Marlo Hampton Net Worth (2023) | Here’s How Much Money She Earns

Marlo Hampton is a very well-known television personality and a style strategist. Throughout her career, she has worked in various TV shows and also ran a few businesses. She is best known for the role she played in The Real Housewives Of AtlantaHer tempting acting helped her gain a lot of popularity. Not only that, but she also earned a vast amount of money from her career. Presently, Marlo Hampton net worth is around $600,000. 

If you are interested to know more about Marlo Hampton’s career, personal life, income sources, etc., keep reading. Here will discuss every detail about Marlo Hampton. 

Real Name Latoya Hutchinson
Date Of Birth 7 February, 1976
Age 47 Years
Gender Female
Height 1.85 m (6’01”)
Weight 146 Pounds (66 Kg)
Networth $600 Thousand
Profession Actress, Fashion Guru, Designer and Vlogger
Relationship Status Unknown
Parents Mother, Emma

There’s not much information available about Marlo Hampton’s father

Children None
Nationality American

Net Worth

In 2023, Marlo Hampton net worth stands at $600 thousand, according to Celebrity Net Worth. She amassed this much money through various sources like acting, businesses and investments.

However, please note that the net worth mentioned here is just an estimation. The exact number can vary.

Early Life and Education

The Marlow Hampton we know today was born on 7 February 1997. Hampton didn’t have a good childhood as her mother was addicted to drugs, so she had to separate from her and spend her childhood in Foster Care. Hampton also had a younger brother and two older sisters. 

It is worth noting that in 2022, Hampton’s brother named Curtis died after suffering from brain surgery. And, one of Hampton’s sisters named Crystal, suffered from mental health issues and is now serving time in jail for a traffic violation. 

Coming to Hampton’s education. She went to the First Coast High School for her high school education. Further, she opted for a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, which she completed at the University Of Southern Florida. 


Marlo Hampton’s career began in 2008. In the initial stages of her career, she owned a luxurious fashion boutique in Atlanta, Georgia. Later in 2011, she made her first appearance on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, and since then, she appeared in around 97 episodes of the show (from 2011 to 2021). 

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star cast

Please note that she was not an official housewife on the show and only made guest appearances. But, still, that was enough for her to catch the audience’s eye with the help of her acting skills and highly magnetic personality

Due to her extraordinary acting skills she also got the opportunity to appear in other shows like Exhale, Love & Hip Hop, How High 2, Sister Circle Live, Watch What Happens Live, Wig Out, etc.

She didn’t limit herself to acting and reality TV shows. She also got into a fashion line where she achieved significant success as she worked with well-known clients. Hampton also sells some really cool clothes on her website. 

Source of income

Marlo Hampton has various income sources that contribute to her vast net worth. Working in the TV reality shows has emerged as the primary income source of Hampton.

She also has numerous clothing, home decor and beauty line businesses, which brings her a steady cash flow. Apart from that, she also invests in instruments like stocks and real estate. 

Real Estate

Currently, there’s not much information on how many properties Hampton owns.  But according to a source, Marlo Hampton owns numerous properties around Atlanta.

Recently in 2022, Hampton disclosed that she is building a luxurious house for herself and her loved ones. She began planning the construction of the house while working in the show The Real Housewives of Atlanta and also made some statements about her new home, calling it a Hamptons 2.0. 

Car Collection

According to the Bravo TV Official Site, Marlo Hampton owns a Rolls Royce, one of the most luxurious cars. 

Marlo Hampton Net Worth

Marlo Hampton also owns a Bentley. A YouTube channel named Newborn Arrival uploaded a video showing that Hampton is allowing her nephew to drive her Bentley. Click here to check out the video.  

Marlo Hampton Social Media

Facebook  469k Followers 
Instagram 1.5 Million Followers
Twitter 320k Followers 
YouTube 18.2k Subscribers

Philanthropic activities  

Marlo Hampton doesn’t use her money only to buy materialistic things. But she also involved herself in various selfless activities and helped those in need. 

In 2011, Hampton commenced her non-profit foundation named Glam It Up! The foundation mainly aims to take care of the girls in the foster care system and encourage them to believe in themselves, strive to achieve success and never limit themselves based on their current circumstances. 

Personal Life

Marlo Hampton has been in the headlines for various reasons, one of which was her dramatic relationships. 

According to various media sources, Marlo is in a relationship with Scottley Innis, a well-known chef. The couple met in season 15 of RHOA on a blind date. Their vibe matched, and they eventually became friends and began dating. In July, the couple publicly announced their relationship. They received a positive response from the public as their relationship seemed genuine and authentic. 

Scottley Innis

However, it can’t be concretely said that they are in a relationship, as some resources recently started claiming that the couple is not together anymore. Therefore, it’s good to conclude only if Hampton makes any official statement about her relationship.

Marlo Hampton also has some past relationships, which she has been in discussion for many times. According to the sources, Hampton dated a billionaire in the past, but the relationship didn’t last long. Later, Hampton began dating Charles Grant, an NFL player, but again, the relationship ended soon. Marlo Hampton also had a casual date with Peter Thomas. 


There are not many serious controversies related to Marlo Hampton. But, there are some past events that her fans must know about. 

In 2002, she was arrested for having a firearm. She went to prison for about nine days. But, the charges against her continued, leading her to prison again in 2003. However, she was released after serving 30 days in prison. 

She’s also been in the headlines for kicking her nephews out of the house. When asked about this, she said that her nephews were not listening to her and misbehaving, which forced her to take this action. She also said she needed a break from teenagers as she lived with them for over three years. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does Marlo Hampton Have Any Children?

No, Marlo Hampton doesn’t have any children. She raised her nephews, which gave her a sense of motherhood. She even calls herself “Muntie,” a combination of Mother and Auntie.

2. Does Marlo Hampton have a degree?

Yes. Marlo Hampton holds a degree of Bachelor of Arts. 

3. How Much Does Marlo Hampton Get Paid Per Episode?

Ebony states that Marlo Hampton was paid around $100,000 for her work in season 12 of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. 


That was all about Marlo Hampton net worth and her overall life. She had a pretty interesting career and life. Despite facing difficulties, circumstances like being sent to jail didn’t stop her from becoming a rich and famous television personality. Her exceptional acting skills helped her earn a lot of admirers and a tremendous amount of money. 

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