14 Live Weather Wallpaper Apps the BEST of 2018

14 Live Weather Wallpaper Apps the BEST of 2018

Live Weather Wallpaper applications are different from the traditional wallpaper changing application where the wallpaper goes to change automatically after lapse of some time or according to setting made by the smartphone users. Live weather wallpaper apps are basically those applications that change the wallpaper in the smartphone subject to change in the real-time weather condition of your local area.

Like of the environment in your region is cloudy then on your smartphone you will get the cloudy wallpaper and in case of sunny day you will get wallpaper of sun automatically on your Android smartphone.

Moreover, there applications also tell the real time temperature of your area as well. Most of the smartphone apps are even more advanced that shows the more information and data about future temperature, moon phase and much more.

1. Weather Sky Live Wallpaper

Weather Sky Live Wallpaper is a unique type of weather based application for the Android smartphones that automatically get itself synchronize with actual weather situation. That means the scene of sky in case of this application will be changed automatically to real time to real weather. So don’t take this weather wallpaper application as a simple application. It acquires the weather information from the World Weather Online. In case of cloudy weather in your region, the wallpaper of the device will be automatically changed to the cloudy.

That is the unique quality of this application that keep it at the top slot as compared to the rest of the live weather applications. The other features and functions of this application are the weather is updated for every specified time, real time whether update, etc…

2. 3D Weather Live Wallpaper

3D Weather Live Wallpaper is one of the best live weather application in its class that is based on the dynamic switching weather system like day and night, lightning and thunder, etc. 3D Weather Live Wallpaper is a free to use application for the Android smartphones. 3D Weather Live Wallpaper is not about giving you simple wallpaper only; rather here you will get the live wallpaper of nigh stars, white clouds, blue sky and various other along with beautiful windmill.

Now need to install weather telling apps and separate wallpapers because 3D Weather Live Wallpaper is going to deliver you the both facilities in a single application. The process is very simple. 3D Weather Live Wallpaper is a scene wallpaper as the weather changes.

3. Weather Live

Weather Live Wallpaper is the exceptional combination of live weather wallpapers and stunning watches Weather Live Wallpaper is a 3D graphics based live wallpaper application that has stunning weather animations, countdowns, and much more. It also display the temperature as well. By using this application you can even get information about weather forecast up to seven days. The background color will be changed automatically in this case that will show moon or sun and change particles direction on sunset and sunrise events.

Weather Live Wallpaper is very beautiful and interactive and you can tap on clock or countdowns for events to start great particle light explosions and change between countdowns and clocks. The best about this application is that you can use it for personalizing the background of your device as well by using useful and great animations.

4. Weather Live Wallpaper 1

Weather Live Wallpaper is another live weather application that is entirely different from above listed live weather applications. This application displays an illustration of the predicted weather at the current location. You can change the wallpaper by specifying any other city location as well. The best about this application is that in addition to showing temperature and changing the wallpaper according to real time temperature, it shows the sun, moon and stars and all with accurate positions that are updated regualry to your desired or current location with the system of current moon phase as well. Weather Live Wallpaper is one of the best applications for the Android smartphones that will deliver you in addition to live weather wallpaper.

5. Weather live wallpaper 2

Now this application is again different from the above mentioned two identical applications. Its functions is also same as of the two mentioned above. weather live wallpaper is said to be one of the most accurate and most timely live weather application where the weather change automatically. This application shows the real time weather conditions wallpaper. The best about weather live wallpaper is that it contains a wide range of live weather wallpapers that will be displayed on both lock screen and desktop. weather live wallpaper offers three type of wallpaper modes to its users that ate change wallpaper, change wallpaper randomly according to city and get the appropriate wallpapers. Almost six thousands cities of the world have been covered by this application and all display the accurate weather conditions.

6. Real weather wallpaper

At first instance it will change the wallpaper automatically and at second instance it will show the detail and information about wallpapers as well. Real weather wallpaper is an application for the Android smartphones that shows two weather on the main screen, weather of today and of tomorrow. In addition to getting the default weather information and wallpaper by this application you can even enter the name of your city in the setting area. In case the name of your city is not listed then don’t worry.

Real weather wallpaper allows its users to manually enter the name of their city. For these distinguish features and functions, Real weather wallpaper is said to be one of the most accomplished and coordinated live weather application for the Android smartphone users. It also display the temperature on the main screen as well.

7. Weather Live paper weather

Weather Livepaper is another great application for the Android smartphone devices for enjoying the live weather information and automatic changing of the wallpaper according to the weather condition. Weather Livepaper for Android smartphones being the weather with adjustable scrolling text and backgrounds that are based on location and time of day. That is the way of working of Weather Livepaper to deliver the advanced level of weather information and temperature services to the users in addition to simply changing the real time wallpapers according to real time temperature.

8. True Weather LWP

True Weather LWP is a free application for the Android smartphones that is based on the system of telling current weather and day and night situation. In addition to telling you about the current weather, True Weather LWP also change the wallpaper of your device automatically subject to the current temperature of your area. In addition to smartphone, True Weather LWP also work for the tablet devices as well.

One of the best qualities of this live weather application is that here the live wallpaper is animated in full HD quality so you will surely enjoy its features and functions. Some of the features of True Weather LWP are tell current weather situation, four different animated wallpapers for each season, accurate animation of sunset and sunrise, the current phase of moon and much more.

9. Weather XL PRO

First time there is a live weather wallpaper application for both iOS and Android smartphones. It is basically a weather and temperature displaying application but has the system of live wallpaper as well that get changed autaotmcially subject to the current weather conditions in your area. Simple install the Weather XL PRO and enjoy realistic and gorgeous animations of weather conditions. At glance you can see the next weather condition change.

Some features and functions of Weather XL PRO are weather updated continuously, fast and beautiful application, detailed forecast of each section of weather, highest and lowest historical values, satellite and radar map animations, optimized for both smartphones and tablet , weather notifcaitn area and temperature in status bar and much more. Wanna enjoy more and free live weather application then this application is simply a best choice.

10. YoWindow Weatheryo

Here comes a unique type of live wallpaper application for the smartphones that is based on the displaying live landscape that then reflects the actual weather of the area you are currently present at. If environment is cloudy then the wallpaper will be also cloud and if it is raining then rains in your device as well. The sunset and sunrise in the main screen of smartphone happens at exactly the same time as in real life. In all its features and functions, the best about this application is that you can scroll the time forward.

Just swipe the screen and you will see how the weather is going to change throughout the day. Install this application and get all weather at your fingertips. You see the current weather, the forecast for today and for several days ahead. YoWindow Weather provides the state of the art landscapes change depending on the screen.

11. Weather Now Forecast & Widgets

Weather Now Forecast & Widgets is a live weather and weather telling application that bring your weather experience to the next level with one of the best beautiful and convenient weather application. However, Weather Now Forecast & Widgets is a totally paid application but you can still use it for three days of trial period as well. Weather Now Forecast & Widgets is the fine combination of weather live wallpapers that animates the local weather, time of day and season on any custom background and a set of beautiful weather widgets.

The best about Weather Now Forecast & Widgets is that it is based on an original idea. Some of the features and functions of Weather Now Forecast & Widgets are live weather wallpaper, automatic wallpaper change, slideshow, special 3D panoramic view, easy to use settings, day dream support, and much more features and functions that are worth to explore.


DEFAULT DYNAMIC 3.0 GO WEATHER is a live weather wallpaper application for the Android smartphones that support the system of automatically change of the wallpaper according to the temperature or weather condition of your local area. The current version of DEFAULT DYNAMIC 3.0 GO WEATHER displays dynamic background of almost seven weather conditions that are sunny, rainy, snowy, thunder, cloudy, overcast and foggy.

DEFAULT DYNAMIC 3.0 GO WEATHER is basically the next version of Go Weather EX that is one of the best weather application forever. There is one special requirement of this application. If you want to use this application then first you will require to have install GO Weather EX in your smartphone. After that you can change and apply the new themes.

13. GO Weather Forecast & Widgets

GO Weather Forecast & Widgets is a weather telling application that provides accurate current and future weather information, live wallpapers and beautiful widgets. By using this application you can easily check the current and future weather information by way of its widget. It also provide the detailed real-time weather report including real-time weather status and temperature. By using this application you will come into position of getting detailed weather forecast including weather status prediction, highest & lowest temperature, wind, perception and much more. GO Weather Forecast & Widgets inform the Android users the real-time weather alerts and warnings. You can even share the current weather status with your friends over social media platforms as well.

Weather & Clock Widget for Android14. Weather & Clock Widget Ad Free

Weather & Clock Widget for Android, provides detailed current weather observation and weather forecast for all world locations, it searches for your address automatically, and provides the current temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. It also provides current weather condition, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, visibility distance, precipitation in different units, Ultraviolet Index (UV index), dew point, wind speed and direction, in addition to ten days future forecast and hourly weather.

The app also provides sunrise and sunset times according to city time zone. You can also follow moon phase status for current hour and over 5 days. The app includes many cool widgets, portrait and landscape mode. The widgets display current time clock, date, and battery information, calendar events in addition to weather information.

So there’s our list of the the best weather apps you should know about. If it didn’t make our list, then you probably do not need it.

What weather app or wallpaper are you using on your phone? Let us know and share a screen shot in the comments below!

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