AppLoadYou Review – Best App Creator 2020


AppLoadYou is allowing anyone to become an app creator, without writing any code!

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AppLoadYou App Creator Overview:

Creating an app is probably one of the hardest and longest activities in life.

The amount of knowledge that a programmer needs to know, in order to adapt and manipulate the code to get it to do what they want is immense.

What if there was a way to create an app with ease and simplicity?

AppLoadYou is the program for this. It allows you to become an app creator, creating your first Android apps within a few hours or days.

Its simple user interfaces and drag-n-drop coding methodology allows the user to create amazing apps without the hassle of having to learn an entirely new language.

With AppLoadYou app creator you just choose a template, edit it, and publish. It is completely legit, so you can publish to the App Store or google play store, and start earning money online!

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How does AppLoadYou work?

The way it works is you choose a template, from thousands of different options, and you just edit it.

Editing is very easy because all you have to do is just drag and drop elements onto the screen, it is basically like making a movie in iMovie.

Within the editing area, there are numerous UI elements the user can choose to make their program dynamic and by making their program dynamic it is able to handle events such as touch, RSS and controls.

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You can also integrate Google ads to earn a little extra money on the side, while your app goes viral on the App Store or Google play store.

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AppLoadYou App Creator
AppLoadYou App Creator

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AppLoadYou App Creator Pros/Cons:


  1. Create an app in minutes, using a very simple drag and drop coding methodology
  2. No coding required
  3. Monetisation is available to those looking to include Google Ads or who have a physical store and want to digitise it
  4. RSS is available for dynamic content, in regards to updating content
  5. Tons of UI elements to make your app look amazing and fully professional


  1. If you do want to make an amazing app, then time and effort is still a big factor

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AppLoadYou is a perfect app creator for anyone looking to expand their store or just to develop apps.

It will allow anyone, with any skill, to become an app creator and create an awesome and clean looking app for any device.

The simplicity and ease of this product are quite amazing and will allow the user to design and create literally anything, and with their vast variety of UI elements, the limit is only your imagination. So give it a go and you will not regret it.

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