Estimation & Costing as the Integral Facets of Construction

the Integral Facets of the Construction Process

The construction sector is built on the idea of stage-to-stage processes that come one after another. It is impossible to imagine that the tender takes place without estimating and costing procedures. That is why experts like to divide the building process into three phases to take into consideration. First, the pre-construction phase begins. It includes various arrangements including financial forecasts presented through estimating and costing. The pre-construction phase ends with the tender. To finish the pre-con activities successfully and win the tendering process, use tendering and estimation software.

Namely, the construction stage goes second and includes the full range of on-site and office activities required for hassle-free building operations. Finally, the post-construction phase takes place. The object should be released to provide profit to the contractor. Remember that your profit margins depend on challenge-free arrangements like scheduling without delays and failed deadlines.

Speaking about the estimating process that relates to the pre-construction stage, it is critically important to undertake each task according to the specified plan to meet the requirements of the tendering process initiated by your potential client. As can be seen, the construction estimators can count on simplified costing, bidding, and forecasting tasks through special-purpose digital tools. Automated estimating is more accurate. So, it is likely that the contractor will hit the target with the budget planning and desired profit margins.

What Is Cloud-Based Estimating?

If you opt for cloud-based estimating, be ready for different stages as the manual procedure does. In general, there are four main stages to take into account. But the zero steps of the contractor is to pick sides with the best-matching software. If you want a powerful digital tool for your cloud-based estimating, explore the present-day market. Note that this software should meet your own purposes and requirements. For example, you can require easy integration into the existing accounting and costing system.

Some building companies select a separate-standing tool without synchronizing it with other corporate tools. It does not matter which kind of program you will choose. The phases of the estimating process will stay the same. Let’s take a closer look at all these stages estimators to handle with the help of cloud-based software:

  1. Interactions with the designers and architects. Your customer should understand the main concepts you would like to realize with the help of construction.
  2. The estimator works together with the suppliers to generate the list of the required materials and specify supply costs for the ongoing estimates. Additionally, the timeline is determined for the building processes on the site.
  3. Labor resources are specified in the third stage. It is necessary to understand how many workers will perform all the construction tasks. The estimator forms the first labor costing reports.
  4. The detailed cost analytical stage takes place in the last phase of the pre-construction in the context of estimating.

It is worth noting that there are other arrangements. For example, the customer can ask contractors about meetings to discuss some details. The task of estimators is to gather all the necessary data entries given by the designer team, architects, suppliers, accounting specialists, and the client. The final estimating process is when the report is provided according to the tender’s terms.

Remember that no errors and any imperfections should be in the CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE estimates. First, this is not about professionalism. Additionally, the customer can consider overestimating as the way to increase your profit margins through incorrect costing information. Underestimating is about your poor profit margins at the same time. 

That is why it is important to have a balance between all the data entries and calculate everything properly. Think of reliable suppliers and partners to increase your networks to level up your reputation and improve your bidding background.

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