Celebrating Safely With Virtual Thanksgiving

your Virtual Thanksgiving

The virtual Thanksgiving experience is one that may be extremely beneficial to you and your family, especially this year with the threat of COVID-19 hanging over your head. With virtual Thanksgiving, you may be able to have the Thanksgiving experience without actually having to travel. Here are a few tips to make your virtual Thanksgiving a hit.

Recognize the Differences in the Experience

There’s nothing wrong with recognizing the fact that virtual Thanksgiving is very different from Thanksgiving in person. In fact, if you’re able to recognize this fact, you’re much more likely to be able to have a great virtual Thanksgiving. Understand that although virtual Thanksgiving is different, it can still be immensely satisfying.

Use Both Video and Phone Calls

Video calls can be a great tool to make it feel like you’re really with your family members. However, video calls can also be more difficult for less tech-savvy family members to figure out. That means you might need to mix both video calls and phone calls to make the process a little easier for your entire family. Make sure you ask family members which one they would prefer, as well.

Set Up Phone Calls Beforehand

Most people will be more than happy to call with you around the mid to late afternoon on Thanksgiving, but you shouldn’t just assume that your friends and family will be totally available on Thanksgiving. Instead, it’s a much better idea to text, email, or message people you want to call and ensure they’ll be available to talk when you will.

Connect With Tertiary Experiences

There are more experiences than just the Thanksgiving meal that you might be able to connect over with your friends and family. For example, if you typically cook with your friends and family, you might want to set up a call so you can chat while you cook. You can also browse through your favorite shopping websites on Black Friday while you call each other if you want to connect over Black Friday experiences.

Spend Time With Local Family

Local family will often be much more well-suited to Thanksgiving conversations than family that lives far away. Especially if you live with some of your family members, you can still have an incredible Thanksgiving experience without ever having to travel. Don’t neglect the immense impact of family that lives nearby, especially during Thanksgiving.

Understand What Worked and What Didn’t

Once Thanksgiving is over, take a moment to reflect on all the things that did work and all the things that didn’t. Inevitably, you’re going to have some things that worked extremely well and some things that seemed to have problems. Learn from those elements; there’s nothing wrong with recognizing that something didn’t work very well and changing a bit in response to that fact.


A virtual Thanksgiving celebration can be the perfect response to COVID-19. Instead of traveling and potentially getting sick, you can stay home and still celebrate Thanksgiving with the people you love the most. Before Thanksgiving rolls around, make sure that you have the most tech-forward options so you can talk to your beloved family members this year without having to deal with technical issues.

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