Is 800 eDPI good for Valorant?

800 eDPI

Riot Games has created Valorant, the most played FPS in esports. Many players want to become the best Valorant players, but it doesn’t matter how good your gaming goal is. There are some things you can do to improve your mouse sensitivity and DPI (dots/inches). We will also discuss a few other things in this article. We are here for you to provide all information about Valorant EDPI. To get the full details, read this article until the end. Now, let’s start:-

What is a good eDPI for Valorant?

The eDPI should be kept between 200 and 400 by most Valorant pros. The eDPI of the best players is between 200 and 400. We recommend 800 for Valorant because it is both fast and slow. Valorant is a tactical FPS. You may use the small movement, etc.

There are several easy methods to calculate the eDPI. The formula is:

eDPI= DPI*Sensitivity.

Best eDPI to Valorant

These are the best eDPIs for valorant.

Brax= The DPI is 400, and the sensitivity to 0.354. The eDPI is therefore 141.6

Shroud= The DPI he uses to calculate it is 450, and the sensitivity is 0.78. The eDPI for this is 351

Myth= The DPI is 700, and the sensitivity is 0.225. The eDPI is 157.5

Ninja= The DPIs he uses are 800, and the sensitivity is 0.75. So the eDPIis 600.

Hiko= The DPI is 1600, and the sensitivity 0.36. The eDPI stands at 576.

How do you find the correct eDPI?

You can use the Valorant edpi calculator to set your settings and find the right sensitivity.

You must load the Vlaorant training range.

Next, lock your mouse in place when you strafe.

If you’re unable to do it, raise eDPI a bit. Then again, try it.

Lastly, you have the option to track and reduce eDPI in a small increment. You can also track your targets.

800 eDPI for Professionals

Here is a list of professional players who use 800 pixels per inch while playing Valorant. Please follow these instructions:

1. Elec – 880 eDPI

Recent Major Tournament Achievements by elec

IEM XVI Cologne (1,000,000)

StarLadder CIS RMR-2021 ($100,000.)

*DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 ($250,000

BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020 ($1,000,000)

Here is an example of the Mongraal keyboard used by elec:

He uses a Logitech Pro X superlight mouse.

Logitech G640 Mousepad

eDPI = 880

DPI is 400

Sensitivity is 2.2

He uses a zoom of 1.05

Raw input is always available.

2. Twistzz – 800 eDPI

Recently played Major Tournament Achievements by Twistzz

IEM Season XIV – Chicago ($250,000).

ESL One: Cologne 2019 (300,000).

ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals ($600,000.

This is his setup for his mouse:

He uses the VAXEE SOUTH AX mouse.

SteelSeries QcK+ mousepads

800 is the eDPI

DPI is 400

Sensitivity is at 2.

The zoom is 1.

The raw input is now complete.

3. Sh1ro’s 800 eDPI

Recent Major Tournament Achievements by sh1ro’s were:-

BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2021 ($425,000)

IEM Season XVI – Summer ($250,000).

IEM Season XV – World Championship ($1,000,000).

These are his setups while playing the game.

The mouse is from the Xtrfy M4

He uses a mousepad from ZOWIE GSR

eDPI is 800

DPI is 800

Sensitivity will be 1.

Zoom in on 1

On the other hand, Raw Input will be available ON

4. dev1ce’s 800 eDPI

Major Tournament Achievements of the dev1ce

IEM Season XV – Global Challenge ($500,000).

DreamHack Masters Winter 2020 Europe ($150,000).

ESL Pro League Season 12 Europe ($450,000).

We have listed below all of the major mouse configurations that he uses.

Mouse is from ZOWIE EC2

He uses a Logitech G640 mousepad.

800 is the eDPI

DPI is 400

Sensitivity is at 2

Zoom in on 1.1

Raw Input will be ON

5. Tenz – 800 DPI

Below is a list of his settings and setups that you might find useful:

He uses a Logistic G pro superlight mouse.

The Artisan zeroXsoft mousepad was used.

eDPI is 320

DPI is 800

The 0.4 level is the sensitivity

Zoom in on 1

Also, the raw input is ON.


Q: What is edpi in Valorant?

A: Edpi stands for effective dots per inch, which measures how sensitive your mouse is in Valorant. It is calculated by multiplying your mouse DPI (dots per inch) by your in-game sensitivity.

Q: How to find your edpi in Valorant?

A: You can find your edpi in Valorant using a formula or a calculator. The formula is edpi = mouse DPI * in-game sensitivity. For example, if your mouse DPI is 800 and your in-game sensitivity is 0.5, your edpi is 400 (800 * 0.5 = 400). You can also use an online calculator like this one4 to find your edpi.

Q: How to change your edpi in Valorant?

A: You can change your edpi in Valorant by adjusting your mouse DPI or in-game sensitivity. Depending on your mouse model, you can change your mouse DPI by using your mouse software or buttons.

Q: What is a good edpi for Valorant?

A: There is no definitive answer to what is a good edpi for Valorant, as it depends on your personal preference, playstyle, and skill level. However, a general rule is that lower edpi values are better for accuracy and precision, while higher edpi values are better for speed and mobility.

Q: How to find the best edpi for Valorant?

A: The best way to find the best edpi for Valorant is to experiment with different values and see what works best for you.


We have provided all the details on 800 eDPI and Valorant. We hope you find this information useful and that it will help you to improve your mouse settings or your gameplay. You can now enjoy your game by following the instructions.

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