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Cyberflix was a favorite of ours. It is a solid, reliable app that provided us with a wide range of links to movies and TV shows. We were able to find zero buffering, and no commercials. It was almost bliss. It was almost bliss. We use the word almost because it is one of the things that really stress us out – when we find pirated content on an app. There was plenty on Cyberflix.

Cyberflix offers all the top-rated and most popular TV Shows, plus much more than Amazon Prime or Netflix. There was a good mix of old and new movies, so there is something for everyone. It is also the best alternative to the Cinema HD app.

Cyberflix Features

The Cyberflix app is among the most user-friendly available. You have multiple filters and can make informed choices before you press play. This app is still worth downloading, despite the fact that it contains pirated content. You should be quick though as providing links to pirated material will most likely get your app removed quickly.

Some of the excellent Cyberflix features are explained below

Content Availability and Quality

This app has the most recent movies and shows. It is evident that developers are working round the clock. It doesn’t skip a beat. Unfortunately, we were not able to locate any film releases that were still available in the images. The three films that we tested in the Latest HD Releases Section had all been shot on camcorders and then uploaded to the internet. One sure way to get your app removed is to provide pirated material.

We found high-quality streams for the rest of the TV shows and movies. Cyberflix offers a wide range of TV Shows and Movies. It strikes a good balance.


It worked flawlessly for us when we tried Cyberflix. There was no buffering, so we were able to watch the entire Breaking Bad season on auto-play without interruption. We also found streaming movies that were only a few months old easy to watch. Although there weren’t a lot of Bumblebee links, the one that we chose started playing immediately and didn’t buffer at all. It’s beautiful stuff.

Although we have been aware of people having problems with missing content since our last update, these developers are great and fixed it ASAP.

User Interface

APK apps work better and just as well as Cyberflix. The main menu has a great look which makes it so easy for us to flick through the movies and shows on offer but it is reminiscent of the layout of Cinema HD and Movie HD. While there were options for filtering by genre and the most recent HD releases, the year of release was not included.

Once we selected a movie, we were impressed that the app offered us the chance to watch a trailer and click on the IMDB page for the film.

We had a slight problem with the season’s background image downloading for any TV shows we watched but this was fixed in a couple of days. Overall we loved Cyberflix, and it was easy to navigate around. We would deffo recommend it.

Buffering & No Data

Cyberflix TV is a great product, but there are some complaints about the no data and buffering. There may be many reasons why you don’t get any data or buffering on certain titles. The app developers strongly recommend that you use Real-Debrid or VPN in certain areas. We did not find any buffering issues with the CyberflixTV app during our testing. It worked flawlessly on all devices that we installed CyberflixTV.

If you’re facing any type of Buffering, Cyberflix TV has no links You can also check out our guide to help you resolve the problem. I have not encountered any problems with the application.

Cyberflix TV Review – Conclusion

Cyberflix TV is one of the most powerful apps that you can install on your android phone. You can read our installation guides if you’re just looking to install CyberflixTV on any device. You will get a better understanding of the capabilities of this app once you have installed it. Cyberflix is everything you could want in a streaming app. This Cyberflix TV review is all about it. The app has been in our hands for 2 years now and we love it.

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