Best Ways to Follow the NFL on Android


Lebron James wrapped up yet another NBA Championship by beating his former teammates over in Miami, so now attention turns to the NFL. Some franchises have already made significant regular season moves, and it’s becoming clearer as to how certain divisions and conferences will pan out.  In this article we look at all the different Android apps that will keep your finger on the pulse of follow the NFL action, whether you wish to bet on the games, play along with a game or two of your own, or simply want to keep up with highlights and stats. You may find yourself so engrossed in NFL goodies on your phone that a battery pack or battery saver app could come in handy!

Getting the Inside Track on Your Favorite Team or Player

Finding reliable sports news these days is tough, with too many journalists taking the easy way out to just regurgitate what players and head coaches post on their respective social media feeds.

However, there are some news outlets who have devised Android apps that are tailormade for anyone who wants to plunder some American football betting tips, or who wishes to know more than simple answers given to basic questions.

One of the hottest apps at the moment is the one provided by The Athletic, which provides locally sourced sports journalism of the highest quality.

Meanwhile, if you are willing to shell out for the ways to follow NFL Game Pass, then you should probably take the time to download the accompanying NFL Mobile app, whose news and content is the ideal foil to the non-official fare published by The Athletic.


For Those Who Do Not Have Time to Stop and Read

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When you are out and about, on your daily commute or in the midst of a high-intensity jogging session, it can quite often feel impossible to take the time to find a seat to read.

For this reason, so many sports fans are turning to trusty podcasts, so the news and views they desire can be beamed straight into their ear holes. Luckily for such busy bodies, there are podcast app platforms which collate all the best sports podcasts, and much more besides into one place.

While Spotify already does a pretty good job of this, there are others out there too, like Podcast Addict. Meanwhile, if you feel like going ahead and making your own podcasts, apps such as Anchor are there to help you cut and edit your way to audio stardom.

Stats and Stuff

American sports fans are suckers for a well massaged stat or two, with many more obsessed with the data a game throws up than the actual plays out on the field.

If you count yourself as one of those number crunchers, then apps like SofaScore do just the job, allowing you to pick which sports you want to follow at the same time as the NFL. Then it’s simply a case of sitting back and watching the data streams flow into your Android device.

What you do with all that data is entirely up to you.

Do Not Be a Spectator Your Whole Life

If you ever find yourself tiring of the bleachers, tailgate parties and packed sports bars, it might be time to leap into a game or two yourself. While you could try out for a local team, an easier and less painful option is to play some of the amazing mobile American football video games which are available.

For arcade-style fun and tumbles, NFL fans cannot go too far wrong with Football Dash. For those who prefer more lifelike plays, downs, and recognizable star name players, Madden NFL Football is no doubt more your cup of tea. Just do not expect this official game to live up to your gameplay expectations.

Needless to say, there is a big gap in the market for someone to develop a genuinely good mobile American football game.


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