Flashlight on iphone is not working? Need not worry, follow the tips!! 

Flashlight on iphone is not working

If you are a new iOs user, you are probably learning to use the iphone. There are several problems that you have to face in the process. And probably the Flashlight on Iphone is not working, maybe one of them. Or, in the worst case, if you are already an iOs user and still unable to find the reason behind working properly, then read the entire article!!

Nowadays, very few carry torches with them when they go outside or use them in the house. As you all know, smartphone features have acquired the market for these items. However, sometimes we have to face problems with the smart functions, like the flashlight on the iphone is not working.

We are aware of the usage of the flashlight. It is one of the important features of our phone as whenever we want to locate shoes under the bed or we have to find keys, a flashlight comes to our mind first. Not only to locate things but also it helps whenever we are attending any concert we use the flashlight to illuminate that place and feel the music by heart. However, if they stop working unexpectedly, you need to solve the problem immediately. Don’t know where to start, follow the tips mentioned below!!

Flashlight on iPhone is not working: Tips to fix the bug.

Flashlight on iPhone is not working
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There might be several reasons why the flashlight is not working properly. Usually, this malfunction can be caused by a software glitch or bug. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot the bug and make it work smoothly.

Restart your Iphone 

You can fix many small technical issues like the flashlight not working by restarting the phone. This function restores the temporary function of the setting, which sometimes leads to the malfunctioning of the feature.

In a few seconds, you can restart your phone. However, the restart function depends on the apple model.

For iPhone X or later model 

To restart the later version or Iphone X

  1. Press the power button that is available on the side of the phone and simultaneously press one of the volume buttons. A slider will appear on the screen, and drag that slider.
  2. Wait until the iphone is completely powered off, and again press the power button to restart the iphone.

For iphone 8 or earlier versions of iOs

  1.  Hold the power button available on the top/side of the iphone and drag the slider that appears after pressing the power button.
  2. The phone will turn off. And to restart the phone, press the power button again and hold it until the Apple logo appears. It will start again normally.

Flashlight on iphone is not workingForcefully restart your iPhone Model.

Flashlight on iPhone is not working
Image Credit: Business Insider

Sometimes, it is necessary to do some things forcefully. Likewise, we used to study a day before our exams in college. But, in the end, when we pass, it is like winning a gold medal in an Olympics. It is a kind of achievement when we expect something else, and it happens otherwise on good terms. So, we can say that sometimes it is okay to do things forcefully even if you don’t want to. Likewise, in the iPhone case, try to restart the phone forcefully if needed. Different iPhone models have different and yet similar procedures to do the same. Read below to know more!!

Forceful restart procedure for iPhone 8, iPhone X, and 8 plus

  • The very first step involves the pressing and releasing of the volume up switch.
  • Now, it’s time to do the same with the volume down switch.
  • The last step is to hold the power switch, and you will see the Apple logo on your screen. Don’tDon’t worry. It will start smoothly. Now, check the flashlight to see if it is working normally.
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For iPhone models till 6s

The process is different. However, it also involves the usage of the power button,

  • Here, the first step is to hold the power switch.
  • Also, you have to press the home button.
  • Press both buttons simultaneously for at least 10-15 seconds. Or until you see apple’s logo on the screen.

For iPhone 7 Plus or 7

If you are facing the problem of “flashlight on iPhone is not working” in either 7plus or 7 models. Then, follow the steps below to restart the phone forcefully.

  • Crack the coconut by pressing and holding the power button of your phone
  • Now, do the same for the volume down button
  • Hold this button for a while until you see the Apple logo on the screen.


Flashlight on iPhone is not working: Charge your apple model 

Do you know, if flashlight on iPhone is not working, sometimes it is due to the low battery? If the battery is weak, the flashlight cannot work. Moreover, if the iPhone’s temperature is very cold or warm, then it also limits the function of the cell phone, which may also include the improper function of the flashlight. In that case, charge the mobile and try to normalize the phone’s temperature.

To charge your phone, you will have to follow these steps:

 1: First of all, connect your phone to the provided USB cable.

 2:  After that, connect the USB cable with the power bank or with the adapter and plug it into the wall’s switch.

3:  Leave the phone for a while on charging. Now, check again by switching it on. In case the flashlight on iPhone is not working, check the next section to know the reason behind it.

Shut down the camera from the background 

It is completely normal that the camera app is running in the background. This will happen if you used the camera recently, and even if you close the app, it runs in the background. Henceforth, remove the camera from the background running app as the camera uses the same light as a flashlight and takes over the control. To do so, follow the steps, or some of you might know the procedure for those who are unaware of the steps. Thus, it is like filling a glass of water to your knowledge. Therefore;

  •  For iPhone X or for later apple models, swipe up using your finger and hold the screen for a while. Now that you see the camera app swipe up to remove it from the list of background running apps.
  • However, for iPhone 8 or for earlier models, click twice on the home button and swipe up to shut off the camera.

Remove any kind of film or screen protector, or case from the flashlight.

Suppose you are obsessed with phone covers and change them quite frequently. Then, in case you have bought the iPhone cover that completely covers the iOS body and protects it from any kind of damage. Henceforth, it is possible that it also covered the flashlight and camera area. As a result, you will complain that the flashlight on your iPhone is not working properly. Moreover, if there is any kind of film or screen protector blocking the flashlight, then remove it immediately. And Voila!! It will start working again normally.

Examine the LED Flash via the control center in the settings

The procedure for checking the LED flash in different apple models varies. It’s like checking the best friend’s answers sheet. So, without any further delay. Let us understand the process.

For the apple model earlier than iPhone 8 or for iPhone 8 as well

If you have the iPhone mentioned above models and you face the “your flashlight in iPhone is not working” situation. Thus follow the steps:-

  • The very first step is swooshing up the control center from the bottom.
  • You will find the Flashlight handle on the lower left side of the screen. Tap on it
  • It’s time to check the flashlight. Thus, switch on the flashlight from the iPhone’siPhone’s back.
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For iPhone X or subsequent models

  • From the upper right side, strike down to the Control center.
  • The layout of the control center may be different. Only those who used the iPhone 8 or earlier model can spot the difference. Nevertheless, try to find the Flashlight Button and Click on the flashlight Point on some surface to check whether it is working.

But what if you are still unable to use your flashlight? Do not panic because we have come up with another option to troubleshoot the problem.

Troubleshoot the problem using the camera app

It must not be very clear for the readers because earlier, you read in one of the tips mentioned above to close the camera. Now, here in this section, we are saying that you can fix the problem via a camera app. But the question is how? Thus, test the LED flashlight by using a camera to the reader’s knowledge.

  •  Henceforth, to do so, open the camera on your iphone and choose the photo option. Go to the “More options” icon and tap on the flashlight.
  • Select “”on”” instead of “”off or Auto
  • Click pictures and check whether it is working or not.
  • If yes, then please note that there is some software glitch rather than in”flashlight.”

Read another section to learn another process to troubleshoot the issue.

Update the iOS version of your model

It might be possible due to older or non-updated versions of iOS. You are facing a problem. Thus, check for the updates immediately. You may feel it is unnecessary, but in actual fact, it helps. Also, try to keep your phone’s software up to date in order to prevent other bugs.

Restore the settings to their original state

Flashlight on iPhone is not working
Image Credit: iKream

Most of the time, we end up changing the phone’s setting without even knowing it. In that case, we spot some issues while using the phone. However, we are unable to find the reason behind it. Henceforth, resetting the phone helps you restore the setting like the original one. But, there are fair chances of losing the important data. The steps below will tell you the procedure to do the same without losing the data.

Procedure without losing the important data

You all know well that resetting the phone to its factory condition will leave you no data. Therefore;

  1. Open the “setting” and swipe it down to turn it on “General.”
  2. Drag until you find the “Reset” option.
  3. Click “”reset all settings”” again to restore “”by default settings””. This will not remove the content from your iPhone.

Reset the phone and clean up the storage

The section will tell you to0 factory reset the phone and clean all the storage. To do so

  1. Go to settings. Then, tap on the “General” option.
  2. Go to reset settings and choose” Erase all content and settings.” Enter the passcode to confirm it
  3. Please wait for a while, as your iPhone will start again without any data in it. Now set up the phone from the beginning, and voila! It’sIt’s done.

Ending up the article on “flashlight on iPhone is not working” with the last option.

If you find all the earlier mentioned troubleshooting options ineffective, Then, in that case, contact apple support. Or you can also visit customer care for the problem. There, professional technicians will examine the problem and give you the needed solution. Moreover, if your phone is under warranty or not, do not take the risk of contacting someone other than the apple customer care technicians. In addition to that, you might not need to visit the care as these solutions will fix the bugs.

I hope you understand well all the quick fixes options. Do not worry. We can understand a little problem in an iPhone is like a heart attack. Therefore, we told you the best solutions above.

Also, do tell me whether you like the article. And do not forget to bookmark the page and make comments on which topic you want the next article. We are waiting for your response!!

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