Best Ways to Improve iPhone Performance

iPhone Performance

As much as we want our smartphones to last forever, the truth is that over time all smartphones lose performance. A smartphone loses its performance due to many factors, such as a newer update that is designed for more powerful hardware, clogged up memory space, or not updating your phone with the latest firmware. Read on to find the best ways to improve iPhone performance.

Since we live in dynamic times, we don’t have time to wait for an app to load or for a website to open, so we are looking for ways to improve phone performance or improve website speed.

All hope is not lost! It’s not time to get rid of your old iPhone just because there are still many ways you can improve iPhone performance.

1. Free Up Space

If your iPhone is near capacity, it will start to lose its performance. In order to make sure your phone runs smoothly again, you have to delete some apps and free up space. 

iPhones store cache that builds up the system memory, and in time you might get a warning about its full capacity, even though you only have a few apps and pictures.

First, you have to delete any unnecessary apps or pictures and find out if it is enough to make your iPhone functional again. Go to Settings>General>Storage & iCloud Usage and select Manage Storage.

Here you can see all the apps and how much they are using from your phone’s capacity. 

2. Update Apps

Sometimes there is an easier fix for your poor performance. You might experience slow performance not because the phone has reached its limits but because your apps are not updated.

iPhones have a little icon in the bottom left corner of the app, showing you that the app needs to be updated. 

There is also an easier way to update all apps at once. You should open the App Store app, tap Updates, and select Update All.

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3. Select HEIF and HEVC format

Sometimes you run into a dead-end where you need all your stuff on your phone but don’t have enough space for taking pictures or downloading new apps. To save space, the iPhone has a nice feature that changes the format of your images and videos. 

A few years ago, Apple introduced the HEIF format for photos and HEVC format for videos. This reduces file size without compromising the quality.

To see if this feature is enabled, go to Settings>Camera>Formats and check High Efficiency.

4. Background App Refresh

Just because you’ve swiped up to a different app, it doesn’t mean that the previously used app is turned off. In fact, many apps have background processes, which means that they are constantly running even when you don’t use them.

If you have any background apps, it might compromise your iPhone’s performance.

To see which apps have back processes enabled, go to Settings>General>Background App Refresh. All you have to do is switch off background processes for the apps you don’t need refreshing in the background.

5. Reduce Motion Effects and Transparency

Apple uses many different effects on iOS to improve user experience. Even though all these motion effects improve user experience, they could affect your iPhone performance.

To disable them go to Settings>General>Accessibility>Reduce Motion and click the switch to turn off the motion.

iPhone software has many effects to make the whole experience better, and if you want the ultimate performance boost, you have to reduce transparency. 

These options reduce transparency and blur effects when switching between apps, which can speed up the performance on your old iPhone.

To turn it on, go to Settings>General>Accessibility and turn on Reduce Transparency.

Final Words

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These are some of the ways you can improve iPhone performance. The iOS is made with great attention to detail, and it is designed to be very fast. 

So, if your phone is experiencing slow performance, you can tweak the settings and bring it back to life.

Remember also to keep your phone safe from invasive software and make weekly scans to avoid catching any malware. Viruses and similar threats can be as damaging to your phone as gruesome injuries for NFL players.

It is important to note that even technology has its lifetime, and it is not designed to run forever. If you have an older generation iPhone, most of these features won’t even be available to optimize your phone’s performance.


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