Google Docs Dark Mode Details and Other Amazing Features!

google docs dark mode

Google Docs Dark Mode and Other Incredible Features

Good news for all the people who are working on their laptops, Google Dark Mode is now up and available! Yes, you read that right! With the new update, Google has thrown in some incredible new features in which the dark mode is one of them! If you are a regular or an avid Google Doc user, you might be aware that the online notepad called docs had no theme called dark mode.

Even if you had a good theme for your computer or browser, you had no other option but to run the plain old theme in an online notepad by Google. Despite the old fundamental outlook, people love to work on google docs. The simple yet super-efficient feature of this online word feature is remarkable. Moreover, it comes with a super smooth interface that saves up tons of time of yours.

Lack of Awareness

Before we dig into the details about the dark mode and other hidden features, let us discuss the fundamental problem that people and google docs have. The main issue here is that despite having such extra features, people are using them. The only reason behind this is that they are not aware of this. Like this new Dark Mode, if the word won’t spread, people will have no clue about the new upgraded feature.

How to Turn On and Switch off the Dark Mode in Google Docs?

All the essential tools and settings are pretty simple to reach in Google docs. However, just like most of the significant changes, even this one lies in the setting as well. In order to toggle on the dark mode, you have to make sure that you have opened the google docs on your browser and your internet is working.

Once you are on the page, head straight to the google docs settings that you can find in the top right corner. In settings, look up for theme and then in theme, select dark mode. By doing so, you will enable the dark mode on the google docs that you are on right now. Moreover, now once it is saved, whenever you will choose to open the file, you will have it on.

To turn off the dark mode, you have to repeat the same steps that we mentioned above on google docs. Once the dark mode is deselected, you will be back to the primary and standard Google docs versions.

Top Unexplored Features of Google Docs 

Great for Teamwork

Since google docs is an online word document, it becomes way easier to share. Along with sharing, the editing between two or more parties become seamless, unlike in the offline document, where you have to send the word file back and forth. The online word file by Google can be easily shared and open for editing with just a few clicks! However, this is not the main feature that we want to talk about here. Here, we are talking about the ease of editing that comes with it. If you’re going to share the file and make it open for editing, you can use the suggestion feature as well. With the help of the suggestion feature, people can suggest some changes instead of editing them right away. This is an extremely handy feature, especially if you are working with a team!


Just like the suggestion feature of google docs, they have yet another amazing feature. This feature is also a great help for all the people who are sharing the document online. In the comment feature of Google Docs, you can add a comment with any shared document. Suppose, if you send a document for correction, the other party can add several comments in the different segments of the file. This can help you to take note of the other party and make the necessary changes.


Many times, when you are working on a long and complex piece of work, you lose track of it. We wish that there was a time machine so that we can see what the vital framing that we made earlier were. Unfortunately, as after the undo, you cannot keep track of your work. To solve this issue, Google doc has the revision feature. With this, now you can quickly go back and check out the entire working timeline. The revision that will be reflected on the revision bar also comes with the time information so that you can know at what time the changes were made! 

Format and Frame in Style!

Even if you want to window dress your document before sharing it, Google doc has your back! In the Doc segment on Google’s online services, you get loads and loads of formatting options. With these vast fonts, colours, text type, etc., you can do whatever you want with your word file! In addition, the formatting of the file can add a wonderful touch to your work. 

Autosave and Offline Work

Are you worried about using Google Docs because of your flimsy internet service? You shouldn’t be! Google Docs even have an outstanding solution for the users who have issues with the internet or want to use it offline as well. When you toggle on the offline mode in Google Docs, you access the file even without the internet. So now, you can efficiently work out the document even if there is no internet! However, the changes will only be updated once you are connected to the internet. Until then, you can continue to work and edit in the tremendous offline mode.

Personalize Your Files!

Whenever you open Google docs, you enter the page where the show you all the recent docs you have been working on or the docs that have been edited recently. However, not many users are aware of this but make the whole experience even more personalized and in order. You can add new folders to the homepage of Google Docs. With the folders, you can segregate the various documents that you have been working on. This can save up a lot of time and effort whenever you choose to work with google doc!

A Great Gift for the Researcher!

If you take up Google docs to work on your research, then you did the right thing! As we know, Google runs the world of research with the help of its vast and expansive database. What Google did was to merge the searching experience of Google into Google docs. This means that you can look up and research things right from Google Docs! This saves up a lot of time and effort for all the researchers or anyone who needs some help to complete the document. 

Say More, Type Less! 

Working on Google Docs without typing? Yes! This statement may seem a little crazy, but it is true! If there are any issues in typing, then Google has your back! All you will need to do for this is simply speak on the mic, and Google Docs will type it for you! You can activate the crazy feature from the settings. Along with immense convince, this is also a great deal for the people who are not able to type. 


With the various features and Dark Mode info, we are sure that you love Google Docs even more now! If you want to finish or work on some assignment, you can use the online notes service by Google, as it comes with a plethora of features and excellent safety and security! 

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