Best tips when Google Maps is not Working

Google Maps has evolved into a useful and non-intrusive tool. If the software isn’t operating, it might create a variety of issues or even crash unexpectedly. You’ll need a quick cure to get back on track with your quest in these scenarios. There are a few alternatives for getting the Google Maps site up and running, fortunately. In this article, we’ll go over best tips when Google Maps is not  working on whichever device you’re using, as well as a brief history and benefits of Google Map.

What is Google Maps

Best tips when Google Maps is not Working
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Google Maps is a service of Google itself. Many types of services are provided in this service. Today, technology has increased so much that we do all the work online on our mobiles while sitting at home. Today more than half of our work is done on mobile. We can trace any path on mobile, and we can see any place in the world on mobile.

The Internet has helped this technology to move forward. Google has provided us with many types of services, out of which Google Maps is used the most.

Google’s navigation app, Google Maps, is quite helpful. Almost all smartphone users use this mobile app to find the best route. But the trouble increases when this mobile app starts not working again and again. If you are also facing this kind of problem, this news will come in handy. 

Who made a google map

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You can use it on your computer or mobile, and it is a web mapping service that Google develops. Based on the satellite, it makes a map of the world. Two brothers named Lars and Jens was created google maps in 2004. Used earlier the C++ programming language  in computer. 

After buying it, Google changed it to a web application. And in 2008, Google also launched its Android App.

In the vast majority of cases, Google Map might cease operating due to a bug in the program. As a result, it’s critical to start with the simplest option (updating the program) and work down to the more difficult things in settings.

We are going to tell you here some ways by which you will be able to fix the problem facing Google Maps.

Few ways when google maps is not working 

Check Location Service 

Best tips when Google Maps is not Working
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You should first check whether your Google Maps has location access and whether your device’s location service is turned on. If both these features are turned off, then Google Maps will not work. So give Google Maps access to the location and turn on the location feature. 

Clear Google Play Service Data and Cache if google maps in not working

Best tips when Google Maps is not Working
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If clearing the cache has not worked, then you should clear the cache and data of Google Play service. Due to this, Google Maps will not crash again and again and will start working properly. To clear the data and cache of Google Play service, follow these steps :-

Open your phone’s settings

Now go to Apps & Notifications

Clear it here by going to the storage and cache option

Clear data like this

After this Google Map will start working properly

For your information, let us tell you that your device becomes slow if cache data is stored in your phone as a temporary file will decrease the speed of your device. Sometimes the device also hangs. Because of this, sometimes even Google Maps does not work correctly. So always keep in mind that keep clearing the cache from time to time, and this will make Google Maps work properly. This is one of the best tips when google map not working.

Reinstall the google map if google map is not working 

Best tips when Google Maps is not Working
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You’ll have to deactivate and then restart the Google Maps app. This will restore all settings and app permissions to their original state, and should resolve any issues you’ve been having with Google Map.

Go to Google Play and type in “Google Maps.” Select the app’s name from the drop-down menu.


Select Uninstall from the app’s page.


Select Uninstall from the confirmation window.


Return to Google Play and search for “Google Maps,” then pick Install.


Relaunch Google Maps after installing it and should address all issues you were having with google maps at this point.

Update google maps app 

Sometimes Google Maps does not work properly due to lack of updates. In this case, definitely update Google Maps.

The compass should be re-calibrated if your google maps is not working 

Best tips when Google Maps is not Working
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Google Maps requires your accurate present location in order to provide excellent directions, and alignment of the Google navigation system is critical for this. Google maps are not able to work if  the compass is not calibrated. These simple steps will allow you to manually adjust the compass in Maps. 

  1. Open the Google Maps app and touch the Blue Dot that represents your actual state on your phone.
  2. Now, look for the “Calibrate Compass” option in the bottom left corner.
  3. Select this option and follow the on-screen directions to reset the compass.

What are the advantages of Google Map

There are many benefits of Google Map; let us now know what are its benefits one by one –

  • You can see any route with the help of Google Maps.
  • With this, you can watch any place anywhere in the world online from the comfort of your home.
  • Google Map works to show the right direction to the users.
  •  Through  Google Maps, you can easily reach any place.
  •  you can track anyplace online, and by tracking your location, we can see how far we are and how many Km is yet to travel, or how much time it will take.
  •  you can see your live position even while driving, where you are, which way is on the way, and which way you will have to short-cut.
  • With the help of Google Maps, you can easily find the location by typing the name of Bank, ATM, Railway Station, Airport, Hospital, School, College, etc.
  • Today you can use it even without the Internet. For this, the place where you want to see the map. You have to download the map first, then you can watch offline anytime.
  • With the help of Google Map, you can also get online cab booking and city bus information, etc.

Some other advantages

  • Today you can see history by removing it only through Google Map. Which routes have you ever traveled?
  • Friends, if your car breaks down, you can find out about any nearby service station through Google Map.
  • You can also learn about the gas station while driving with Google Maps.
  • Through Google Maps, you can see the traffic movement of any place in your city from your home. With the help of this, you can see how much traffic is there at which place and which way is empty. This will help you to drive and reach your place.

Through today’s post, you learned about Google Maps (What is Google Maps?) . their benefits, and through this post, we have also told you about some tricks when your Google maps is not working Hope you have got complete information about this post.

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