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Benefits of renting residential parking

Parking in large cities is becoming increasingly problematic. The massive invasion of cars in the central areas and the reduction of free spaces available, all are inconvenient when it comes to parking the vehicle.

There are many benefits of rent parking in residential places and garages, and it has solved a lot of problems for the local community who do want to waste its time in finding parking lots to park the car.

You can find parking garage easily as many companies provide rent parking spaces.

Let’s talk about some advantages that these residential parking places have:


Garage spaces or residential places are much cheaper than any other parking lots. If you have enough money, it is better to invest in five suitable garage spaces than to spend in a flat located far from the centre.

Never invest in low-quality garages and unattractive areas, that is something that ends up not being profitable.


The maintenance cost of the parking garage is much more affordable than a public parking lot. You will have to face the expenses for standard services of the community of owners.

With your parking space, you will have the advantage of maintenance insurance because of unpleasant surprises.


Garage spaces can be rented with relative ease if the location is correct and thus obtain a monthly benefit from the moment of purchase.


Any investor knows that the liquidity of their investment is essential, which is the ease of recovering the money invested. In this regard, it is clear that selling garage spaces is much easier than selling flats, and it also gives the investor “liquidating” of his asset.

Fewer Incidents

It must also be taken into account that another advantage of having a private garage is that the car is always less exposed to possible incidents.

Leaving it on the street implies the possibility of being robbed or damaged, a risk that is minimized by having its own space.

Better Protection

A private garage directly means the protection offering better protection to your vehicle while helping to reduce the loss of value that it experiences over time.

A car reduces its value when it leaves the dealership, a private garage on the property can be revalued, especially if you have been able to choose the area.


For it to become a profitable investment, it is advisable to choose a more central area, since these squares are the scarcest and at a given moment the easiest to sell.

And it should not be overlooked that from a real estate point of view, garage space is a less risky and more liquid investment than home, and it also increases the value of the asset.

The cost of a parking garage is very affordable for those who want to buy it for car parking.

The idea of ​​investing in the acquisition of one of these spaces is more than impressive.

On the one hand, the parking problem is solved and, on the other hand, there is an asset that tomorrow can offer a capital gain.


10 Best Android apps to find a parking spot and your car

There are two types of parking Android apps. The first helps you find a parking spot in a crowded city or town.

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The second helps you find your car in a large parking area.

Thankfully, our list includes both types of apps. Parking Android Apps like these are especially helpful when you’re in massive areas like cities, amusement parks, malls, shopping centres, and other various areas.

Parking is a real pain in most crowded cities most of the time. Hopefully, these apps help!

Here are the best parking apps for Android!

For the sake of simplicity, we’ve broken this list up into two sections. The first five apps help you find your car and the second set of five apps help you find a parking spot.

  1. Google Maps
  2. Parkify
  3. ParKing
  4. Parked Car Locator
  5. Manufacturer apps
  1. The Parking Spot
  2. Parkopedia Parking
  3. ParkWhiz
  4. SpotAngels
  5. SpotHero

Google Maps

Price: Free

Google Maps is a surprisingly decent option to find your car. You can use the app to mark your location as your parking spot and then return to it as needed. Of course, it doubles as a navigation app with all of the features that come with it. The process to save your location as your parking spot isn’t difficult. You can find instructions to do it for Android devices here and iOS devices here.



Price: Free / Up to $5.99

Parkify is a decent option for finding your car. It uses a Bluetooth connection to detect when you walk away from your car and marks your location for future reference. However, you can also manually set the location if the Bluetooth thing doesn’t work for you. It lets you save as many parking spaces as needed and you can even share your car’s location in case you need a friend to get it for you. The reviews tell of some bugs here and there, but nothing too serious.




Price: Free / $6.49

ParKing is another simple, but usually effective parking app. It offers a simple UI, a one-tap save for your parking location, and it can automatically detect your parking spot as well. The automatic detecting is a bit buggy and worked half of the time in our testing. However, my car also has absurd Bluetooth range so that may have been the cause of the issues. Some other features include support for Wear OS, a home screen widget, and it has features for indoor and underground parking as well. The full version is a bit expensive, though.



Parked Car Locator

Price: Free (with ads)

Parked Car Locator is a really simple app that does a simple thing. You pin your location when you get out of your car and then follow the marker back to find your car later. The app has a couple of different map modes, a location history, and it’ll gauge your distance from your car as best as it can. It got it right within 50 meters during our testing and that’s fairly decent compared to some of the low rent parking apps we tested. It’s a free app with ads and it’s really quite simple.



Manufacturer apps and physical car GPS trackers

Price: Varies

Hardware is also a solution for those who want to go the hardcore route. Many car manufacturers have apps now, including Chevy, Ford, and others. Many of those apps come with a vehicle locator function in case you lose your parking spot. Additionally, physical GPS trackers are useful for finding your car in parking lots as well. Of course, the main use for them is to find your car if it’s stolen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to find parking spots in the meantime. We have FordPass linked, but you can go with basically any of them as long as they have an Android app for phone control.

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DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY!FordPass screenshot for the best parking apps


The Parking Spot

Price: Free

The Parking Spot is one of many decent parking apps. This one helps you find parking spaces. You can consult a map to find a parking spot in the area you want to go to. Additionally, the app lets you make parking reservations, actually, pay for them, and get in without any hassle. However, that feature only works on some lots. Some other features include a TPS Shuttle finder and some other neat stuff. There really isn’t much to complain about. It does what it says it does.



The Parking Spot screenshot

Parkopedia Parking

Price: Free / Up to $5.49

Parkopedia Parking is another somewhat popular, decent option for parking apps. The app uses crowdsourcing to show you as many parking spots as possible. It boasts a library of over 70 million parking spots across 15,000 cities. It also tries to show you prices for parking lots when it can. However, because of the crowdsourcing aspect, some of those prices come out wrong. However, it can help identify what kind of payments a lot receives and that information is usually right. It’s usually a good one.



Parkopedia Parking screenshot


Price: Free

ParkWhiz is a lot like The Parking Spot. It shows you where to find a bunch of parking. However, it also gives you access to parking reservations and you can pay in advance if you want to. It offers up thousands of locations across the U.S. and Canada and there is a price comparison tool if you really need one. The app hits most of the big cities like Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and even Toronto. It won’t show you the hidden gem parking spots, but it’s good for what it does.


Price: Free

SpotAngels is another crowdsourcing parking app. We actually covered this one when it launched a long time ago and it’s grown up a lot since then. You can find a variety of parking spaces, including paid parking spots. Additionally, the app can help you avoid parking tickets, street cleaning, and help you find alternate side street parking if needed. Believe it or not, SpotAngels also has a car locator function to help you find your car in large, crowded parking lots. This is probably the best all-in-one option for parking apps as long as you don’t mind helping contribute some info from time to time.




Price: Free

SpotHero is a decent app to round out our list. It works very much like The Parking Spot or ParkWhiz. You can find and reserve parking spaces in larger, major cities. The app lets you pay with Google if you want to (and we recommend it). Additionally, there are tools for people who use the app for business purposes and the UI is actually quite nice. This isn’t something we’d recommend if you’re parking at the zoo, but if you’re travelling to Chicago, you could try this one.



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