Tips to use Facebook videos to connect and captivate your audience

Facebook videos

With more than 3 billion active monthly users, Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms globally. Every day on Facebook more than 200 hours of videos are watched. This is the reason why Facebook videos topped the priority list for every marketer or brand. Facebook videos are the most outstanding way of engaging more users and converting them into loyal customers. You need to add Facebook videos on website to drive more traffic and boost sales. 

In this digital era, sharing videos on social media platforms is also a part of marketing strategy. There is a chance that a business or brand might not have any idea how to maximize viewership with this tool. It is a perfect time to take a closer look at Facebook videos and how to use these videos to engage more customers. Read this blog to learn the tips for using Facebook videos to connect and captivate your audience. 

Tips For Facebook Videos To Connect With Customers 

Facebook is continuously evolving and providing new features that you can use as an added advantage for your business. Read below to learn some tips to embed facebook feeds to website

1. Create Square Videos Instead of Landscape Videos

These days, it is very crucial to post videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. On social media platforms, videos get successful shares. In terms of engagement, reach, and views, square Facebook videos outperformed landscape videos because of the reasons that are mentioned below: 

  • Facebook is used on mobile every day by more than 92% of Facebook users.
  • As per the survey, more than half of Facebook video views take place on mobile, and video consumption has increased on mobile since 2013. 
  • In the News Feed, on mobile than on desktop square videos take more than 78% of real estate. 

So if you want to drive traffic on your website with your Facebook videos, then you have to create square Facebook videos that will improve your video performance. 

2. Try To Grab User’s Attention Within 5 Seconds 

In order to catch users’ attention and persuade them to watch more videos, Facebook videos auto-play. If you are promoting your brand products or services when you embed Facebook videos on your website then your video must have some powerful visual that will catch the user’s attention within a few seconds. Check out how you can use the first 5 seconds more engaging:

  • Thumbnails- Thumbnail is one of the best things to attract the attention of users while they scroll through your feed. 
  • With a relevant post, update video- In making a video successful, titles play a crucial role. Titles sometimes made users take action on Call to action buttons. 

3. Embed Facebook Videos on Blogs and Webpages 

To reach more users, you can always embed Facebook videos on your blogs and web pages. To get the embed code of your Facebook videos you can take the help of a social media aggregator tool- Tagembed. With the help of Tagembed, you can generate the embed code easily without requiring any coding knowledge and then paste the embedded code on the backend where you want to show the Facebook video. 

4. Write Captions To your Videos 

Without sound, more than 85% of Facebook videos are watched by users. Businesses and marketers must use silence for more engagement. More often, a Facebook business video will not require sound at all. Because most of the Facebook users prefer to watch the Facebook video without sound. So the videos of your products and services, you can add captions that will help users understand your business. 

If you add meaningful captions to your Facebook videos, your users will understand the message more clearly because Facebook offers the feature of auto-plays on the mobile Newsfeed. 

5. Attach A Call-To-Action 

To drive traffic to your website, to encourage engagement, and to convert viewers into customers, adding a call-to-action is one of the best ways. For videos, Facebook has removed the call-to-action functionality as there are numerous other methods through which you can add a CTA to your Facebook video. 

  • Post Copy- You can add a link to your website or on your blog post so that you can find out more information by clicking on the link. You can also ask your website, visitors, to share their thoughts in the comments. 
  • In the last of the video- With a CTA, you could have a static image or have a text overlay and let the video play after the actual content ends for a few seconds. 

6. Utilize Insights To Understand Video Performance 

Facebook provides analytics like video views, average watch time, and minutes viewed that can give you insights into which videos developed the most engagement with your viewers. By clicking on any videos in the “videos” tab of your Facebook Page insight, you can see these metrics easily. Some of the metrics are: 

  • 10-second views- The number of users who have viewed your Facebook video for 10 seconds. 
  • Post Engagement- You can get to know the reach of your video in this section and the engagement that your video has received. 


One must provide the information that is more crucial being a brand or business. In the marketing field, Facebook videos play an important role to gain insights, drive traffic, and boost the credibility of a business or brand. When you embed Facebook videos, as a brand, you can see the desired results with lots of clicks, views, and shares. Take your Facebook videos to the next level by using the aforementioned tips to connect and captivate your users. 

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