5 Tips on Improving Your Gaming Experience on Android

Likely, you’re unhappy with your phone’s current gaming experience if you’re an avid mobile gamer. That’s because most phones are set up to put battery life above everything else. 

Did you know that you could change a few settings on your Android phone to improve its gaming functionality? This article will share five of the most useful pieces of advice for enhancing Android gaming performance.

Limit the Amount of Background App Activity


Another way to enhance Android gaming performance is to restrict the amount of background app activities. A smaller number of background-running apps enables you to allocate resources to the android casino game you’re playing, improving gaming performance.

By navigating to the Developer options menu, you can restrict the number of background processes that Android runs.

  • Scroll down in the Settings menu to find the Developer options.
  • Choose the number of background processes Android can maintain by tapping on the Background process limit.

Increase the Refreshing Rate of Your Screen

On Android, one of the simplest ways to improve gaming performance is to switch to a high refresh rate. You’ll enjoy your games more visually and with smoother animations if the screen refresh rate is higher. The refresh rate can be raised in the following ways:

  • On your phone, open the Settings app and select Display
  • On the next screen, click Advanced
  • Tap Rate of Refresh
  • From the selections on your screen, pick the highest refresh rate

The specific steps will differ from one Android device to another. If you are still looking for your exact phone model and are certain your gadget has a high display refresh rate, look it up online.

Free Up Space By Deleting Trash

Too many files on your phone could slow down the performance of your device. These files could be inactive media files, unused documents, leftover information from uninstalled apps, or obsolete upgrade packages. 

You could free up some space on your device quickly through the following steps: 

Step 1: Get to your phone’s storage settings

Step 2: Choose the things you want to get rid of

Step 3: In the bottom right corner, press Free Up

Depending on Android’s OS, your device might also have an already-installed junk cleaner. This is ideal for those urgent fixes when your device starts to run slowly, and you don’t have time to pick which apps to remove.

Activate Force 4x MSAA

Most mobile games use the 4x MSAA option, a multi-sampling feature that balances performance and graphics well. Games that use the OpenGL 2.0 driver have access to the setting, which can be enabled through the game’s settings or locked down completely through the phone’s developer settings.

Within the settings app:

  • Click on About Phone
  • To access the developer interface, repeatedly tap the Build number
  • Return to the main settings page and select System
  • Then the Developer options
  • Force 4x MSAA is last

You might struggle if you try to follow these instructions depending on the OS you are using. To find Force 4x MSAA, type it into the search box.

Create an Overlay for Discord

In most multiplayer games, voice chat is substandard. Disconnections, unreliable audio, and hard work push-to-talk switches can make gaming frustrating. 

Discord is an excellent, well-designed app for voice communication. Many players prefer to deal with it by leaving the game. It clogs the RAM when performed repeatedly in succession.

Instead, one could activate it by going to the settings. Launch a translucent with little memory, and the Discord menu overlays your game. You can send text messages, invite teammates and browse your favourite servers without tabbing out or worrying about the in-game experience.

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