How Does On Demand Handyman Application Operate?


Uber For Handyman Services is the perfect App to hire professionals such as Plumbers, Electricians, Home Painters, and more. The customer only has to register on the App, select the services they want, and send the request to the Service Provider of their choice. What is that? Is this how the Entire Service Booking Process works?

No, the entire service booking process is simple, but not so compact. The entire booking process depends on the Service Provider as well. So, let’s see how users book a service, providers accept the job, and then bring it to the final stage. 


User selects the required services 

The user first selects the service they want from the App, such as Plumber for minor leakage fixing. Once the services are selected, an entire list of professional and verified plumbers shows up on the screen. 

The list shows the Providers who are available and online in the predefined radius of the user. 

Hire the Service Provider 

The user can now choose a Service Provider of their choice from the list. They can compare the profiles based on the Ratings and Reviews of customers, experience, and previous work photos in the gallery. Say, the user selects a provider and taps on the book now after selecting the Payment Payment, the Service Request is sent directly to the chosen provider. 

The provider will then be notified about the request on their Handyman Services App. A countdown appears on the screen with the details of the booked service and the location of the user. It is here that the service provider gets the option to Accept or Decline the Job Request. 

Track location in real-time 

As soon as the Service Provider accepts the request, the user can track their live location on the Map. The location can be tracked along with the Estimated Time of Arrival. Also, the Handyman can see the Service Location on the Map. This location tracking happens in real-time! 

Start the Job

Once the Provider reaches the Service Location, they have to first upload their picture with a face mask on. And only then can the Provider SLIDE TO BEGIN the job. The user will receive a notification that the job has started. Moreover, they can track the entire Service Timeline on the Uber For Handyman Services App itself. 

Job Completed 

After the completion of the job, the Handyman has to first tap on COLLECT PAYMENT on the Service Provider’s App. Now, if it’s a Cash Payment, the User will have to hand over the hard cash to the Provider. Whereas, if it’s an Online Payment, the amount will automatically deduct from the User’s linked Credit Card! 

Now that the Provider has completed the task and collected the payment, the user can rate them! So, based on the delivered services, hygiene, adherence to Covid-19 measures, etc. the user can give feedback or mark them as ‘Favorite’ on Handyman Services App. 


This is how the App works! So, do you want to build an App that mediates between handymen in the locality and the users? Do you want to earn easy and quick money by building a Mobile App with a simple interface and workflow? 

Well, then this is the right time to launch the Handyman Services App!

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