Learn how to bet on Quantum IPL matches – simple tips for cricket bettors


The Quantum IPL is one of the most interesting online betting virtual cricket leagues that is always available via the Parimatch website. This type of tournament is a great choice for bettors with any experience because of the large number of matches with a duration of 3-4 minutes. And to start betting on any of these matches you will need only to finish the registration and deposit. Also, it’s important to learn about Quantum IPL and its rules. Spend enough time reading the terms and analyzing the factors which could affect the match’s outcomes. Such preparation will help you to understand the betting line and choose the best markets to bet on. 

Bet on Quantum IPL – meaningful information about the teams and rules

According to the Quantum IPL terms, each match will last only 3-4 minutes and all of them will be available 24/7. So you could choose the best time and match for betting, and not lose your time waiting when the next tournament will start. But still, remember about the quality preparation with the statistical analysis. This information about the results of the last Quantum IPL matches you will find via the Parimatch website or thematic resources. Here not that important to check the current shape of the players, because the results of the whole team here depend on the decisions and actions of one player. So better to understand if he has enough experience to win the match. 

In Quantum IPL matches you will see the next teams:

  • Sunrisers Hyderabad (V);
  • Rajasthan Royals (V);
  • Punjab Kings (V);
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore (V);
  • Chennai Super Kings (V);
  • Kolkata Knight Riders (V);
  • Mumbai Indians (V);
  • Delhi Capitals (V)!

Each of these cricket teams has its history and different chances for winning, so you will need to learn that information and understand the difference between virtual cricket and the real game.

The Quantum IPL betting line in Parimatch – the best markets to bet online

After the forecasting spends a few minutes learning the available betting line to see the odds and markets choice. All the Parimatch clients could bet on Quantum IPL matches in prematch and LIVE, so you could try both formats to choose the best for yourself. In the betting line for most of the Quantum matches, there are will be available next markets:

  • match outcome;
  • totals;
  • team total runs;
  • best bowler;
  • runs off first delivery!

Also, you can bet on match boundaries, total match 6s, wickets lost, the match runs, etc. The best choice of the markets will be founded in the LIVE betting line, so many bettors prefer to bet during the games. For sure the playing rules in Quantum Indian Premier League are the same as real cricket, so the choice of the markets will be the same. But still, there are some important differences that you need to remember. For example in virtual cricket, there are no such factors as injury of the players or bad weather, so the whole forecast preparation process will be much more simple and fast.

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