How to Fix Apple Pay Not Working Problem?


Online payment applications have become very famous these days as people are now willing to go cashless as they can use their mobile phones to pay any place wherever they want. And it is safe to say that cashless services are easier to use and you do not need to worry about your money getting lost here and there.

There are many online payment services that have been launched and Apple as always has introduced Apple pay to ensure that all of its customers can use the trusted online payment method rather than thinking about which other payment application to use. Apple Pay is a very awesome application that allows people to complete transactions whenever they want however, even if the application has been created with the utmost care, there have been situations where the users of Apple Pay have complained that they have faced issues with the application.

It is not very uncommon for people to observe issues with Apple Pay and that is why here in the blog, we are going to cover the main reasons why apple pay not working and what methods can be used when people want to fix their online payment application.

What Are the Main Reasons Why Apple Pay is Not Working?

There can be a lot of reasons why Apple Pay is not working and some of these reasons are very simple but, since there are many people who do not know about the same, they start panicking and contact technicians. We recommend that before doing that, you need to make sure that the issue that you are facing is actually serious and that is why here we are mentioning the main causes that are responsible for Apple Pay issues.

  1. Low Battery of your iOS device
  2. Apple Pay is not a payment option at the store where you have shopped
  3. Faulty signal or payment terminals of Apple Pay
  4. Issues with the main server of the online application
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These are the most common reasons why a person is not able to use Apple Pay on their devices and in these cases, you can use some simple methods to fix them at your home. In the next part of the guide, you will get to know the methods that will help you in resolving your issue.

How Can You Resolve the issues with Apple Pay?

Now that you have learned the main causes of why won t my apple pay work, it is also recommended to know the straightforward and effective solutions that can be used by all Apple users when they want to fix the application and the website to ensure that they can complete payments using their device.

Solution 1: Ensure that the Servers of Apple Pay Are Running

While it is very uncommon, the issue that you are facing with your Apple Pay application can arise because of the servers of the application and that is why it is your duty to check the server status of the application before you try any other complex method related to the application. You need to use the Apple System Status website to see if there is a green circle present next to Apple Pay to ensure that the servers are running without any failure or issues.

Solution 2: Make Sure that the Store Has Apple Pay as an Online Payment Alternative

It is also possible that the Apple Pay application is not working because the store where you are making the payment does not have Apple Pay as a method to collect payment. Make sure that you ask the store owner or another employee whether the store terminal accepts Apple Pay and if not then, you need to keep this in mind to make sure that you can pay using a different method the next time.

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Solution 3: Choose a Credit Card or Debit Card Manually

The next method that you can try is to use the application and choose your credit or debit card manually in the wallet application as the Apple pay application might face issues because of technical glitches and bugs and that is why you can choose an alternate method for the time being. You will observe that the application will work without any issues after some time.

Solution 4: Check the Battery Percentage of Your iPhone

There are many people who often forget about their devices and only concentrate on the application when they face issues however, allow me to tell you that one of the main reasons why you cannot use Apple Pay is if you have less than 10 percent battery on your device. Your mobile phone needs to have a sufficient battery in case your want to pay using the Apple pay application.

I am sure that this detailed guide has helped you a lot regarding the issues that you are facing with Apple Pay.

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