6 tech business ideas to start in 2021

tech business ideas to start

Building a successful tech business implies a lot of work. From finding the idea to researching the industry for competitors and creating a marketing strategy, it’s a pretty arduous job. Let’s see about the tech business ideas to start in 2021.

If you want to start a successful business, you’re probably searched for tech business ideas because they have a high-earning potential. But while you researched, you found out some staggering data that put you at the thought. Only 10% of start-ups survive, leaving 90% of ideas to fail before they grow enough to support themselves financially. Don’t lose hope; you can be one of the few entrepreneurs that hit it big in the tech world, but you need a strong business idea. 

The tech industry is defined by innovation and change, which can be useful for a start-up as long as your business strategies can keep your company standing no matter what disruptions affect the market. This article compiles a list of tech business ideas that are likely to succeed in 2021 and register extreme growth in the following years. 

1. Antivirus developer

The global information security market will reach $170.4 billion in 2022, so there’s plenty of room for cybersecurity start-ups to gain success and stand out on the market. There were over 36 billion records exposed in the first six months of 2020, and in 2021 companies are looking for ways to prevent hackers from accessing their data. 

An antivirus developer is a specialist that handles a particular job; they create antivirus software to help organizations and individuals protect their critical data from breaches. A range of programming languages can be used to develop antivirus software. This system’s primary purpose is to detect and remove malware before it accesses a computer or device’s system. 

Before starting this business, do market research to determine if there is a need for this product in your region. 

2. Drone videography

If you’ve recently browsed videos on Instagram, you may’ve noticed that most influencers post drone-shot content on their pages to draw attention and engage viewers. If you have a drone and know how to use the camera, it’s easy to find customers interested in your services. Real estate agents use aerial shots to present the properties they try to sell. Couples hire drone videographers to shot their special day and create videos they can watch years from now. Use a local listing directory to find clients and promote your services. Or create a social media profile to share your work and promote your services. Many industries have use for drones, so it’s easy to find an audience. This business idea requires funding because you need a high-tech drone with a high-quality camera and a car to get to your job locations. If you don’t afford to buy a new car, check for auto financing online because many organizations provide financial help for your entrepreneurs. 

Hi Rise Camera is an innovative manufacturer of video camera tower units and endzone camera products that capture high-angle video footage. Our products are revolutionizing the way that sideline camera and endzone video footage is captured around the globe. Our company was born from the idea that capturing video footage the way you need it, should be easy, impactful and affordable.

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3. Social media consultant

You are good at managing social media activity, and you can quickly boost the number of active followers on any platform. You can use your skills to work with organizations to help them generate followers, likes, shares, comments, and retweets. As a social media consultant, your role is to consult with your employers and build strategies to manage their social media profiles, spread content about their brand online, and help them build a trustworthy brand. 

The perk of starting this business is that the initial costs are minimal, and you can do it from home. It only requires staying in touch with the latest trends to ensure that you deliver your clients the best services. 

4. Fitness tech

Technology has applications in all markets, including the fitness world. With the pandemic locking people inside their houses, technology was the only one to provide them with training opportunities that came in the form of apps and video streaming platforms. But before the virus outbreak, we have seen many new technologies used to improve the training results. Fitbit, Strava, and Peloton changed the way people work out in the gym and promise even more advancements. 

Fitness technology allows for continued growth whether it comes to creating products like wireless earbuds, fitness trackers and smartwatches, or apps and systems that boost performance. The niche is expanding daily, and you can benefit from its evolution if you bring on the market a product that revolutionizes it. Integrate a fitness-related app into a device every gym enthusiast uses, and you’re setting yourself on the road for success. 

5. eBook publisher

With mobile devices at hand, people prefer eBooks (books in digital format) instead of traditional paperback ones. If you’re a writer, there’s a growing market for digital books, so you can transform your passion into a full-time job. Supposing you’re not into writing fiction, you can create eBooks that serve businesses to build their brand and engage with their public. Statista reports that only in 2019 the revenue eBooks generated reached $1.3 billion, and it’s expected the number to grow to $1.6 billion by 2024. 

6. Influencer marketing

We previously suggested to start a social media consultant business. This one is somehow related to the first, but it implies different activities. Influencer marketing is an industry enabled by social media platforms that allow accounts with high numbers of followers to endorse brands and place products. To become an influencer, you need to build a follower base in a specific niche and regularly engage with them. Not everyone can become an influencer; you need a particular level of charisma, knowledge in a particular industry, and many connections. You can transform it into a business if you gather the following, but you also need to work with an influencer marketing agency to connect you with brands interested to collaborate with you. 

If you don’t want to become an influencer, you can start a business that connects influencers with brands. Companies usually contact organizations to find them the right influencers to promote their messages and products, and you can play the middleman role. 

The bottom line

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These are our suggestions for tech business ideas to try in 2021 if you want to start a company that is likely to stand out on the market. 


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