hardly Wait (1998)
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Besides that, there are also many other stereotypical characters, making the party much more interesting.

6. I Love You, Beth Cooper (2009)

I Love You Beth Cooper is a movie, in which a nerdy valedictorian confesses his love to the school’s most popular and hottest girl during the graduation speech. What happens further is something interesting. The same girl visits him at night claiming to offer the most incredible night of his life.

movies like dazed and confused
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The movie is amazingly displayed with some lovely, romantic, funny scenes. You will surely like the movie as you see the high school loser getting a chance with the girl of his dreams and a group of teenagers supporting each other.

7. Friday (1995)

Friday’s movie is based on unemployed Craig, and his drug partner Smokey who owe money to a local dealer and strive to get it throughout the day. One of the things that you will notice in the movie is how much importance the makers have put on the weed culture. The movie has some amazing comedic scenes that will give you similar vibes to Dazed and Confused. 

Friday (1995)
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8. The Breakfast Club (1985)

This movie is based on teenage strangers who are forced to attend the weekend detention for some reason. As the movie develops, you will learn more about the life of every teenager, including from where they come from and why they behave in a certain way. 

movies like dazed and confused
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One of the main messages that the movie aims to convey is that people are more than what they are judged to be. The movie is of short duration and conveys the message to the viewers seamlessly. It might be slightly predictable, but it’s definitely a powerful and inspiring one.

9. American Pie (1999)

American Pie is focused on a few high school seniors who aim to lose their virginity before they graduate. The story line is amazing and acting is done perfectly by the actors.

American Pie (1999)
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The movie consists of various comedic scenes in which the students are literally going out of their way trying to lose their virginity. The movie was loved by the audience and that’s probably why the makers of the movie came up with so many sequels. 

10. The Edge Of Seventeen (2016)

The Edge Of Seventeen – last but not the least on the list of movies like Dazed and Confused. 

The movie is based on a seventeen-year-old girl who always felt left behind after the death of his father. Her best friend is also stolen by his brother. She has to face a lot of struggles growing up as she tries to do something meaningful with her life.

movies like dazed and confused
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The Edge of Seventeen is known to be a mature teen comedy-drama movie. That’s because the movie touches on serious topics like depression, isolation, and loneliness, along with some comedic scenes.


So, these were some of the best movies like Dazed and Confused, that you can watch to have some good time. Hop on to a platform where the movie you would like to watch is available, get some popcorn, and stream it at your fingertips. If you are planning to watch the movie with your friends, ensure to involve them when you are selecting the movie to make a better decision. 

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