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How Gambling Changed Since Smartphones Appeared

by mindmingles
Gambling Changed Since Smartphones

It isn’t easy to imagine a world without smartphones. It’s altered how we interact with people and businesses. You can now do a lot from the palm of your hands, such as banking, shopping, and even gambling. 

The gambling industry has changed now by our ability to access the web from anywhere. We’ll explore what changes have occurred in gambling with the introduction of the smartphone. 


Few people have the time to enjoy leisure activities that require travelling to a destination. It’s one of the factors that the gambling industry had to consider in the last couple of decades. Moving operations into an online space meant that gamblers can still enjoy betting on their favourite sporting events or casino games, but now they can do it from anywhere in the world. 

Furthermore, it opened up a new market for future bettors who want to try gambling without the risk. Providing platforms to play games such as “free keno online” or “free play video poker” helps people understand the bets’ intricacies and give them the confidence to play for real money. 

For the more seasoned gamblers, being able to play remotely means they can participate in tournaments that used to only be accessible at land-based casinos.  


Initially, some thought online gambling would be restrictive and not as enjoyable as being at an actual casino. Even our gambling expert Daniel Bennet was skeptical about mobile gambling. 

Since then, he has changed his opinions. It’s mainly due to the best gambling apps that give players a vast selection of slots and an interactive gambling experience. There’s such a large variety of games available that players don’t need to go to the physical casino anymore. 

This development is quite impressive, considering that the history of online gambling is so short. The first online gambling websites made an appearance in the mid-’90s and were a long way away from the top platforms in operation today. Here, Daniel analyzes some trends in promotions, odds, and events in the industry today.

More Offers

Casinos and sportsbooks run promotions to attract bettors to play. These can be casino spins, free bets, or extra funds for your bankroll. Traditionally these were advertised using media such as billboards, tv, or radio ads. 

The problem was that people would see a promotion and forget about it since the offers would have to be redeemed at a physical establishment. With mobile devices, this problem has evaporated. 

Players can take advantage of bonus offers they see at the touch of a button from their phones. Smartphones have made it easier for gambling sites to run promotions and keep potential bettors engaged. 

However, operators also need to be aware and conform to local mobile app gambling laws, as they differ between regions. The risk of gambling addiction is always present; hence some countries and specific US states don’t allow any online gambling. 

More Offers

Live Odds and Events

A smartphone provides sports lovers with a quick and easy way to keep track of live odds during matches. It allows bettors to monitor the changes during the game and place bets when the odds are favourable, creating whole new markets in the process.

Besides, it helps gamblers to place bets on events without having to go to the bookie. There’s no need to stand in long queues and worry about missing the action. Having the odds and betting options available from a mobile device means that its convenient for both bettors and sportsbooks. 


Online gambling has opened up to a new generation of tech-savvy users through the development of smartphones. There’s no need for bettors to leave their homes to play slots or bet on their favourite sporting event. It’s a trend that’s bound to increase with more people preferring to stay home rather than travel to land-based casinos.

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